Friday, December 21, 2012

The fashion sweet wind to create mild winter heart girls

cold winter makes sprouted a desire to embrace a sweet and charming dress makes you look more intimate and warm their hearts, to impress TA heart moving positive energy of youth in the United States and the United States. New girl next door fashion 2012 winter, allows you to transform sweet warm heart girls pleasing.
girl next door fashion new 2012 winter
bright yellow woolen jacket bloom clean, bright good mood; beige long sweater hem flounced exudes hint lady sentiments. With dark blue Slim Leggings legs even more slender and charming. Coupled with dark blue collar and bright yellow knit cap, warm and lovely!
girl next door fashion new 2012 winter
the pink the hippocampus wool lapel sweater, outside the ride to the little black suit, wear clothing with cute cute college style; with maroon woolen shorts, a surprise move with some bright spots, plus the big red leather belt, maroon hat and flat shoes the same color, and clever use of the red line to create a sweet, cute yet stylish sense of Academy tide look.

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