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another monster line sharp end shoe

BurberryProrsum 2013 autumn winter the men's wear series is big slice of

creativity director general Chris give Fu ·the shell benefit(Christopher Bailey) bring Burberry the regression tradition of the Prorsum2013 autumn winter men's wear it makes, designer calls new series as "I love classic" and sees those windbreakers and checks that classically are full of romantic feeling in England, we finally welcomed after last quarterly in the future after feeling is hundred percent of to the classic regression.The application of monster line chemical element, becomes Burberry Prorsum 2013 autumn the winter men's wear show field of a little bit bright, the prosperous leopard line, zebra line coat luxurious feeling is hundred percent on the texture, another monster line sharp end shoe, leather line bag still have the sun mirrors to bear arms a mirror slice be all overalied by the monster line, increase for the classic England stylish man charming wild for several cents,Chemises Femme pas cher.

BurberryProrsum2013 the men's wear series is big slice of autumn winter

BurberryProrsum2013 the men's wear series is big slice of autumn winter

BurberryProrsum2013 the men's wear series is big slice of autumn winter

the leather noodles in addition and most making people's impression profoundly want to count those flicker strong sheen feeling anticipate and win an extravagant net small weave favorite is that style of windbreaker that is presented with heavy wine red;In addition still having can deeply the translucent quality windbreaker of layer stamp-tax inside, expressed a designer after keeping a classic style, perseveringly pursue the different innovation on the material.

and Hong Kong

China and Hong Kong becomes the biggest customer of French ladys' wear profession

China and Hong Kong exceed the United States for the very first time and become the biggest customer of French ladys' wear export.Moreover, EU isn't the main market of French ladys' wear export industry any more.

French ladys' wear export the sum increase 3.4% in 2012,Nike free run shoes, but only 49.3% in the total amount of money is from EU nation, is lower than 56% in 2011.French ladys' wear ready-to-wear clothes association general secretary Franois-MarieGrau said, "this slump relate to two factors.It is that the European market is overcast, exports quantity to descend first.Secondly its quota's descending is to significantly increase because of the some and important export market, this is already the current main French business enterprise growth to order".

2012 of another a big a little bit bright is China and row first in Hong Kong market.The United States previously always is the biggest customer of French ladys' wear, it had 8.9% that France exported a sum last year, for the very first time row China(3.6%) and Hong Kong(5.8%) is after.However, the exit that goes to China measures to also record for the very first time slump.Fran ·ois-MarieGrau point out, "circumstance is homology to last a year, namely wages cost ascension, the material price soars, and changed direction a local need at first".

Legend super mold Cindy Crawford deduces Madison vogue clothing big slice of

The legend of the 90's in last century super mold Cindy Crawford appear 《Madison 》 plays to show one piece for us of wear a method, just red, the treasure is blue and the lemon is yellow of the atmosphere design bodies to all really show a spirit field and take scene then typical celebrity style in Hollywood.However these designs pick shape really too, in the aspects of matching, the true nothing important studies so much of, we for the time being appreciate for a while good!
legend super mold Cindy Crawford deduce Madison vogue clothing big slice of
legend super mold Cindy Crawford deduce Madison vogue clothing big slice of
legend super mold Cindy Crawford deduce Madison vogue clothing big slice of

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high definition fabric production in

Day north 63 county noodleses anticipate stock to keep on to increase a yield fall to reach lowest for three years value

63 counties(blessing well county and stone Chuan county and Fu-shan County) that day in the north of Japan originally the important habitat in the synthetic fiber product, especially 60% high-tech synthetic fiber business enterprises in Japan all concentrate at north 63 counties also form from print to dye a sale integrity of industry chain.But in 2012, the noodles of six 3 counties in the north of Japan anticipated volume of production to fall to break 500,000,000 square meters and appeared about 3 in the last yearses all have never appeared of lowest yield.Keep for few years of, take the high definition noodles that the demand aggrandizement brings to anticipate because of the feather Rong of boost production, also get into to fall a period, fight down realm etc. to also adjust the influence of waiting the factor because of the production, cause production to descend.And from dye the yield that the sorting processes to see, the hair knits the yield that the noodles anticipates to break yearly production to present growth, besides which, , the yield bigger fabric all appeared output reduction.

2012 side anticipate stock to keep on increment

according to to 63 counties in the north of Japan the noodles in 2012 anticipate a production statistics data to see, whole year the volume of production of the fabric is 495,000,000 square meters, descended 5.6% a little bit last year, presented an output reduction phenomenon that didn't see for 3 years.In 2008, north 63 counties once appeared slow-moving of output reduction trend, 2009 annuities melted the influence of crisis to make north six habitats appeared a significant output reduction phenomenon, the volume of production descends to 400,000,000 square meters.Because under the influence of the market demands increment of the high definition fabric, in 2010 and in 2011 continuously for two years, the fabric yield presents a rapid growth.

saw from each month data in 2012, anticipated for 1~2 months of buying the peak season in the autumn winter noodles, the yield once presented the power head of growth, but then started appearing the output reduction of connecting the month after March, this phenomenon always keep on till August, the amount of output reductions fall comes to an after two number.North six habitats having the high definition fiber fabric of advantage is to the competitions of Korea, China market being also subjected to the disadvantageous influence brought by yen appreciation.Introducing according to the local industry personage is particularly super thin side to anticipate a factory house to be subjected to influence, only can maintain peacetime 50%~60% opening rates.In 2012, north 63 the counties add up the noodles anticipates of amount of stock, increase into 25,000,000 square meters from 22,770,000 square meters in the end of January, increased 30%~40% growths.In December, the fabric amount of stock broke 28,000,000 square meters.

high definition fabric production in, more is a thin Dan fiber, the noodles anticipates the period of production more long, therefore also take time to the adjustment of stock excess from the stock shortage.

in the north six of blessing well county and stone Chuan county, contain hair to knit at inside of the noodles anticipated dye to process quantity to all present a small growth.Yield bigger side the anticipating is 390,000,000 square meters, descend 0.7% at the blessing well county.The stone Chuan county is 100,000,000 square meters, descend 6.2%.The noodles anticipated not flapping of the yield to also produce certain influence in spinning and weaving clothing industry chain.

