Tuesday, March 18, 2014

La pargay& Venice explores the trip image of Mi article

15 year ago La pargay from, Italy sets out, crest the aureole that wears "From Italy", experienced the request and overly critical taste that the international vogue Ke engraves, prosperous put in China.Italy, follow before meaning of the product craft of design, consummate superior quality and deep cultural bottom Yun.2014, the La pargay keeps in mind profound native district feeling, in the aquatic vogue it all Venice investigate an idea type quality and grace.

the lace is fine but however the cent is gorgeous, chiffon elegance but however the cent casts a glamour, silk sheen but however dividing is luxurious, black make a most beautiful grace with white to meet by chance.The La pargay Huan makes to jump up medium spirit, the freedom is degage, carefree, a first light of day of just like Italian Renaissance.Original pronouncement:This article is a Chinese brand clothing net Be original to plan, redistribute or report to please to note source, disobey to necessarily investigate.

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