Wednesday, December 26, 2012

JANDS simple yet casual menswear fashion summit amazing world

As continent apparel consumer market matures, fashion, personalized fashion gradually become the mainstream of men's fashion. May 2007, "JANDS Jane still officially in mainland China market. 2008, JANDS Zhandi Si in Guangzhou, China set up a new future Investment Consultants Limited "JANDS Jane still fully operational brand to enter the Chinese market.
JANDS simple yet casual men on top of the fashion of the amazing world
JANDS Jane The amazing world yet casual menswear fashion summit
With the rapid development of social as well as the pace of life continues to improve, the modern man is under unprecedented pressure! personality, relaxed and stylish clothing are increasingly favored by them. JANDS Jane is still closely follow the trend of the times, the brand has gathered the best designers from across the country, they kept the shuttle in Milan, Tokyo, New York, Paris and other fashion powerhouse, to capture the latest international fashion trend. Through the efforts of the team to the fastest design models to improve the rate of product obsolescence, and enhance product popularity, but also speed up the customer's attention and back to the shop rate, thus creating a unique attraction JANDS Jane still!
JANDS simple yet casual men's fashion summit amazing world
Jane Shang,
JANDS, in addition to impressive team of designers, product process and the selection is better. In addition to strictly controls the production of each process, from fabric under the foot effort. JANDS Jane is still at the cost of various types of imported green fabrics imported from Italy, Spain and other parts of our consumers to fully enjoy the high quality products.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Del Dino autumn and winter new release

Del Dino Men to create men's luxury charm. Cooperation with leading fabric suppliers use the latest and most popular fashion fabrics of Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, and part of the Greater China region. Optimize the traditional technology and the most advanced technology, so that every detail of the product reflects the combination of quality and fashion mainstream. Are devoted to the packaging of each set of process from the plate, cut, color, fabric, every detail, high quality international standards; distinctive design, emphasizing the delicate texture and unique style, embodies the wisdom of the modern city, self-confidence fashion sense of culture.
Del Dino autumn and winter release interpretation men luxury charm
nuances success in shaping the image of a man of pure quality, workmanship Fine, simple design, tone fresh and popular brand around the world stressed the spirit of Arnold Palmer----not afraid of difficulties, the pursuit of excellence, self-expression personality deeply over the people's favorite. Elegance to create a "high-end casual menswear to do is simple, and the taste, the pursuit of a more concise and meticulous quality fabric and tailoring.
Del Dino's Men, with simplicity and elegance, it always representative of the luxury and fashion clothing. the aristocratic descent del Dino from the heart to a more detailed understanding of the relationship between the man and the clothing.
the men do more simplicity to the lines smoother, more comfortable, more calm and elegant. del Dino designed for successful men to build a more mature temperament. del Dino each product can be the first time highlights the charm of a mature man DELL Dino (Del Dino) is derived from the Italian classic business casual menswear brand has swept the world, it is pure quality, workmanship, simple design, fashion style has always been the representative of the luxury and fashion.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Roman emperor Hebei Xuanhua Everbright Xintiandi new store opening!

Guangzhou Rong San Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, under the Tianming Group. Over the years, Guangzhou Rong St. Garments Co., Ltd. is committed to operating the domestic apparel market, and gradually developed into a collection development, design, production and brand marketing as one of the high-end clothing enterprises in the increasingly fierce market competition.
bless the Roman emperor Hebei Xuanhua Everbright Xintiandi new store opening!
brand management company has experienced professional team. Brand production, marketing, service, management, adhere to the "people-oriented, technology leadership, customer first, excellence" business philosophy; complete and strict management system in product development, design, production, quality control and other aspects.
bless the Roman emperor Hebei Xuanhua Everbright Xintiandi new store opening!
2002 Nian, the company by virtue of superior brand management philosophy and a strong economic strength to successfully obtain a well-known Italian brand "ROMANKING · Roman emperors distributor rights. Years the company brand operating experience to mature production and development capability and rich the combined the Italian Roman emperors brand luxurious and elegant European fashion, high-quality and reliable product quality, improve the attentive service of the brand to grow and develop rapidly in the country of the Roman emperors brand, In just a few years time, "ROMANKING Roman emperors marketing network has covered more than 20 provinces and cities.
bless the Roman emperor Hebei Xuanhua Everbright Xintiandi new store opening!
Roman Emperor, adhering to the "win-win" marketing idea, and sincerely look forward to working with the merchants of the country and around the world in various forms of cooperation, common development, create brilliant!