the order quality is small to have after 2013 instauration

north six of matching and knitting the high definition noodles anticipates of the order quality has instauration after year.In addition to 20 Daniels, 30~50 Daniels super thin side anticipates product stock to raise an alarm, the yen depreciation since 2011 the end of every years is one of main reasons.Although the order quality gets instauration,the weaving factory close waits phenomenon to cause narrowing of production scales, produces to have no whole line operation currently and hasn't attained the status of complete instauration.

wholesale board of trade to particularly work wild pleased Cheng of river to introduce according to the blessing well county spinning, in mid- January after, north six spinnings processed an industry to resume vitality, parts of processing plants carried out full burden production.

textile mill house and interest company president of north six blessing wells three Sen Qi chapter introduction say, currently, the instauration degree of 20 the following high definition frivolous fabrics of Daniel is still lack definition, in addition, lightly measure the stock that the noodles anticipates a product to adjust under way, the need relates to gradually as usual, the noodles of the company 30~50 the categories of Daniel anticipates to order to resume highest year level gradually.And is subjected to the influence that the yen that had been keeping on at the end of last year depreciates, the spinning product is on the price also more oversea product had advantage.

on the other hand, 63 county noodleses in the north of Japan anticipate narrowing of production scale in the habitat and give profession the total market variety brought bigger influence.Since last year, 3 local influential companies stop production to make the other factory house get more existence opportunities and temporarily alleviated competition situation in the vigorous market, but production using of resource rate of habitat attains 70% and be apart from normal level of history still differ very far.

as above sea and Peking

Luxury goods is in new strategy in R.O.C:Repress to extend completely

recently, along with LVMH and PPR two greatest luxury goods the group is 2012 releasing of wealth reportses, one treated obviously different and former new signal in China market to release:Repress to extend completely, protect luxury goods image.Burberry and Richemont(fierce Feng group) also close on the heels of to afterward mean to slow down in extending of China at the same time.

this for own more than 460 stores in 50 nations, even arrive flagship store Louis of Chinese Inner Mongolia Vuitton and ever proud jumped a claim Gucci of two core district in the line cities to say, is all change of marketing policy 360 degrees that was an in R.O.C.And as an always old opponent, Bernard Arnualt(LVMH chairman) and Fran ois-Henri Pinault(PPR chairman) Be also rare to with one accord realize his/her own mistake:Chinese consumer to the realization of luxury goods spirit such of quick, with as for is no longer fanatical to the brand that all over the place blooms.

once extended Bernard Arnualt that the Zhao calls to declare that the way that took the offensive China market has been already changed by cruelty means, and allow promise Louis Vuitton would refuse to still keep pursuing the temptation of LOGO and 23 lining China cities of not so expensive product, even if it expected in 2013 that the economic growth will attain 8%.Is positive such as the analysts talk, Louis Vuitton continuously for a few quarters the degree sale descend and have already let Bernard's the Arnualt detection"common sight" to the image injury that the brand brings.But early ex- retreaded"the house of Louis Vuitton" for spending generously in Shanghai, start to undertake high class more to make to order skin to have and provide the identity of characteristic service to top-class VIP at present.

and little set up shop, focuse high level of the product is also Fran ois-Henri Pinault treat Gucci new strategy.Occupying Gucci of 60% near profitses of PPR to once be received benefit to the contented dealer of the type of"shone on vegetables to order a list" and promoting is demanding of rapid growth business model, at present they but face an essential consumer(as above sea and Peking) from elite in city and still feel unusual 23 consumers in the line cities to the luxury goods of more and more big market rift.

the Gucci way of doing after being the skin that provides primer class first before the new place integrity leads into ready-to-wear clothes line to have and go together with a decoration, waiting consumer to taste the maturity lead into high level line again.But Be compared to other markets, Chinese consumer rears the tasty growth speed of to outrun their expectations.In 2013 Gucci would not set up a store in Hsin-cheng City, China, what to replace turns over to lately enlarge existing shop front.Pinault means further that at the same national practice two kinds of business models make the brand more vivid, this is also last year Gucci to express healthy reason.BE responding to an analyst to put forward brand shop front everywhere it is thus clear that, Pinault means that he believes firmly to develop several future that the product categories are luxury goodses while letting the luxury goods become to so captivatingly query no longer, "in past several years, the Gucci children's clothes line is very successful, just stay in the developments of other markets(for example China).We will also appropriately before now with the skin had accessories for the product of lord combines in aggravate ready-to-wear clothes composition."Hence, the two greatest luxury goodses group sets up shop to extend crazily in 23 line cities in China of the age finally ended.

interestingly to should be, the wealth reports to decide to accelerate in rise rather big Bottega Veneta in extending of Europe in 2012 in PPR, for example will set up a biggest boutique in the brand world of 1000 square meters in the Milan this year, far above it average common store area of 140 square meters.Chief executive officer Marco Bizzarri think the consumer who comes from a newly arisen market(include China), particularly visitor, incline toward more to purchase to all establish a brand of store in main cities in Europe, can't influence the deluxe image and position of luxury goods at the same time.This agrees without previous consultation with Chanel consistent strategy, positive such as its clothing section chief executive officer Bruno Pavlovksy talk, "

" we don't like front door noodles, even don't like to all over the place set up shop."But"is little to set up shop" don't mean to stop extending, but in the platform that transfers the battlefield to a more mature, laster long and more profits sources.All own a Louis in the everyones Vuitton chessboard space hand bag behind, the that time waits and develops high class and makes to order business and make the consumer of prospect put on the avenue to the new quarter ready-to-wear clothes.

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also displayed a modern vogue design on the function of Gao Deng's quality

British vogue brand DODD releases a winter men's wear shape to match for 2013 autumns

British vogue brand DODD 2013 autumn the winter men's wear series usage the relentless simple and direct lines cut to delineate its suit.Is cool-headed of blue adjust to adjust fusion to present the mature man's magic power with gray, adoption fine wool, in the coat, shirt, the wool's trousers pack up, also displayed a modern vogue design on the function of Gao Deng's quality, the English produces pigskin to combine the good denim cloth from Italy and Japan and promised suit of comfort of also brought the gentleman qualities of British nobility at the same time.

