Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The H& M and Parisian designer develops the autumn designer's series to cooperate

H& amp;the M honor declare Isabel Marant with Parisian designer(the Yi a kind of insect shell Er•Ma orchid)develop the autumn series cooperation of designer.Isabel Marant creates Parisian vogue by recreational style Qing dint.She blends city attitude, BOHO grace and rock'n roll chemical element and presents French romantic feeling of pure and unadulterated.Isabel Marant will according to its personal sign style, is a H& amp;M design wardrobe essential dress series.The series not only includes a ladys' wear and teenager to pack and goes together with a decoration, Isabel Marant also will design men's wear series for the first time.Designing the work will on November 14, 2013 since at about 250 H& amps in the world;M door store and internet store sell.
Isabel Marant mean:"And H& amp;M cooperation of is all second to none designer, receive a cooperation to invite me to feel keenly honor.I try hard for to design to actually wear of daily ladys' wear, therein integrate into a Parisian type of pure and unadulterated recreational style, being fine and charming, and doing not go to is too solemn and impressive.This series contained this kind of comfortable and attitude.All single articles can match a personal style, because I like to explain fashionable dresses with the personality."
H& amp;M creativity adviser Margareta van den Bosch mean:"We are very happy to invite Isabel Marant serve as H& amp;M guest designer.She is good at making use of a different chemical element to create a recreational city style, is the model of contemporary designer.She owns a sharp touch to the delicate race chemical element, the artistic talent only has in the aspects of the clothing designed to actually wear.We believe that H& amp;the M customer will definitely like this series."
at Isabel of Paris birth and grow up Marant from high school ages since namely beginning design clothing for oneself.From the famous Studio Ber& ccedil in college of costume design;after ot graduated, Isabel Marant has been working hard in the fashionable dresses realm and successively once designs the jewelry and the knitwear, and released with the fashionable dresses series that oneself's name assigns name to in 1994.At present, she takes charge of international well-known fashionable dresses brand, the underneath boutique spreads all over in the world.Her Rou matched Bohemia romantic feeling and robust Parisian vogue style tailoring is popular among nations.

Dion Lee fashionable dresses brand autumn winter ladys' wear new product series low-key spirit field of Jian Yue Qiang

Dion Lee can calculate to make that time to pack boundary a Nova that gradually rises.His creativity and technique make him able to be always competent his own role.This quarterly depends on the inspiration that acquires from opera house in Sydney, Lee tried similar make people associate the building of voyage of structure.Is simple and direct and neat to tailor, on the black and white keynote usage Lou with bare hands method, adding of a great deal of net material adornment, add a new experience to come together a female strong spirit field at the same time.