Friday, December 21, 2012

The fashion sweet wind to create mild winter heart girls

cold winter makes sprouted a desire to embrace a sweet and charming dress makes you look more intimate and warm their hearts, to impress TA heart moving positive energy of youth in the United States and the United States. New girl next door fashion 2012 winter, allows you to transform sweet warm heart girls pleasing.
girl next door fashion new 2012 winter
bright yellow woolen jacket bloom clean, bright good mood; beige long sweater hem flounced exudes hint lady sentiments. With dark blue Slim Leggings legs even more slender and charming. Coupled with dark blue collar and bright yellow knit cap, warm and lovely!
girl next door fashion new 2012 winter
the pink the hippocampus wool lapel sweater, outside the ride to the little black suit, wear clothing with cute cute college style; with maroon woolen shorts, a surprise move with some bright spots, plus the big red leather belt, maroon hat and flat shoes the same color, and clever use of the red line to create a sweet, cute yet stylish sense of Academy tide look.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

White-collar family Vanneal interpretation of romantic fashion

Hong Kong company is a set design, development, production, sales as one of Hong Kong enterprises, corporate, fashion brand to build "Vanneal Kaoru Nye children" to expand the domestic market, the development of the brand line. On the product, the company has invested considerable efforts, which involves a number of professional and technical product design teams and design as the leading efforts to build international well-known women's brand as the goal. The company focus is committed to building franchise even distribution network to expand the market in the form of Direct and join.
Vanneal Kaoru Nye children interpretation romantic romantic fashion personality white-collar family
" vanneal from Hong Kong, expressed romantic elegant and stylish personalized white-collar family; free combination, romantic color; pursuit of simple, stylish design; high-quality fabrics, fine craft unique fashion philosophy reflects the the "vanneal Kaoru Nye children".
Vanneal Kaoru Nye children interpretation romantic romantic fashion personality of the white-collar family
" Vanneal Kaoru Nye children "fusion of European popular elements, attention to detail with the effect of the change and the whole Hugh forms of the perfect packaging urban women design style to the stylish, elegant performance, one that reflects the charm and confidence of modern women, minimalist design, elegant and chic details change, elegant fabrics, delicate tailoring work, is more suitable for the modern women's needs and taste.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Man exposed card to create a beautiful healthy exquisite new life

Dongguan City,Han days Garments Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the construction and operation of the international fashion brand agency. The company was established a few years time, relying on the fashionable town in the Pearl River Delta - Humen powerful apparel industry supply chain advantages continue to grow and develop. The company also has an efficient brand operations team with product development, production lead to brand building, logistics and other areas, and strive to be a win-win with franchisees and consumers tripartite won universal praise of industry peers .
Man exposed card brand women's exquisite new life to create a beautiful healthy
Han-day international apparel brand" Man exposed card (Marloca ) advocating freedom, beautiful, healthy, refined new life, the terminal market position in the new type of women 20-40 years old, reflecting Fashion Beauty times beautiful connotation, advocating the pursuit of romance of modern women, independent, free, and positive healthy lifestyle.
Man exposed card brand women's exquisite new life to create a beautiful healthy
Han-day International Fashion Co., Ltd. based on the Chinese market to look to the international stage interpretations, one step at a women's pursuit of fashion, Han-day international apparel is willing to cooperate sincerely with you to create a better future. The fashion here deductive beautiful from here.
Man exposed card brand women to build the exquisite aesthetic healthy new life
brand positioning
product positioning: "Man exposed card" consumer group positioning in the new type of women 20-40 years of age. They follow the fashion trends of the family in the city, is also the most spending power groups. Most of them belong to the white-collar workers, social elite, have a higher social status and economic status, and the pursuit of individuality, the freedom of living in consumer attitudes, advocating boutique. They desire the fashion to enhance the superior image and self-expression through clothing. For this reason, they are less concerned about the price of the fashion, care more about style novel, exquisite workmanship and wearing comfort.
brand story: Milan - this heavy cultural heritage of the city, has been bred fertile ground for fashion, it seems every corner are flowing with the breath of the world's most cutting-edge fashion. One afternoon a few years ago, a group of young people clinging here to explore the relationship between the women's and art. Traveled together for the common pursuit of fashion and love of women's art and this common ideals and let them decide the European and American fashion into China in order to be presented to the international fashion Chinese women. Subsequently, a fashion clothing brand integration into the European noble and oriental elements MARLOCA (Man exposed card) have come into being. Today, MARLOCA (Man exposed card) more and more consumer awareness and dissemination, and everywhere in the Chinese market at a rapid pace.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bi Yang Brand Women build Bai Fu Mei urban women

