Saturday, July 12, 2014

Isabel Marant the For H& M price turn over doubly and up Ebay

H& amp;the cooperation series"Isabel Marant For H& amp; M" of the latest M it may be said make people shocked in the Ebay sale circumstance, the price unexpectedly became several times of official marked price.A pair of original prices the tassels short Xue of GBP 149.99 sells to GBP 450 on Ebay, but original price the skin trousers of GBP 179.99 then be raised to GBP 575.
these dresses, including the black half skirt of plait decoration, nail bead jackets all"the concept visits a shot store(Pop-upstore)" in Paris have been already sold and also register the H& amp that the local part specifies on the 14th of this month at present;M door store.And previous H& amp;the M cooperation series is similar, this series robs on becoming available in the market to buy an empty, can wear strong"IsabelMarantForH& amp; M" of sex undoubtedly and become a member in the most popular series of this quick vogue brand in Sweden.
concerning IsabelMarant:BE in French new generation designer, the minority win an international a member of the vogue field attention.IsabelMarant namely follows behind BridgetYorke study in the YorkeandCole brand bottom as an assistant after Paris designs StudioBercot graduation in school.IsabelMarant before setting up his/her own clothing store, even once and the Ke Luo moxa Yi(Chloe) and mountain originally showed off to take charge of, MartineSitbon art director general Ascoli worked together.The IsabelMarant design special feature lies in the technique of usage, detail techniques, such as creation, dyeing and embroidery...etc. of cloth.The IsabelMarant type style will never be disturbingly noisy astonishing, while French vogue of just a kind of low key blooms.

Kering invests personal brand of Bottega creativity director general

according to the outside Mei news, the second luxury goods in France group Kering declares, will invest designer brand TomasMaier, but TomasMaier is exactly for Kering underneath first high growth brand BottegaVeneta signed the creativity director general of contribution.Lately, the LVMH group just declared that MarcJacobs left LouisVuitton to absorb in an individual together the development of the brand.
was born in 1957 TomasMaier in black forest region in Germany is once GuyLaroche, SoniaRykiel etc. brand worked, and the 90's in last century once were ladys' wears ready-to-wear clothes to design a director general to cultivate silently in the Herm è s for nine years.
2001, after Gucci procures BottegaVeneta, he drive Gucci creativity director general the TomFord ordination have the creativity director general of brand for this Italian skin.
in 12 years that he works, the BottegaVeneta year sales is from USD 45,000,000 and once leaped an USD 1,000,000,000 toll-gate and became quickest underneath Kering group growth brand, the scale is second only to flagship brand Gucci, the business profits is up to USD 380,000,000.The 2001-2007 among those years increased 1000%, 2007-2012 year, turned over some kind of.
TomasMaier as early as 1997 established his/her own brand, the lord beat swimsuit, the ball high levels, such as Shan and knit fabric dress...etc. recreational clothing.He once resigned from all works of Europes in 1999, moved Florida, the United States and with concentration created personal brand.However after catcher BottegaVeneta, one of his brand has been being placed in to maintain status, up to the present just in Florida, the United States of palm beach, the eastern man Pu of New York contains 2 family stores and moreover orders to sell with official site already in more than 100 dealer nets, year sales not enough USD 10,000,000.
although don't reveal the concrete amount of money and share of investment, Kering means to pass to note a property, helping TomasMaier the growth is a real meaning of, the fecundity article line life style brand.