British vogue brand DODD release a winter the men's wear shape match for 2013 autumns

British vogue brand DODD release a winter the men's wear shape match for 2013 autumns

British vogue brand DODD release a winter the men's wear shape match for 2013 autumns

Pakistan throw a huge sum USD 567

Pakistan throw a huge sum USD 567,000 create nation spinning research center

Pakistan the nation spins and weaves the research center is completed recently, the center invests 55,600,000 Pakistan rupee(about USD 567,000)s and locates at in the fee Sa to pull to expect spinning university(NTU) in the virtuous whole country.The completed rites Pakistan spins and weaves an industrial department on that day the minister Mach Du Mu ·Xie Ha the pudding attend ceremony.

Xie Ha's pudding mean, this is Pakistan the first spinning research center, will undertake a new fiber development and modern fiber to wait to study a work in the yarn and the use in the fabric.President Ni of the NTU university is second ·the moxa admire to exceed a virtuous Doctor an introduction way, the construction of the research center costs about 21,600,000 rupees, and having another 34,000,000 rupees will be used for affairs like machinery equipment purchase,etc.

Xie Ha's pudding point out, although Pakistan spin and weave profession to face various difficulties, after the joint effort of industry, this wealth the year is first half year(July, 2012~December) of, Pakistan the textile product export still carried out 8.55% growths.

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Oscar De La Renta

John Galliano 2013 autumn winter series Parisian Suit the week release

John Galliano(John ·add a second promise of benefit) release in the Parisian Suit week for 2013 autumns a winter deluxe ready-to-wear clothes series.Oscar of designer ·virtuous pull Lun tower(Oscar De La Renta) invitation John ·add a second promise of inside to join it together brand utility room, participation Oscar ·virtuous pull Lun tower designing of winter ladys' wear series for 2013 autumns and release.

John Galliano the 2013 autumns winter series in Paris fashionable dresses show

John Galliano the 2013 autumns winter series in Paris fashionable dresses show

Little Troll brand children's clothes 2013 autumn winter series

Little Troll brand children's clothes 2013 autumn winter series:Vogue with perfect

Little Troll 2013 autumn winter children's clothes ascend lovely of can dismantle to unload small collar of dress to arouse a kid of joyful, the monochrome floral small short skirt becomes small adult of kid, the smiling face of self-confident grace is full of wit and humour,Polos et T-shirts Femme pas cher.The shell lace cuts short skirt, the delightfully fresh and bright image inherits person's eyeball,Cheap Ralph Lauren polo Shirts, the design of simple and direct brave, the cotton quality noodles anticipates of use, comfort and vogue are perfect the children's clothes combining Be perfect to present on the innocent kid.

Little Troll brand children's clothes 2013 autumn winter series:Vogue with perfect

Little Troll brand children's clothes 2013 autumn winter series:Vogue with perfect

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and released men's wear series at 2009

Japanese brand Sacai 2013 autumn the winter clothing new product series

department thousand ascended power once to join Comme in 1991 the des Garcon group underneath branch line been responsible for by Junya Watanabe, afterward established personal brand Sacai in 1999, and released men's wear series at 2009, after making a great stir, the next year was then quick to release "Moncler S" branch line with Moncler cooperation.Recently Sacai is in Paris released it the autumn of 2013 winter ready-to-wear clothes, department thousand ascend power remain with the dark yellowish green color of his/her affection with dark purple constitute series of main tone, and will slice Si thin Er especially the coat of the virtuous coat, and baseball Shan.,roshe run men..etc. classic style re- deduce by person the word line wool, leather, light quality denim, but trousers style then with spread clearly contrary breadth bottom of trouser-leg-and assist with gorgeous of Luo can elder brother's veins or check.Though these trying of braves don't have to very strongly and actually wear sex,each single article is all worth and small and soft to appreciate,Burberry pas cher.In the autumn of 2013 Sacai winter series will in June since wait to act for store to sell in DSM.

Japanese brand Sacai 2013 autumn the winter clothing new product series

Japanese brand Sacai 2013 autumn the winter clothing new product series

Japanese brand Sacai 2013 autumn the winter clothing new product series

the lighter brand Zippo military advance clothing industry

The lighter brand Zippo military advance clothing industry plans to 2015 China to open 50 clothing stores

American well-known lighter manufacturer Zippo the Manufacturing company plan to have his dress product of American special feature to lead into China market.

the lighter brand Zippo military advance clothing industry

according to know,Prada Outlet, the household business enterprise that defends breeze metal lighter but famous as world by production is beginning to release man's clothing of having American style and go together with to decorate series.Currently, Zippo owns a dress monopoly store in the United States, but its plan is finished in China at this annual end 5 flagship stores.The president of company's George-Du Mr,prada. Ke said that this 5 flagship stores will fall Peking and Shanghai.Among them, the head family store that is located in Peking will start practice in this September.On top of that, Zippo plans to 2015 year-ends to increase to establish 50 shop fronts in front line and two line cities of China.

according to understand, the Zippo company about starts engraving the lighter of having American national flag and male eagle pattern to Asian region export surface by decade, while this time shop front extend plan undoubtedly will for in fact the company transform to turn over to open new literary piece now.The company the year sales in 1986 is USD 70,000,000, till 1996 this number soars to USD 100,000,000, currently it the business total amount including two local and foreign markets stabilize about USD 200,000,000.In addition to the United States, China is the biggest international market in Zippo company, take up 10% of total sales amount in its world.Last year, Zippo's performance circumstance in China market was extremely outstanding, its sales promoted 50% and exceeded the sale target of USD 10,000,000 that anticipated before now.This year, the company anticipates sales to increase 10% a little bit last a year.

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Gucci(Gucci)2013 the autumn clothings early advertise big slice of:The grace revives old customs socially prominent lady

from super mold Karmen Pedaru and Alana Zimmer get Gucci that the title deduces 2013 early autumn the series ladys' wear is the director general of the creativity,cheap Ralph Lauren Shirts, mother-to-be Frida the reciprocal of the Giannini prenatal period the second series,Cheap Toms shoes.Lantern Xiu+skin quality the long gloves dress up of light hair red lips girl, give the person fine old customs first impression;Elevated waist line, accept a tailoring of waist.