France Pitt the yang Fashion Group, China branch --- Guangzhou Haizhu District Jincai exhibition Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a professional engaged in the international women's brand, the company has an independent development and design capabilities, supporting equipment production, professional sales team is one of the clothing brand operating company, our products mainly in the domestic market. Another exported to Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, solid strength, the quality of high-quality, first-class reputation services to our customers, and other branches in Hong Kong.
Bi Yang brand women build Bai Fu Mei urban women
a long time, branch by virtue of the Corporation's powerful design resources, the brand visibility and superior geographical environment Sunblossom (France) Bi Yang rapid development of the brand in the country, it is the culture of this difference, fully demonstrated the characteristics of Bi Yang brand, the combination of Chinese and Western cultures perfect, dedicated to fashion, elegance and The combination of the ideas of Oriental women. The brand the styles embodied the romantic spirit of the French and Chinese women's fashion, aesthetic taste combination. Using burning flowers, lace and other the latest imported fabrics of silk, velvet, silk stretch a small amount of the blended effect, feel comfortable; combination of hot and drilling exquisite embroidery, beading, pleating, printing, special technology, conceived the ingenious the Sunblossom Pitt Yang show the most.
Bi Yang brand women build Bai Fu Mei urban women
insist on the self, in the form of franchising and brand agency operating to unified brand image, the unified marketing management, unified network management and distribution "approach to business, the establishment of sales network chain operations. China branch completely Corporation unified standard management mode operation to protect the interests of customers, French Bi Yang brand sales date and is constantly increasing, since entering the Chinese market since the region has a higher profile, gradual steady upward apparel industry a shining star. We always pursuit of efficiency, innovation, professional, honest approach to development, development of new products and strive to get customer recognition and acceptance of the company sincerely expect to establish cooperative relations with more domestic and foreign merchants, to create a better business opportunities
Pitt Yang White Phu My urban women
cultural background, the pursuit of sensual crowd is stylish and elegant elements of the perfect combination of prominent women layer of beauty and elegance in the high-end consumer; targeted customer groups 35-55 years of age advocating noble confident middle-aged women; the target customers wearing spaces, leisure time, white-collar party, senior business events, cocktail parties, fashion Party, etc. ; overall image of elegance and luxury of the new aristocracy, in pursuit of the stylish and elegant women design, clever technology, strong sense of hierarchy, highlighting the overall degree of harmony, the high concentration of Yu characteristics, the performance of the feminine ornaments, valuable sense; in pursuit of beauty and fashion, but has been hidden in the hearts of a new era of middle-aged women. The product of a combination of fashion, taste and delicate, rich atmosphere embroidery and version type structure, the introduction of three-dimensional beauty fashion without boast, personalized and engaging, elegant, and the United States, Bi Yang to create a the mainstream clothing fashion embroidery Colorful era.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Laend Phuengkit 2012/13 vacation series of Women Catalog

The renowned designers Laend Phuengkit in Switzerland own the namesake brand Laend Phuengkit released 2012/13 women's resort collection catalog, extensive use of geometric prints elements in the new series, show simple clean lines of modern urban women bones able kujin of with a distinct personality.
Laend Phuengkit 2012/13 vacation series of Women Catalog
Laend Phuengkit 2012/13 vacation series ladies catalog
Laend Phuengkit 2012/13 vacation series ladies catalog

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Issey Miyake 2013 early spring vacation Women Catalog

Namesake brand of Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake Issey Miyake has released the 2013 early spring vacation Women series LookBook. New series of less traditional Western styling of some of the essence of oriental aesthetics, to demonstrate clothing unique charm in the integration process of the accumulation of fashion elements.
Issey Miyake Issey Miyake 2013 early spring vacation Women Catalog
Issey Miyake Issey Miyake 2013 early spring vacation Women Catalog
Issey Miyake Issey Miyake 2013 early spring vacation Women catalog

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dior 2012 autumn and winter high given the fashion show

