Sunday, March 30, 2014

Men's wear designer Carlo Brandelli will return British old-brand Kilgour steer

flee to again return of story, everyone has already heard in Jil Sander of too many, this time regression of is former incumbent England Savile Row men's wear the creativity of old-brand Kilgour director general Carlo Brandelli.Carlo flees brand in 2009 for at that time he puts attention at develop new product with expand the ready-to-wear clothes series business of brand on;But the Kilgour brand owned JMH group to then hope to be absorbed in business the handicraft makes to order realm at that time.
however report according to the outside Mei, the Hong Kong benefit plentiful group after procuring Kilgour then begins to canvass Carlo Brandelli afresh in September, 2013 the item of regression brand.Brandelli regression the first Kilgour series will release in February, this year, its inspiration comes from early a front to be unveiled for the design of that brand makes, but truely all new series willing in autumn.

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