Gucci(Gucci)2013 the autumn clothings early advertise big slice of:The grace revives old customs socially prominent lady

Gucci(Gucci)2013 the autumn clothings early advertise big slice of:The grace revives old customs socially prominent lady

Gucci(Gucci)2013 the autumn clothings early advertise big slice of:The grace revives old customs socially prominent lady

Gucci(Gucci)2013 the autumn clothings early advertise big slice of:The grace revives old customs socially prominent lady

even if the nudity with no big area also seems to be Gucci girl sexy grace;The bamboo stanza hand handle bag, decorate the doctrine money breadth belt and sexy T to take floral square of shoe, leopard line to wrap etc. go together with a decoration, will regard the Kuo form of Gao Shou Yao as principle the this quarter Gucci ladys' wear shape of dozen embellish more elegant and charming.

but the clothing industry then change direction to develop vogue industry

Read Japan to spin and weave clothing industry Revelation:Bathing the fire then can rebirth

Japan spinning the clothing industry get into to get stripe a period in 80's.Two post-war, Japan spun and wove clothing profession to experience to at a high speed increase of domestic stick the card production expects for the growth of sign;after getting into a mature period in 60's, the domestic trade competition ability reduces after presenting increase first of pour U curve process;80's, accompany with cost advantage to gradually lose, Japan spins and weaves clothing industry to welcome to get stripe, upper stream manufacturing with high additional value product is break, but the clothing industry then change direction to develop vogue industry, from single industry change for make, circulate, advertise, clothing and sport, recreation etc. life connection industry of eco-system,roshe run men.

Japanese upper stream spinning manufacturing the industrial upgrading be divided into three steps:1)the low level productivity outside move: upper stream foundation the industry transfer to the newly arisen cost advantage region and form spinning clothing the second-time industry in world to transfer;2)eliminate to fall behind a productivity:Japanese government unite set with the equipments register system for the policy of taking strict precautions against of representative and with procure to discard an equipments for representative of supporting policy, guide to spin and weave industry to eliminate to fall behind a productivity;3)high additional value product creation:the government support, guide policy bottom, Japan domestic spinning the industry pass a machine automation technique application, and cooperate an etc. method with other industries to carry on sophisticated science and technology development to promote a product affixture value.

Japanese downstream brand clothing industrial upgrading pass two paths:1)Japan hold 70, in 80's the international vogue field wants to has a right way the opportune moment of foreign country culture and match with Japanese designer the Zhan dew is among nations head Cape, government in good time release vogue in Tokyo for week, successfully create vogue of all position;2)native public's brand pass to continuously push forward supply chain fine to turn to raise reaction efficiency in the market and decrease and circulate link expenses to carry out a close people of diverse sex and price of product to turn, and finally established SPA this kind of supply chain Zong the deep integral whole turn mode the universality within brand is at the Japanese public.

Japan spinning clothing industrial upgrading for drawing lessons from China:upper stream manufacturing, because Japan gets stripe "government push" factor in the process in Chinese imperfection, hard getting stripe of replication sophisticated Japanese science and technology development way of thinking inside the country,Polos et T-shirts Femme pas cher, the possible path will be a low level productivity to become familiar craft foundation with the oneself scale after outside moving in the future and draw on the high level productivity in the nations need, but have currently mature medium high level production the business enterprise of ability and scale advantage will be subjected to a benefit in this process, such as the Lu Tai spin and weave;Downstream brand clothing, 2 in Japan gets stripe the supply chain fine in the path to turn to match China more to consume present condition, will be a native brand clothing business enterprise in the future promote of main direction, the comprehensive consideration keeps a camp proportion to match degree and profession to rank index sign and make selection outlet layout reasonable, real strenght leading, have the fine to hope in the future to turn compare put together medium break through siege a species such as the United States nation dress, nine herding king with rich Anna.

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is training the left side of

NBA whole star match: The clothing sponsor changes marketing strategy

according to the news of American medium bleacherreport, the NBA training took to carry on to change the system this year.We can see from the picture, this year's whole star match training takes personal honor of increasing the player.

is training the left side of , plus the player's personal honor, we can see from the picture, the section compares of the training take up have 15 whole stars match, get a goal king, a normal regulations match MVP, five total champions and four whole star match MVPses and button up a big match champion.But Zhan Mu Si's training take up, outstanding 9 of his whole stars appearance, three ofest great value player's prizes, two whole star match's ofest great value player, his annual the best new talent's prize, his get a goal title king in the Year 2007-08's, and NBA of last year total champion.

this not only is the marketing strategy of the whole star clothing sponsor, also the convenient fan carries on a comparing of history position to put together to each ball star.

learn of from 2008-2010 years of related data

Transform exit:British wool industry is walking the road of recovery

once in last century 70, encountered substitute in 80's-synthetic fiber erosion quota in the market but British wool being inflicted a heavy losses on is industrial, just in walking the road of recovery, recently, it at Europe and Asia two weeks of demand continuously rises.

"the wool industry of the our country is experiencing a recovery of greatness, with lend Europe and continuously passing of Asian demand to increase, profession already through for British economy contribute count GBP 100000000.Hiring of"The chief executive officer, Mr. StuartMcCullough, of the Woolmark company tells a reporter, " many wool business enterpriseses amount of works attains the Feng value in the last several decades, whole British wool business enterprises seem all lucky witness also participate in this the turnover continuously promotes of great miracle in."

according to Mr. StuartMcCullough's parlance, British wool industry repeatedly faces bankrupt situation to mainly have a following factor to result in in times before:During the vigorous period of wool industry, there are totally 100,000,003 ten million ton wool quilts throwing in this industry, this number inclines to saturation, later on, many companies of business streets start choosing to lead into cheap substitute from China and Turkey, or uses a polyester glue the textile replaces.At that time, the price of the substitute of commensuration didn't arrive wool price pretty much of a.

he continues to add a way:"The number after 10-year, rescue wool industry among the calamity of is those high level man fashionable dresses dealer, like Hackett, Aquascutum, SavileRow, PaulSmith and Vivienne Westwood etc., is that they continue to use high level the United States benefit Nu wool of behavior, keep profession industry from falling into a ruined abyss."

Abraham Moons company(invite gram county) chief executive officer's JohnWalsh introduction say:"Many business enterprises went bankrupt at that time, while those succeeded the business enterprise of survival transformed to the export market in succession.Take our company as an example, the key figures of the company then did commitment and programming and re- threw in the overwhelming majority of acquisition profits into the daily luck camp of company and particularly developed to renew aspect with machine in the technique at that time."