The first in a series of official White Dior Raf Simons, Dior 2012 autumn and winter high-level custom clothing is the year one of the most important fashion publishing, from the front row line-up is evident (Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Alber Elbaz, Donatella Versace, Riccardo Tisci, Marion Coitillard, Charlotte Rampling, Stella Tennant, Kris Van Assche).
ultimate balance Dior 2012 autumn and winter high set fashion show
perfect balance Dior 2012 autumn and winter high set fashion show
the ultimate balance Dior 2012 autumn and winter high set fashion show
and Raf Simons designs did not disappoint, from Jil Sander period inherited a minimalist silhouette, also to be improved under the Christian Dior design style, to loose waist high beam from fine handmade and gorgeous skirt arise from time to time, but overall preached temperance feeling, Dior Haute Couture in his hands no longer a conspicuous swagger dress, but trying to find an ultimate balance of modern and classic.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Vogue Italia" 2012 autumn and winter clothing selection

Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia July shooting this group "Fall Collections" large Introducing costume design in the early 2012 autumn and winter fashion week. The The the participating model lineup course is very alarming Steven for each brand's design provides a beautiful surreal scene to let more clothing into a sense of understanding itself.
" Vogue Italia "No. 2012 autumn and winter clothing selection

" Vogue Italia "No. 2012 winter clothing selection
" Vogue Italia "No. 2012 autumn and winter clothing selection

Monday, December 10, 2012

Australian fashion brand Seafolly spring and summer series

Australia fashion brand Seafolly released the latest 2012 spring and summer series of large advertising photographer David Gubert executive mirror Namibian model Behati Prinsloo sexy interpretation. The Behati Prinsloo dressed in a charming tropical prints swimsuit, lightweight jacket with the same color, or dressed in pure orange-red hue swimsuit, the use of the lotus leaf decoration lace, showing rich beach style.
Australia fashion brand Seafolly spring and summer series swimsuit blockbuster
Australia fashion brand Seafolly spring and summer series swimsuit large

Givenchy brand new 2012 autumn and winter limited edition make-up

2012 autumn, Givenchy (Givenchy) like a lyrical makeup of the Department of Music Rock, to change everyone autumn imagine. Givenchy global cosmetics creative director Nicholas Dean (Nicolas Degennes), music-inspired series offer a whole new the 2012 psychedelic sensual "Winter limited makeup for the modern woman.
Givenchy Givenchy brand new 2012 autumn and winter limited edition make-up series
Givenchy Givenchy brand new 2012 autumn and winter limited edition make-up series
the hidden low saturation color metallic luster, and the Givenchy brand favorite Miu Miu, the two colors-pink and nude color combine to create both the mysterious beauty of the feminine personality.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

KOLON SPORT leading technology fashion

2012, Korea's first outdoor brand clothing for outdoor fans KOLON SPORT carefully crafted autumn and winter equipment. Season new design inspiration from the land of ice and snow Antarctic comfort adhering to focus on the beauty of the human body and movement, a combination of technology and fashion, excellent functional fabrics, fashion perfect control of the balance between the sense of kinematics and Technology let outdoor enthusiasts once again enjoy peerless design concept KOLON SPORT trendsetting!
Korea's first outdoor brand clothing KOLON SPORT lead fashion trend
best laws of motion - science fiction challenge/Future City (Sci-fi Survival)
challenge to science fiction/future urban (Sci-fi survival) as the core concept of the product, through human muscle during exercise when the dynamic changes to master in order to achieve optimal sports motion capture technology, the most advanced ultra-lightweight fiber weight of less than 10 denier Hungarian goose down insulation good guarantee. This series through color and graphics to the body's muscles, blood vessels, action figurative expression, born out of a futuristic and strong dynamic product. I do not know whether the ALICE appreciate science fiction challenges/city (Sci-fi Survival) series this mix mode?
Korea First outdoor brand clothing KOLON SPORT leading technology fashion
from the polar expedition to the urban trend - Antarctic Expedition (Polar Expedition)
from the land of ice and snow Antarctic inspiration this season KOLON SPORT The history of the expedition and adventure show as the Antarctic expedition Topic (Polar Expedition). Contains 39 years of experience in the garment industry technology, in order to adapt to the Antarctic extreme environments, both withstand cold insulation, and the use of high-strength material improves durability. The Fur design (fur trim) can withstand the Antarctic cold wind, the mesh wide strips (Webbing Tape) and reflective tape (3M reflect tape) the details of the humanized design for extreme environment help facilitate.
Korea's first outdoor brand clothing KOLON SPORT leading technology fashion
printing surprise transfiguration - Luxury Travel ( Travel)
through cotton materials waterproofing treatment to further highlight the natural perceptual characteristics, the luxurious Leopard, serpentine printing use in ultralight windproof clothing, revealing the elegant luster, both grace yet still temperature. Fashion elements added on top of the concept of outdoor sports, showing a higher level of luxury, and herald a new future of outdoor fashion.

