Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recognize that they, who in the end --- vernacular fashion Vol59

Remember a brand marketing guru when cited a successful brand Ten elements, the first to say that we must find out who he is, you might say this is easy to do a brand, do not even what his last name do not know. This year, an American designer brand large landing, came stationed in Beijing today is the most popular landmark mall, squeeze out a business is a very good brand, occupy the terrain is the best location. Can be interesting, it settled and not so busy, brand looks like a business, it would be better that before, why how popular the brand in the United States, in China, did not look to heat up, personal feel is that it is not clear that they are Who.
fact, look at the family history of the brand in the United States, the designer does not plague does not fire for many years, until the later two businessmen phase began hype IT bag and glittering watches, began to pop up, described as accessories is king. Can come to China, this looks like a designer brand but also a little fast fashion taste of the brand, seems to have been no thought of their own ownership, has stressed that he is a high-end designer brands, can be something but can not find the bright spot of genius, more mention you even if occupied Beijing's landmarks, the location on the third floor no matter how good it is not a first-line designer to stay, want to really and Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren shoulder length, trouble on the first floor. More interesting is the designer behind the brand, the two businessmen last year wantonly misappropriating this year started slowly selling stock in hand, the future of the brand, some elusive.
Meinong Dong own name some people, some people rush to a face-lift, another surname. Seems this year, Kenzo, John Galliano
a mastermind invited to the Opening Ceremony to give their own shake-up, after all the the Kenzo deteriorating recent re-prove himself, the younger tidalcurrent really is a road. More terrible John Galliano, one I never even shop are not forward brand, this year's lookbook made me feel extremely cordial no those Fangdangbuji, the Tide brand posture, become a nondescript suddenly in my heart no admiration, and instantly it sailed into the scope of the passerby.
those eager to change the name of the brand, the mood can speculate, see Burberry now young children from a elderly loved ones into success from the rebound, this case-anyone will be jealous. Burberry actually have to face the same problem but personally feel christopher Bailey's name written all over from the the year Burberry classic plaid big shake every new dress, young people see the name of christopher joy comes, when increasingly more clothing point of view less than once Burberry shadow, many old grandmother grade customer may say, christopher who, I do not know the name.