" now, about 70% of British wool spinning manufacturer is exit type business enterprise, this number in the 80's in last century, only haven't arrive 50%."All the regrets ground of Mr. JohnWalsh says.

learn of from 2008-2010 years of related data, the whole value of the British wool clothing market is continuously increasing:The city value of men's wear, ladys' wear, knit fabric clothing and sportswear and the smock etc. classification market puts together already GBP 1,244,720,000.

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the Louis Vuitton T Vh

LV Louis ·the Wei ascend the brand dress Icon series ladys' wear luxurious in a low-key way ,prada

LV Louis ·the Wei ascend is exactly integrate the luxurious chemical element into the work to pack, the soldier pack and exercise to pack for the basic style of lord and create a low-key and luxurious Icon classic ladys' wear series.The series gave to finely tailor while being loyal to function, the fashionable side anticipate, and fanciful detail,Polos et T-shirts Femme pas cher.Is positive as it does, each time Icon of the quarterly classic ladys' wear serieses all have a necessary single article be continuously quoted from and turn over lately, bring incomparable of the comfort is dressed in the pleasant impression of feeling and the abyss of time.

the Louis Vuitton T Vh

even if few someones can resist the extreme achievement temptation of new style of fashionable dresses, the most people still are fashionable but very practical classic in the middle of the wardrobe to those list the article feeling has only a clock.The Louis Vuitton is to integrate the luxurious chemical element into the work to pack, the soldier pack and exercise to pack for the basic style of lord and create a low-key and luxurious Icon classic ladys' wear series.

waterproof rains and winds dress THE MINI MAC

the waterproof rains and winds dress of this quarterly have brand-new moral culture to tailor and beg for the neckband of Qiao and became the representative work of classic ladys' wear series, the Yan projects the 60's of reel style.Its double layer jacket design, can calmly once avoid spring rain.The gold color Niu of polishing buttons up to sarcastically counterfeit a soldier to pack a style, and with Louis Vuitton classic Monogram floral artist from doodle in mixture New York Stephen the Sprouse leopard line stamp-tax does an inner pad.

the skin quality one-piece dress THE LEATHER DRESS

the leather material is never like this of uncommon touch:Surpass description of soft slippery, is reservedly delineated bodily curve by the sheep full dress of skin tailor but become of the light quality.The right angle edge, opposite angles zipper and soldier packs the epaulet design of Rong noodles skin of style to highlight to appear a detail that breathing turns with life.No matter match with high-heeled shoes to attend a dinner, or match with skinny jeans to enjoy recreational time, this refreshing red skin quality the one-piece dress can easily explain style or mature qualities of exercising.

Federico Steiner means the international business enterprise that may be some importance

Qatar invests Italian idea fashionable dresses industrial internal revolt and foreign invasion

Italian premier Mali Ao ·receive the Di visited Arabian Tribal chief country last week and tried to usher in an investment, the establishment put Persian gulf to cooperate.Prime minister in Qatar thanks He to admire Ma De to reveal, he and the Italian government still beats another agreement, will in order to support Italian small and medium enterprises' investing EUR 1,000,000,000 add up USD 1,270,000,000.Once served as Versace, the Zegna brand adviser of Ermenegildo, and once served the JTG Consulting companies of Gucci and Prada to initiate a person Tomaso Galli meant, Italian premier Mali Ao ·received Di just in the prestige that actively resumed Italy, make it attained international level."He probably because public finance pressure or limited incitement economic policy encounter critique, he is actively visiting an opportunity to look for, doing a palm reading should do of, but these once deliver to do with England already for several decades, Italy still differs too farly.So, he now make it to the Italian great use."The customer includes Brunello the company Barabino& amp of consulting of Cucinelli; Partners partner and general manager Federico Steiner mean:"Draw on foreign capital have been a problem of Italy, the policy like this can't not say to welcome into a pole." Federico Steiner points out that Italy is pulled down by a not dependable bureaucrat organization.While being inquired about a problem concerning investment vogue brand, Federico Steiner means the international business enterprise that may be some importance, because small business enterprise or private enterprise outward the country investor don't open, "I pour is rather they invest a small business enterprise, because like this produce in Italy, can promote employment, compare only buy Italian brand to be good friends with."

Italian national fashionable dresses association chairman Mario Boselli mean, would like to see investor's providing the resources help Italian brand to extend, but hoping can promise a brand Italian identity at the same time.He spoke favorably PPR and LVMH and meant that the group like this can let Italian brand at it"protection umbrella" under develop."The ideal status is still all production and managements in Italy."

according to calculate, Versace and Dolce& amp; Gabbana has already been had eyes fixed on by investor in Qatar, however ask anonymous luxury goods analyst to say according to one in the region, the bank has already found out one large numbers of new bargains be thrown in the investment list of Qatar investor.Dolce of Domenico and Stefano Gabbana again and again repeats them can't sell brand;Giorgio Armani is also uninterested;Versace can't have bargain, either;Trussardi, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Pianas didn't sell a plan;These all in investing list, but label not the label is another one thing."

past several years, Arabian investment organization of various each kind flows out into the vogue industry, July, private investment organization Mayhoola in Qatar procured Valentino Fashion Group.According to reveal, in 2010 Qatar Holding LLC 2,220,000,000 procured Harrods general merchandise, on top of that, it owns LVMH 1.03% shares, Tiffany& amp; Co. 5.2% shares, it still buys in 2010 under group J. Sainsbury in England supermarket the It is 26% shares.Last year, Qatar Holding LLC still became French medium group Lagard the shareholder of the è re biggest SCA, controled 12.8%.Brunello Cucinelli that the April company just became available in the market means that the investor has been slavering Italy because of the brand of the Italian outstanding craft and the long history.

according to Italian fashionable dresses association Fashion Economic Trends report suggest, the Italian fashionable dresses industry anticipates in the 2012 income along with compare descend 5.6% to EUR 60,200,000,000, press the current exchange rate to match USD 78,300,000,000, anticipate the best the four seasons the degree be still lower than last year same period level, exported to descend 32.4% to EUR 41,600,000,000 in 2012, press current the exchange rate matches USD 541.

in the past a period of time, the Italian brand successfully becoming available in the market includes Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Brunello Cucinelli, but Missoni, Roberto Cavalli changed to insist privately owned with Versace still.