Friday, December 7, 2012

DKNY Jeans 2012 autumn and winter series of clothing ads

Donna Karan released sub ??brands DKNY Jeans 2012 autumn and winter series clothing advertising blockbusters, season blockbuster forecast will have an Arctic cold front just around the corner, ready to explore New York City. Let the world to prepare for this storm on the eve of this series is inspired by urban explorers bravely meet the inclement weather.
DKNY Jeans 2012 autumn and winter series of clothing advertising blockbusters
DKNY Jeans 2012 Winter Series apparel large advertising
DKNY Jeans 2012 autumn and winter series of clothing advertising blockbusters

Thursday, December 6, 2012

British brand Mother of Pearl

Nice and interesting British brand Mother of Pearl brings us another season impressed by the dress design, continuation of the brand on the contour of the bold and modern, and the use of a large number of complex printing and manual extremely small objects, a the the dress of the pieces Canruo Star or the the Oriental bird mood robes seem very outstanding.

British brand Mother of Pearl new clothing type recorded

British brand Mother of Pearl New clothing catalog

British brand Mother of Pearl New clothing catalog different sizes sequins to create owl t-shirt is also very attractive. With simple, in fact, it will not look so difficult to wear.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Elie Saab elegant and charming evening dress

Elie Saab works has always been known for luxury, noble, elegant and charming evening dress, like another VALENTINO. Advanced customization industry to decline today, Elie Saab's Haute show field but refined and elegant as always, to win customer orders have come.
Elie Saab's haute couture show, a gorgeous style to win, the use of flash silk satin, pearl fabric, with a unique pattern of chiffon, silver tassels, fine embroidery ... woman walked along the planktonic flow dreamy colors, full of elegant Brisk, build a fairy-tale dream for all women. Fold, crystal and flash drill at the same time the use of the Elie Saab generous sketched out beautifully luxurious costumes feast, sway with sparkling stars, bring all dazzling fashion, Elie Saab woman wizard kingdom into the embodiment of the most beautiful princess.

elegant and charming evening dress Elie Saab instantly conquer his heart

Elie Saab elegant and charming evening dress instantly conquer his heart

elegant and charming evening dress Elie Saab instantly conquer his heart

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Alberta Ferretti brand Milan "the chiffon king"

Alberta Ferretti from Milan, Italy, 30 years of brand history, Alberta Ferretti called "chiffon Queen. Alberta Ferretti's classic design include: reversing the fold, muffled and drape of sartorial tips. Alberta Ferretti style is reflected in: the sense of layers of exquisite, hand-beaded tulle skirt decorated of Greek robes for inspiration drape cocktail dress design. "Harmony and unity" is the first impression of the Alberta Ferretti brand clothing. Looks like Melaleuca fly to edge superposition dress, soft flowing transparent sling small T-shirt, they fluttered in the breeze, as if an angel came to earth.
2008 Spring Alberta Ferretti show luxury sexy chiffon and jersey fabrics, styles previously high to low cocktail served mainly to play. Those short-short skirts above the knee, decorated with rhinestones inlaid roses bud, or rather like a military decoration long fringed accessories, is obsessed. Alberta Ferretti Roman Gladiator shoes with a simple Greek style robes, using the Madou like wonderland out of the wizard, Alberta Ferretti to create the perfect overall Look impressive.
wear Alberta Ferretti you might not immediately lamented hair. Because as appreciation of a statue-like to be surrounded by a circular motion, around, taking into account the appreciation of the brand of clothing. After careful observation, you will understand what is meant by "positive opposite". What is a "three-dimensional cut", which contains the production methods and techniques.

Alberta Ferretti brand Milan Chiffon king soft elegant angel landed Room

Alberta Ferretti brand king of Milan "Chiffon" soft and elegant angel landed earth

Alberta Ferretti brand Milan chiffon king of soft flowing angel landed earth

Monday, December 3, 2012

DKNY 2012 autumn and winter accessories Series Preview

American fashion brand DKNY (Donna Karan New York) is the international fashion industry will be representative of the style in the 2012 autumn and winter accessories series preview, we see a more powerful style, each have a metropolitan woman atmosphere. Metal chain small bag, calfskin briefcase and so on, feel the entire series rebellious style, inside and outside the city out to roam the city.

U.S. fashion brand DKNY 2012 autumn and winter accessories Preview

American fashion brand DKNY 2012 autumn and winter accessories series Preview

the accessories preview of American fashion brand DKNY 2012 Winter