Monday, February 17, 2014

Overcast clothing dealer Etam stock price in the market in China

French underwear kimono pack the é veloppementSCA of dealer ETAMD Etam the stock price tumble 8.20% to accept to report EUR 23.50 on Tuesday.ETAM will release annual report at the this week, for the past one years ETAMD é veloppementSCA(TAM.PA) the Etam was always overcast in China market, but it store in the door mainly concentrated in China again and resulted in not small pressure for group.
up to June 30, 2013 first half wealth year, sale in China reduced 2.6% to EUR 212,000,000 and descended 2.3% with store sale than the last year same period.Up to the degree on September 30, 2013 Chinese sale then compared to fall 8.3% to EUR 90,400,000 last year same period in three quarters, could compare to fall the range as 8.1% under the exchange rate.This year 9 months ago ETAMD é veloppementSCA the Etam declined in the sale of China 4.3% to EUR 302,400,000.
this year 9 months ago ETAMD the é veloppementSCA(TAM.PA) Etam income was near tiny the quarter increasing 0.1% to EUR 886,900,000, accompanying with to close store and day off sells poor, anticipated ETAMD é veloppementSCA(TAM.PA) Etam 2013 whole year the income would appear a fall.The ETAMD the é veloppementSCA(TAM.PA) Etam income is EUR 1,216,900,000, compare to soar 2.8% in 2011 in 2012.

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