Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Milan station forecast loss in business a serious temple database to declare to withdraw to procure

2012 wealth year Milan the sales income of the station decline 27.4%, at that time the Milan stand the chairman's Yao gentleman reach in the wealth to report in call, Chinese hinterland, Hong Kong and Macau three grounds of accomplishments of luxury goods markets are subjected to a rigorous challenge.On the night of December 18, Hong Kong two the hand luxury goods dealer Milan the station release an earnings early warning and anticipate the group just compares up to the wealth year on December 31, 20132012 wealth the year will have already shown Zhao deficiency.The Milan station said that expecteding loss in business is main because of in 2013 the extravagant hand bag retails the market continuously slow down and the customer consume emotion to weaken to.
this is no longer the first time Milan station releases an earnings early warning.Last half year this year, Milan the income of the station together compares to fall 12.2%, and is turned Kui by the Ying, clean loss in business hk$10,354,000.
2012 wealth year Milan the sales income of the station decline 27.4%, at that time the Milan stand the chairman's Yao gentleman reach in the wealth to report in call, Chinese hinterland, Hong Kong and Macau three grounds of accomplishments of luxury goods markets are subjected to a rigorous challenge.
data suggest, in May, 2011 become available in the market of Milan station once set new in Hong Kong several records that recognized to buy, became available in the market get excess number recognized buy 217800%, become available in the market a day rise reached to 66%, it made money many investors.But separate two and half years, the Milan stands accomplishment completely out of shape, again and again release an earnings early warning.
the Chinese luxury goods market also experienced this period from be up to 30% accomplishment growths to suddenly decline to count for.But the industry insider thinks while accepting reporter's interview, not succeeding of the Milan station more reason that is its oneself, its source comes from zero to spread first of crowd, have no save quantity on the market of two hand luxury goods the dish live, these are the problem that all two hands trade a company to face.
is also 1:00 of importance BE, the business model of Milan station always stays around simple two hand luxury goodseses to circulate, but two hand luxury goods the dealer should position in service.The luxury goods that gets consumer's approbation to quality everyone's noodles already, its value is more to pass service to embody.
since last year, Milan the station have intention to will in the past point the business in Hong Kong market to the hinterland extension, but this the plan didn't also achieve success.In 2009, the Milan station that hasn't got into a hinterland market in 2010 have already owned 13 family stores, but up to June 30, 2013, the group's underneath"Milan station" and"France station" retails a store in Hong Kong, the hinterland run 16 retail price stores with Macau with an especially selling exhibition.
mid- November, Milan station releases to announce to call, the Yao gentleman reaches to hold of only beautiful business enterprise limited company just and independence the third square make moves the ownership of a share carry on first step to discuss, the Yao gentleman reaches is exactly pass only the United States business enterprise control the Milan stand 490,000,000 shares, hold a proportion to reach to 72.29%.
the market once passed on a message local two hand luxury goodseses to trade a platform temple database or will procure a Milan station.Is a temple database investment square of an of core personage reveal to the reporter of this report, Milan station and temple expect to really once have contact before the database, nevertheless because the Milan stands back a procuring of the price lead Gao, in consideration of procure Milan station to the temple database help isn't very big, temple database would not participation stand to the Milan of procure.

Luxury goods group LVMH underneath LCapital procure GiuseppeZanotti 30% ownership of a shares

report the news of chapter according to Italy, the group LVMHMo& euml of world's biggest luxury goods;tHennessyLouisVuittonSA(LVMH.PA) Ming Yue ·the poem-Louis of Xuan Ni ·the Wei ascend group underneath private LCapital collecting an ownership of a share fund will procure Italian and extravagant shoe brand GiuseppeZanotti 30% ownership of a shares.
designer GiuseppeZanotti at accept outside Mei reporter telephone interview reveal that totally 5 profession tycoons hope to procure GiuseppeZanotti, but because of three project commitments of LCapital reserve a GiuseppeZanotti production work preface at the designer's home town, with the tradition system shoe craft but is SanMauroPascoli of , therefore GiuseppeZanotti and the parent company of its brand and Italian and extravagant shoe Lyu group ViciniSpA decides to offer for sale 30% ownership of a shares to LCapital, not sells majority of ownership of a shares according to the original plan.
in this month, market's spreading the parent company that the news points GiuseppeZanotti brand and Italian and extravagant shoe Lyu group ViciniSpA has already appointed hurl to go RothschildBank Luo Si firewood Er the virtuous bank is an adviser, look for to sell GiuseppeZanotti.The internal news meant at that time that the interest of part of private investment company is already attracted to GiuseppeZanotti.
designer GiuseppeZanotti start making shoe career in the 80's and established in the early part of 90's brand together and bought Vicini shoe factory.In 2000, independent store in the door in the GiuseppeZanotti head house starts practice in the Milan, the sale of the world's ordering has already increased into 85 up to now.According to the data of related medium, the GiuseppeZanotti2012 annual income is EUR 85,000,000, the profit margin is 11%, and brand's anticipating in 2013 income will increase into EUR 115,000,000.
after three GiuseppeZanottis, LCapital will help GiuseppeZanotti brand to push forward to retail an extending of network.GiuseppeZanotti reveals that the brand established an easy to product retail in office in Hong Kong recently and all had already built up a good cooperative relation in South Korea and Japans and stationed in Africa more for the very first time.He admits throwing in 341,000,000 to set up a store is remarkable to this independent brand, therefore LCapital long-term investment affirmation will consumedly help the growth of brand and store in the door.
GiuseppeZanotti ejected the possibility for becoming available in the market at the same time:"LCaptal expert in retail price strategy, choose that they are partners have already made me get 100% of satisfy."The think factory SanfordC.Bernstein& amp;Co.The city of GiuseppeZanotti brand is presumed to is worth up to EUR 300,000,000.
GiuseppeZanotti is LVMH this year inside invest of the second extravagant shoe Lyu brand.9 the end of the months, LVMH procures British extravagant shoe Lyu designer majority of ownership of a shares of brand NicholasKirkwood.
ViciniSpA own a GiuseppeZanotti brand and agency, underneath still have together of brand Vicini, and produce a shoe Lyu product for Balmain extravagant brands, such as Ba Er Man and ChristopherKane...etc..