recent news BE, Pomellato chief executive officer Andrea Morante mean to be having never become available in the market to evaluate.Though the international market is unsteady, but the Italian vogue company continues to look for IPO in the future. Moncler IPO last year be put off;Own the accessories brand Carpisa, underwear and sandy beach to pack brand Yamamay, and the swimwear brand Jaked the Holding group of Pianoforte and men's wear group Stefano Ricci all already certain in the future will at stock market opportunity to look for.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sally Jonsson deduces gorgeous dress to advertise big slice of:Calm down the United States of Mi

A bunch of sunlight project light upon down and inset the fine wool coat that the full flashlight bead decorates and stitch the black one-piece dress of each color precious stone and gleam shining.The fish tail skirt that the small bead decorates drags in the ground and ties up the embroidery flower of rounding the skirt body to gorgeous bloom and spread all over whole body of the gold color ectype flower decoration suit brilliant matchless.The United States that sends forth to make people suffocate to calm down Mi unclearly under fine face and warm sunlight especially in the mold.
Sally Jonsson deduce gorgeous dress to advertise big slice of:Calm down Mi of beautiful
Sally Jonsson deduce gorgeous dress to advertise big slice of:Calm down Mi of beautiful
Sally Jonsson deduce gorgeous dress to advertise big slice of:Calm down Mi of beautiful

but in no case drag along mire to take water

Valentino 2013 early autumn series dress:The extreme achievement is capable to match

finish seeing this Valentino 2013 early autumn series dress, we finally can affirm,Cheap lacoste polo shirts, the king of full dress ever has already thoroughly transformed into a deluxe fashionable dresses brand that is classic to actually wear, possess ^ÿ and ^ÿ grace and current!

Valentino 2013 early autumn series dress:The extreme achievement is capable to match

Valentino 2013 early autumn series dress:The extreme achievement is capable to match

Valentino 2013 early autumn series dress:The extreme achievement is capable to match

2013 early autumn series concept and unity up all make people sigh for the view, open a curtain by black suit first, the material of excellent Kuo form, extreme achievement and capablely match have already fascinatingly been rated as, the close behind order of sequence joins red, white, butter color, finally then gorgeous and classic of Valentino type stamp-tax, whole shape gradually excesssive from single tone arrive simple and direct emolliently match and blend, and Valentino full dress DNA also gradually get exertion,Echarpe Burberry pas cher, crocodile skin, lace, velvet and furs, create to deliver luxurious look more, but in no case drag along mire to take water, absolutely is that the top that the quarter is good-looking and well to wear now is good to choose.

spin and weave finished product and noodles to anticipate growth the quickest among them

Recovery in the United States our country to beautiful spinning the brand clothing export the small increase

the United States 2012 economy whole present the situation of slow-moving recovery.In those early years I to beautiful the textile product clothing total amount export was USD 38,Cheap Toms shoes,920,000,000, increased 3.3%, although increasing was smaller,exceeded to increase on the average, also was higher than 2008-2009 years of level.

among them the textile product increases 4.3%, the clothing increases 3%.Big religion merchandise all realization growth, spin and weave finished product and noodles to anticipate growth the quickest among them, increase distinguish are 4.9% and 2.7%, the needle loom clothing aggregate increases 5.4% to the United States export 5,640,000,Chemises Femme pas cher,000(set) and exports unit price to descend 2.7% in the clothing.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Free Peoplec 2013 vogues take a new article brand style to revive old customs to mix to take

Free Peoplec 2013 vogues take a new article brand style to revive old customs to mix to take

Free People release again recently is taken by Anthony Nocella of lately in March Look book.It is this time to have no to take a view in the unscrupulously open spaces open country, but turn to fight inside the Peng.The style that still continues to revive old customs to mix to take, matches to slightly show complicated tedious, but this is FREE PEOPLE brand style, be not?

Free Peoplec 2013 vogues take a new article brand style to revive old customs to mix to take

Free Peoplec 2013 vogues take a new article brand style to revive old customs to mix to take

Free Peoplec 2013 vogues take a new article brand style to revive old customs to mix to take

000 Langs

H& M the United States strongly extends a this year's plan to set up shop over 40

the past one weeks Hennes& amp; Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) underneath most brand H& amp;the M connect to open ten stores in the United States, H& amp;M American chief executive officer Daniel Kulle mean to will exceed 40 in last year in plan in setting up shop of the United States market this year.

accompany with European economy weak, Hennes& amp; Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) in addition to wait a newly arisen market in China rapid extend, also started to the most important market the United States of radical extend, for the past one weeks Hennes& amp; Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) underneath most brand H& amp;the M connect to open ten stores in the United States, H& amp;M American chief executive officer Daniel Kulle mean to will exceed 40 in last year in plan in setting up shop of the United States market this year.

after getting into the United States market for 13 years, H& amp;the M totally has 269 door stores in the United States market, and group underneath brand but didn't accept at American grain, H& amp;M's on-line sale platform finally decide after being also three times postponing to land the United States in June, this year.

for the H& amp;in market's end scale in the United States, M's H& amp;M American chief executive officer Daniel Kulle refuse commentary, but mean to according to its rival settle.Forever 21 approach 500 door stores and Express to have in the United States 600, however it main rival Inditex SA(ITX.MC) underneath most brand Zara is in the door store amount of the United States close on January 31, 2013 also only 219.

Daniel Kulle mean new H& amp;store design in M the United States door will more localization, and no longer monotonous, he still means to be preparing to let a COS door store land the United States in the opportunity to look for at the same time, but recent debarkation London shoots the new product card& amp of government street; Stories of Other, Daniel Kulle means the very suitable United States market is also.

H& amp;M of American radical extend can also raise for the power of the internal revolt and foreign invasion moment just necessarily going it.

January 30, Hennes& amp; The Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) announces the long-term investment that December, 2011 shows to the annual wealth report on November 30, 2012 because of enlarging in the electronic commerce and increases store amount in the door and enlargement brand category, and Sweden gram Lang of pre-eminent, cause its accomplishment appear backset.European obligation crisis disappears an amendment, multinational jobless rate Gao Qi lowers a consumer to consume conation, H& amp;the M sell a slump in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy in southern Europe;The North America, China and Russia etc. newly arisen market then leads a growth.2012 wealth the year lately open the door the store is 304, the main concentration is in China and North America region, much in 275 for planning.

