Sunday, March 30, 2014

Men's wear designer Carlo Brandelli will return British old-brand Kilgour steer

flee to again return of story, everyone has already heard in Jil Sander of too many, this time regression of is former incumbent England Savile Row men's wear the creativity of old-brand Kilgour director general Carlo Brandelli.Carlo flees brand in 2009 for at that time he puts attention at develop new product with expand the ready-to-wear clothes series business of brand on;But the Kilgour brand owned JMH group to then hope to be absorbed in business the handicraft makes to order realm at that time.
however report according to the outside Mei, the Hong Kong benefit plentiful group after procuring Kilgour then begins to canvass Carlo Brandelli afresh in September, 2013 the item of regression brand.Brandelli regression the first Kilgour series will release in February, this year, its inspiration comes from early a front to be unveiled for the design of that brand makes, but truely all new series willing in autumn.

The worker protests against Cambodia the clothing industry deeply is fought

Cambodia Cambodia PhnomPenh Phnom Penh clothing in capital city profession worker in order to expect a protest to act in the flameproof police's"pure field" activity to become equanimity for two weeks, however according to Cambodia clothing association chairman KongAthit of manufacturer said, it resulted in about USD 200,000,000's losing, and the investment of USD 70,000,000 delays.
KongAthit said, due to going on strike reason 5-7 companies postponed to go to Cambodia for the past two weeks of route of travel, he still meant experience in Bangladesh means, in 2014 Cambodia the clothing order would reduce 20%-30%.
according to have no vogue Chinese net estimate, immediately bring of still have 2014 Zara and H& amp;M etc. quick vogue brand markup the range will enlarge, we once did detailed analysis to report before now.
according to Cambodia commerce department data, 2013 dress production values of the year agos November, the country export's Europe and the United States amount to USD 5,100,000,000, together compare increase 20%, the more than 800 stateowned dress production company, totally employ 600,000 or so employees, majority are women, keep both in the serious child labor problem.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MUJI is unveiled area in Hollywood, the United States to reach flagship store in Shanghai 200%

come from Japan, meaning for had no MUJI MUJI that brand marks a good product to also open in Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, the United States new store in the door, this is MUJI's the eighth branch in the United States.(include store in the door of Kennedy's international airport)
the MUJI completely integrate the design principle of "is even solid, Jian Yue, nature" to inside in"blood" of store, merchandise, this kind of come close nature, initiate an environmental protection of the principle be also fully subjected to western consumer's approbation, so after the door store that is located in Hollywood starts practice, the local consumer comments on online"day off the period never go to MUJI, because your purse will the hold not live."</ P>< p> at"Los Angeles Has A MUJI" one text in, the reporter did a following description to the MUJI" MUJI there is stationery, daily necessity and clothing here at the mini proper house that I am Japanese version in eyes, the merchandise here looks easy, but came and then will want to purchase, because of they(merchandise) really too the United States!"
store precursor in MUJI door in Hollywood is an old knit fabric factory, so conducting area is astonishing-8600 square feet, about 2621 even rices.
store in the door in addition to the daily life at home dress of sale MUJI commonness outside still increased MUJI Labo(upscale dress series), Found MUJI(the handicraft is carefully selected to take homeliness as the product line of core principle) MUJI foods.(is very small, lovely of preparing and packing food)All merchandises tidily display in the shelf and buy after the good clothing you will conveniently see to go together with a decoration and chose after going together with decoration you want to take one to receive a pack again and go round and begin again, the merchandise in the shopping basket one each and every item increment ……

La pargay& Venice explores the trip image of Mi article

15 year ago La pargay from, Italy sets out, crest the aureole that wears "From Italy", experienced the request and overly critical taste that the international vogue Ke engraves, prosperous put in China.Italy, follow before meaning of the product craft of design, consummate superior quality and deep cultural bottom Yun.2014, the La pargay keeps in mind profound native district feeling, in the aquatic vogue it all Venice investigate an idea type quality and grace.

the lace is fine but however the cent is gorgeous, chiffon elegance but however the cent casts a glamour, silk sheen but however dividing is luxurious, black make a most beautiful grace with white to meet by chance.The La pargay Huan makes to jump up medium spirit, the freedom is degage, carefree, a first light of day of just like Italian Renaissance.Original pronouncement:This article is a Chinese brand clothing net Be original to plan, redistribute or report to please to note source, disobey to necessarily investigate.