Saturday, December 8, 2012

KOLON SPORT leading technology fashion

2012, Korea's first outdoor brand clothing for outdoor fans KOLON SPORT carefully crafted autumn and winter equipment. Season new design inspiration from the land of ice and snow Antarctic comfort adhering to focus on the beauty of the human body and movement, a combination of technology and fashion, excellent functional fabrics, fashion perfect control of the balance between the sense of kinematics and Technology let outdoor enthusiasts once again enjoy peerless design concept KOLON SPORT trendsetting!
Korea's first outdoor brand clothing KOLON SPORT lead fashion trend
best laws of motion - science fiction challenge/Future City (Sci-fi Survival)
challenge to science fiction/future urban (Sci-fi survival) as the core concept of the product, through human muscle during exercise when the dynamic changes to master in order to achieve optimal sports motion capture technology, the most advanced ultra-lightweight fiber weight of less than 10 denier Hungarian goose down insulation good guarantee. This series through color and graphics to the body's muscles, blood vessels, action figurative expression, born out of a futuristic and strong dynamic product. I do not know whether the ALICE appreciate science fiction challenges/city (Sci-fi Survival) series this mix mode?
Korea First outdoor brand clothing KOLON SPORT leading technology fashion
from the polar expedition to the urban trend - Antarctic Expedition (Polar Expedition)
from the land of ice and snow Antarctic inspiration this season KOLON SPORT The history of the expedition and adventure show as the Antarctic expedition Topic (Polar Expedition). Contains 39 years of experience in the garment industry technology, in order to adapt to the Antarctic extreme environments, both withstand cold insulation, and the use of high-strength material improves durability. The Fur design (fur trim) can withstand the Antarctic cold wind, the mesh wide strips (Webbing Tape) and reflective tape (3M reflect tape) the details of the humanized design for extreme environment help facilitate.
Korea's first outdoor brand clothing KOLON SPORT leading technology fashion
printing surprise transfiguration - Luxury Travel ( Travel)
through cotton materials waterproofing treatment to further highlight the natural perceptual characteristics, the luxurious Leopard, serpentine printing use in ultralight windproof clothing, revealing the elegant luster, both grace yet still temperature. Fashion elements added on top of the concept of outdoor sports, showing a higher level of luxury, and herald a new future of outdoor fashion.

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