Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Man exposed card to create a beautiful healthy exquisite new life

Dongguan City,Han days Garments Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the construction and operation of the international fashion brand agency. The company was established a few years time, relying on the fashionable town in the Pearl River Delta - Humen powerful apparel industry supply chain advantages continue to grow and develop. The company also has an efficient brand operations team with product development, production lead to brand building, logistics and other areas, and strive to be a win-win with franchisees and consumers tripartite won universal praise of industry peers .
Man exposed card brand women's exquisite new life to create a beautiful healthy
Han-day international apparel brand" Man exposed card (Marloca ) advocating freedom, beautiful, healthy, refined new life, the terminal market position in the new type of women 20-40 years old, reflecting Fashion Beauty times beautiful connotation, advocating the pursuit of romance of modern women, independent, free, and positive healthy lifestyle.
Man exposed card brand women's exquisite new life to create a beautiful healthy
Han-day International Fashion Co., Ltd. based on the Chinese market to look to the international stage interpretations, one step at a women's pursuit of fashion, Han-day international apparel is willing to cooperate sincerely with you to create a better future. The fashion here deductive beautiful from here.
Man exposed card brand women to build the exquisite aesthetic healthy new life
brand positioning
product positioning: "Man exposed card" consumer group positioning in the new type of women 20-40 years of age. They follow the fashion trends of the family in the city, is also the most spending power groups. Most of them belong to the white-collar workers, social elite, have a higher social status and economic status, and the pursuit of individuality, the freedom of living in consumer attitudes, advocating boutique. They desire the fashion to enhance the superior image and self-expression through clothing. For this reason, they are less concerned about the price of the fashion, care more about style novel, exquisite workmanship and wearing comfort.
brand story: Milan - this heavy cultural heritage of the city, has been bred fertile ground for fashion, it seems every corner are flowing with the breath of the world's most cutting-edge fashion. One afternoon a few years ago, a group of young people clinging here to explore the relationship between the women's and art. Traveled together for the common pursuit of fashion and love of women's art and this common ideals and let them decide the European and American fashion into China in order to be presented to the international fashion Chinese women. Subsequently, a fashion clothing brand integration into the European noble and oriental elements MARLOCA (Man exposed card) have come into being. Today, MARLOCA (Man exposed card) more and more consumer awareness and dissemination, and everywhere in the Chinese market at a rapid pace.

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