Hennes & The AB(HMb.ST) of Mauritz 2012 year the four seasons of wealth degree wealth report suggest, September, 2012 together compares to descend 2% to 32,500,000,000 Langs(USD 4,900,000,000) to the fourth quarter degree of November sales;The profit before tax falls into 6,600,000,000 Langs(USD 1,000,000,000), is lower than 6,800,000,000 Langs that the analyst of Reuter's expects;The profit after tax declines 1.3% to 5,287,000,000 Langs(USD 795,200,000);The gross profit rate is also fallen into 61.6% by 61.9% in 2011 same period;Together the store sale is constant.

the 15th of this month, Hennes& amp;February that the Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) announces sells a data to show to descend 3% with store sale and outruns the fall of analyst's expectation 1.9%-2% and descends continuously for 5 months;The total sales increases 5%, is lower than 7% that the analyst expects.The main business concentration is in the H& amp of Europe;M because of economic environment in Europe bad, consumer spending turn down and Sweden currency of pre-eminent but far and far get behind with main parent company Inditex of rival Zara SA(ITX.MC). Hennes & Decline in the March 15 of AB(HMb.ST) of Mauritz stock price dish 1.16%;2012 whole year, the slump approaches 8%.

look back its main rival Inditex this week three the wealth report releasing show in 2012 the sale increases 14%, the clean income increases 22% and rises with store sale 6%.Inditex's offsetting Europe by the rapid growth that China waits a newly arisen market is particularly the tired and weak performance that the jobless rate reaches to 26% Spain markets. Compare rapid the 86 nations, door store extending into a world amount super 6,000 Inditexes not vulgar resultses, in 48 national door store total amounts only haven't arrive the H& amp of Inditex half;M 2012 wealth year accomplishments appear backset and continue a slump more with store sale.

close on the heels of afterward, Hennes& amp; Another rival of Mauritz AB and excellent dress database parent company Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. (9983. Ts) fast sell group to also prepare to start extending in the acceleration of the United States, was online first on-line sale platform,Burberry pas cher, throw later on 200 door stores to extend a plan.

in the circumstances, Hennes& amp; The Mauritz AB has to re- examine the United States market.Although the group suggests China market in the future may become its biggest market, Chinese economy and politics all exists very big indetermination, once appearing mistake, may such as European, even more very, and American economy although experience a financial crisis, the chaperonage way continues creative Gao, the recovery can treat, this also urges Hennes& amp; The Mauritz AB has to value this market more,lacoste polo shirts outlet.However when the United States extends, Hennes& amp; The Mauritz AB perhaps and more wants to solve of is a store sale together connect fall of Tui power, such as if otherwise, the stock price continues to decline, the investor loses confidence and perhaps allows of no optimism.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

of to expect a textile product to export less USD 1

Pakistan spin and weave business enterprise energy missing to export lose USD 1,000,000,000

Pakistan textile industry the personage thought recently, because of Pakistan the spinning business enterprise of the 3/4 the location hid Pu province to face serious energy beside missing, this wealth the year was first half year(20127~12 months) of to expect a textile product to export less USD 1,000,000,000, give expected to export rival country opportunity to creates, such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka...etc..

the textile mill association(APTMA) chairman of whole Ba expected sand Er to say, though expect the textile industry energy supply condition serious shortage, the this wealth year is first half year of the sum expecting textile product export and still is up to USD 6,458,000,000 and more ascends a wealth USD 5,950,000,000 year same period and increases 8.55%.If expecting the textile industry can enjoy without a break electric power and natural gas supply, the above-mentioned period expects textile product export to increase USD 1,000,000,000.

last year.The Sa gram Si acquires 20% sales from flagship store in Manhattan

American general store plum the west and Sa gram Si integrate a resources to face to whole outletses

American general store plum west general merchandise(Macy's) and Sa gram Si(Saks) company the holidays quarter recently reported all good to expectation, this indicated this year the further growth of the sales, two investments that company aims at technique and electronic commerce gets repay.

in recent years, plum west the department store was the inventory managment system that renews it to throw in a great deal of funds.Allow for the first time it to integrate 300 near shop fronts to fill up on-line order in the past holidays and raise to deliver goods speed to combine to reduce amount of stock.

the chief finance of the plum west general merchandise officer Kai Lun ·the Huo space anticipate especially, this year autumn before also have 500 stores be integrated, finally may carry out to deliver goods on that day.

the on-line coordination helped plum west general merchandise, its management of cloth Lu the report of clear Dell general merchandise(Bloomingdale's) also good to expectation of profits.Plum west the department store still hope that this hybrid entity store of so-called"whole outletses"s and the way of the electronic commerce help in this fiscal year it attains 3.5%ly and together store sale growth.

"if you and the Amazon net of the whole world order a competition, you have to have a strong Internet to support, plum west general merchandise absolutely is leading one-step."Edward ·the analyst of the Qiong Si company cloth Rui boon ·second Bo Lei say.

Sa gram the Si department store is trying to catch up plum west general merchandise, promise virtuous Si especially general merchandise dragon(Nordstrom) the plan start depending on its shop front to help to fill up on-line order this year, anticipating with store sales will have 3% to 5%ly promote.

Sa gram Si general merchandise just while practicing one to consume 3 years, spend the item of USD 100,000,000 the system is with the renewal inventory managment, its chief executive officer Steve ·Sa way man mean, investment like this will reduce profits but very necessary, because of this just can keep with the rival and the customer synchronous.

"beyond all doubt, in my in the mind, the whole outletses are future dealers alignments, it since include an entity store of participation include participation of network again."Sa many men tell an analyst.

last year, Sa gram investment of the Si department store includes in a lately- set up electronic commerce order implementation center that is manipulated by the robot in Tennessee, the United States.However, Sa many men warned, the luxury goods profession would face "how much have a little unsteady of"2013, because will produce influence to the tall tax rate of fuller of consumer.

the Sa Ke Si company report said, up to February 2 of 3 months ago inside, the company income increased 5.5% and attained USD 907,660,000 and together compared to increase 0.7% with store sales, comparing descending of estimate in Wall Street 0.3% was very a lot of.

