Wednesday, April 23, 2014

RobertoCavalli bombards with artillery Michael Kors always at plagiarize

brand Michael Kors come to can calculate most last that time still boundary of lately expensive, not only design modern Jian Yue, wrap bag to go together with decoration can as well sell well connect take company stock price to also successively increase the good choice of becoming the investment.But this can not say Michael Kors I became a great designer, but any concern is dated to pack the persons of show to all know Michael excels most of is "with that of long repair F of short", these the brand aring drawn lessons from include Christian Dior and Valentino etc. there are more than one.But Kors most not should of be have got"big mouth" Roberto Cavalli.
the dare to say to dare to talk of suddenly and violently the temper Italian designer pick "small emperor" Giorgio in the list Armani after, more recently bold hostile opinion vogue Caesar Karl Lagerfeld"positive because you are an artist so need not wear into Karl Lagerfeld so, that old boy has a liking for go to too funny."This still doesn't finish calculating, Cavalli keeps speech to the interview more" Michael Kors is the whole world's biggest copy, I want to tell him not to be plagiarizing me again!Stop!He is the copy of owner!"Is really person Jian don't dismantle, eliminate quick temper.
Kai especially ·Mo Si sexy generation the speech Si diagram Er especially ·the Wei Ci Man advertisement
report on December 18 according to the outside Mei, super mold Kai especially ·Mo Si(Kate Moss) is only swimwear for American shoe brand Si diagram Er especially ·Wei Ci the Man(Stuart Weitzman) take for 14 years, spring new style of advertisement.The advertisement from famous vogue photographer Mali Ao ·especially the promise of Si Di(Mario Testino) takes.
advertisement medium, Kai especially ·the hair simple attire of Mo Si Shi, only wear black connect body swimsuit and black thin Gao Gen's sandals, another advertisement shines on medium then wear white dew shoulder outer jacket, inclined lean on chair up, it is recreational and luxurious to combine together to embody to produce a card of principle, pretty much suit will soon arrive of warm spring.
Moncler become becoming available in the market most successfully in 2013 luxury goods brand model
if have never commenced some Moncler stocks that just became available in the market in 2013 every year ends that is really one big regretful face, the excess number recognizing of the big ratio bought, besides which, , Moncler then completed stock price to leap 50% astonishing rises on the first day in IPO.Is also say that the value of company is becoming available in the market to then grow up to EUR 4,000,000,000 to total on that day from EUR 2,000,000,000.Face the emergence of such a fatty sheep, the Milan bourse is drowned by a great deal of investor order.

Clothing dealer Benetton simplifies business to focuse to develop core brand

as a part of the reorganization plan, the Italian clothing dealer BenettonGroupSpA shell Na decides to simplify a brand combination, ends several brands of businesses such as PLAYLIFE, KillerLoop and Jean'West etc. and devotes one's minds to develop core brand UnitedColorsofBenetton and Sisley.
the BenettonGroupSpA shell Na board of directors chairman AlessandroBenetton meant the experience that decides that the part comes from his serving as a board of directors member of MonclerSpA(MONC.MI) while accepting WWD to cover, "focuse at the same time several brands aren't viable.Be so like Moncler, developed so and finally still kept removing all small scaled brands for several years."The Italian and extravagant feather Rong takes dealer MonclerSpA(MONC.MI) in order to pound at to become available in the market, collect an ownership of a share fund toward private England this year company EmerisqueBrandsUKLimited sell underneath own MarinaYachting and HenryCotton's and Coast+Weber+Ahaus carry 70% ownership of a shares of ISC company of the agency of brand and 18 CRR81 Cerrutis in etc., while MonclerSpA(MONC.MI) formally and publicly trade in the Milan bourse on December 16 and become available in the market a day stock price soar 46.76%, become from thin SalvatoreFerragamoSpA(SFER.MI) pulled space Mu to become available in the market in the Milan in 2011 becoming available in the market of European the luxury goods profession biggest religion trade.But BenettonGroupSpA parent company, is controled EdizioneSrl of by the Benetton shell Na household to back BenettonGroupSpA in May, last year city is from the Italian bourse.
the BenettonGroupSpA2012 annual income is EUR 1,800,000,000, compare EUR 2,030,000,000 in 2011 to reduce 12.8%.For save to year by year fall of accomplishment and promote profit ability, BenettonGroupSpA announced a 3- years reorganization plan in November, this year.In the middle of reorganizing plan, the group will be divided the line to become brand management, production manufacturing and real estate three greatest individual company, each is controled by EdizioneSrl.
moreover, BenettonGroupSpA that has 6,500 stores around in 120 nations currently will withdraw 20-30 anti-wars slightly type market, and finally will keep the proportion of store in the camp door to promote to 25%, plus to pass to sell part not- strategic house property, till the end of 2013, the obligation of group will reduce half from EUR 644,000,000 in 2012, but whole year income's anticipating will hold is more even than EUR 1,800,000,000 in 2012.
AlessandroBenetton mean that UnitedColorsofBenetton transforms into from the home the brand with the 25-35 years old city maturity consume community for target of Italian public exquisite article vogue brand, can't pursue the operation mode of quick vogue brand, but go together with the to build up logistics to send and increase a product to arrive the frequency of store.He reveals that the new product series of brand sells feeling it's good, together the data of store sale is aggressive.
AlessandroBenetton next target is to get away from household for BenettonGroupSpA for 48 years to manage, gradually establish independence's management layer at the Benetton shell Na household.