Sa gram the Si have already closed 10 shop fronts and is closing more stores from 2010 in the last yearses.In addition to price lower Sa gram Si OffFifth chain store, the company still runs 43 stores currently.

the accomplishment of the Sa Ke Si company fourth quarter degree is subjected to hurricane mulberry Di influence, because it disturbed many consumers the life in November, last year.The Sa gram Si acquires 20% sales from flagship store in Manhattan, but many places in the northeast of the United States, company under the influence of hurricane higher than some rivals.

inside Man ·the Ma Ku Si group company report to call it originally the quarter degree sales increases 5.3%.Especially promise virtuous Si company dragon calls that its sales rises 6.3%.

compared with the annual profits of last year USD 40,000,000, the Sa Ke Si company wins the benefit as USD 20,400,000 up to the quarter degree on February 2.

the plum west general merchandise announcement, depend on sales for 1 month, up to the quarter degree of February 2 clean income is USD 730,000,000, chief finance officer Huo space tell an analyst especially,prada, the this foot in aid of company overcomes the start of this slowness.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

will procure Canadian well-known clothing brand with the USD 76

Iconix buys Canadian well-known clothing brand Buffalo to control an ownership of a share

the evening of February 4 Peking time news, Iconix Brand Group Inc(ICON) declare on Monday, will procure Canadian well-known clothing brand with the USD 76,500,000 cash Buffalo David is Bitton 51% ownership of a shareses to strengthen the product supply to the high level market.

Buffalo pass plum west general merchandise(M) and Dillard's Inc(DDS) wait department store to sell cowboy to take, and exercise clothing and decoration.

according to trading item, Iconix will acquire Buffalo 51% ownership of a shareses, and will set up a joint venture company with the International of parent company Buffalo ULC set of the brand.

Iconix return whole year each earnings expect from now on ex- USD 1.85-1.95 raises into USD 2-2.10, and expect the revenue from now on ex- USD 395,000,000-405,000,000 to raise into USD 415,000,cheap toms shoes,000-425,000,000.Accept soup Sen the road deeply investigates of the analyst expect on the average the company's whole year each earnings is USD 1.92, the revenue is USD 400,000,000.

the spirit breeze strike COMME the des GAR& Ccedil

The spirit breeze strikes COMME des GARCONS 2013 autumn winter ladys' wear series

the Chuan is long to protect COMME of Ling lord reason of the des GAR& Ccedil;ONS released winter series for 2013-14 autumns in the Parisian Suit week, this protected Ling teacher to abandon blue white to match too much, an in to through long not black gray and indigo blue color of Shuai look for inspiration, the whole tone is very quiet, but connects after processing after the skillful hand of teacher milk quiet of the tone can also play a several patterns!

the spirit breeze strike COMME the des GAR& Ccedil;ONS 2013 autumn winter ladys' wear series

the spirit breeze strike COMME the des GAR& Ccedil;ONS 2013 autumn winter ladys' wear series

the spirit breeze strike COMME the des GAR& Ccedil,Cheap Air Jordan Shoes;ONS 2013 autumn winter ladys' wear series

Monday, April 1, 2013

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton(Louis Vuitton)2013 autumn winter the clothing series release a meeting

British fashionable dresses big prize in 2012 win a prize the list announced in December, last year, Louis Vuitton(LV) men's wear designer Kim Jones after 2011, got praise's best men's wear designer's big prize once again.Is ever another one upscale fashionable dresses brand Alfred Kim Jones of the Dunhill creativity director general formally joined LV in March, 2011, the spring of 2012 summer man's series then he releases for LV designing of head series, but latest of the autumn of 2013 winter series as well already recently at fashionable dresses week ascending.

Louis Vuitton(Louis Vuitton)2013 autumn winter the clothing series release a meeting

Louis Vuitton(Louis Vuitton)2013 autumn winter the clothing series release meeting

Louis Vuitton(Louis Vuitton)2013 autumn winter the clothing series release meeting

now the whole shape in quarter up, because reserve for autumn winter so lacking some color than the last quarter, the spring appearing in summer of a great deal of earth coloring fasten now a quarter and no longer be reseen, but the blue color fastens having to to.As well appeared several feather Rong in the series in addition coat and jacket list article.Make people's attention most nothing is better than hence a series are made with Japanese moderate breezes silk ans stain cloth of full dress and morning Lyu, interest abundant remaining as well sends forth Zhao cultured texture at the same time.

Lang ten thousand

LANVIN(Lang ten thousand)2013 autumn the winter children's clothes series catalog

Lanvin possess ^ÿ and ^ÿ romantic carriage of woman and the interest breathing of girl kid, let many people grovel in Alber under the Elbaz artistic talent, I am certainly no exception!Always all be pretty much addicted to his hand-drawing illustration, explain dime in the sexy lines, French lousy Man and grace then seem ready to come out.Return to send Lanvin for everyone Children now all new Lookbook, the spring in winter alternative moment, prepare to fade to decorously keep warm a clothes, make change the small dress of riotous alacrity.

LANVIN(Lang ten thousand)2013 autumn the winter children's clothes series catalog

LANVIN(Lang ten thousand)2013 autumn the winter children's clothes series catalog

LANVIN(Lang ten thousand)2013 autumn the winter children's clothes series catalog

the Children series show unintentionally small adult of the felling is regardless the hair coat of the winter, is still the short dress of the summer, 100 detail chemical elements, such as plaits, lotus leaf side and stamp-tax...etc. and material, spirit all continue adult fashionable dresses, very fashionable and rob an eye.Certainly, Alber the kid of the Elbaz placard the heart illustration also integrate among them, when the innocent kid puts on hand-drawing dress to pack whether is really lovely?

The untamed nature is unruly

Rick Owens brand clothing 2013 autumn winter series:The untamed nature is unruly

pole doctrine Chien's color usage and the rock'n roll Shi Ke's flavor of the dissymmetry layer design is a Rui gram ·the placard of text Si(Rick Owens) in Europe design,Cheap Toms shoes.Same Rick Owens2013 autumn winter Parisian Suit week the show field also take into on the original foundation creative, bring us more stunning sense of vision to enjoy,Cheap lacoste polo shirts!

Rick Owens brand clothing 2013 autumn winter series:The untamed nature is unruly

Rick Owens brand clothing 2013 autumn winter series:The untamed nature is unruly