Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the sale personnel of snobbery can make customer more probably

the end of September, 2015, Prada released a middle accomplishment and closed on July 31, 2014 the first half wealth year, the group net profit was smooth to tumble 20.6% to EUR 244,800,000.This is after 2-4 months, the net profit is smooth after falling 23.8%, Prada another net profit the smooth double of fall several times.
Prada point out, selling of Chinese area quantity had been having the quarter of group whole sales amount before now, but the group was in the quantity similar to its rival emergence slump in selling of China.
obviously, a hundred years old store Prada next 100 years how continue the property grow green, is a graveness that puts in this luxury goods tycoon's in front to set question.Hope that this is an ageless story to angel to faithful customer and numerous luxury goods fanciers of a lot of Pradas.However, premise BE, they must understand:Some shelves can not easily let go of, some principles have to insist.
please is an essential character the snobbery
have 《the romantic is pretty girl 》 of a movie shot in 1990, actress Julia in Hollywood ·Luo, Bo Ci, play in the movie of the call girl meet with one stupid attitude, the sale in sky of dynasty of eyes, but this kind of sale actually but make her want to buy more high level products.
a research in Canada express, the sale personnel of snobbery can make customer more probably purchase the luxury goods that he/she sells.You can take care of it to call a 《the romantic is pretty girl 》 effect.Above is 1 item to be named 《should the devil sell Prada?The cheerless attitude is anti- to make to have ambition the customer even wants to purchase the brand 》 of latest research the conclusion of .

we go to the place that the cellophane noodles will go

the first Instagram advertisement customer's that time still brand Michael Kors is also the beginning of the platform to start to cooperate a colleague, 30% people want Yao that time boundary still or with retail related.(include Kors, Burberry and Macy's)Pinterest releases Promoted Pins in April, Lululemon and Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy and Target is the first more than ten members a part for participating in.
"we believe, more and more of consumer's spending to take a lot of time is the place of inspiration and exhumation product in Instagram.We obtain success on Instagram.These advertisements can make us aim at some Ms. Korses who have already acquainted with Michael outside''like'our audience, "Kors world in Michael correspond by letter and the deluxe deputy governor of the marketing Lisa Pomerantz say.On the fashionable dresses week in New York up, Michael Kors has in Instagram is two most drive'like' of photograph and video frequency, the former wins 93000 to like, the latter is more than 70000.
"but a lot of brands hit money in the social intercourse medium are proceed from fearing or be addicted to" Elliott say."If keyword since the effect, you would continue to throw in funds, is also a same truth on the social intercourse medium.The marketing personnel needs to be aer little bit more actual.They need see, they cost in money on the social intercourse medium if the real thing has a value."
to social intercourse medium, the vogue extravagant brand still keeps hasing a little the in a dilemma and is addicted to the Chrome Hearts outlet value that may lose brand too much, don't follow behind and then worry to become outdated current but lose a young customer.Investigate according to the reporter, currently almost all luxury goods brand tiny letter public numbers didn't break through shopping, only is brand information publicity, see the luxury goods brand is very careful to social intercourse medium.

the tiny letter of the Louis Vuitton public number mainly with expansion brand information for lord

to Elliott, a brand chooses in the social intercourse medium to advertise to is to have a challenge, because the space is taking place huge variety.In order to carry a body, the social intercourse medium earlier period landmark placard can establish the relation marketing of a kind of new customer by himself/herself-these have never truely displayed."It chose to they about 2% cellophane noodles provides a news of brand.Hollister isn't the relation of a real customer.Therefore, all brands all canning make now is to purchase an advertisement.This is just another place to buy an advertised place."Elliott says.
at more many more many vogues extravagant brands all at incline to social intercourse medium dissemination, proceed from be been addicted to or fear, so-called be commented on for don't connect a ground of spirit and want young turn, France extravagant brand Hermes on August 11, 2015 and the 12th, land tiny letter and tiny Bo one after another."Break through social intercourse medium and obtain what really very difficult valuation.The Hermes has a little be like drive tiny Bo, drive the meaning of tiny letter"a senior vogue commentator mean to the reporter.
Trey Laird, Laird+Partners chief executive officer and chief creativity officer and initiate a person, is outstanding to contribute in the vogue field, have from Gap arrive Bottega Veneta of abundant of working experience, he says, although the advertisement track of each brand is different,the network is to go deep into each part of concepts of constitutings, "a globalization vogue brand-be like extravagant brand like that of Burberry and Gucci-seem them don't pretty much depend on social intercourse medium.They will have more aim at from already of the point style throw in related magazine of vogue or medium in the website, "Laird say.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"The star is two" Ireland the Baldwin generation talk vogue brand RAMPAGE

according to report, recently"the star is two" moxa son the orchid is virtuous ·Bao virtuous only pick a crossbeam for the very first time, generation speech American well-known vogue brand orchid Pei Qi(RAMPAGE).Is big slice of at the advertisement taking in, 18-year-old moxa son the orchid is virtuous to sit with crossed knees to squat down at the blinds of side, wear the orchid Pei Qi autumn new style of dress.The last body purple red circle gets hair Shan and match the black and close fitting pencil skirt of body, the feet trample black sharp end thin Gao Gen, the light hair shawl, makeup is gorgeous.Shape and scene pay respects mother's gold ·shell Xin Ge(Kim Basinger)'s representative work 《love you the half is for nine weeks 》 .
moxa son the orchid is more virtuous than in 2013 and formally make a contract a mold especially company IMG Models, her father is a second famous actor Li gram ·Bao virtuous, the mother is the gold that once got an Oscar's Best Supporting Actress prize ·shell Xin Ge(Kim Basinger).This"the star is two" once swam with the United States before now famous general Rui Anne ·Luo He especially(Ryan Lochte) common generation speech plum western general merchandise(Macy's), this time speech orchid Pei the Qi was the first time she only pick a crossbeam.She means military advance vogue in the interview the field is to be encouraged by mother, she is still studying performance and photograph, is tasting much noodles efflorescence of trieding to at the same time.

sit astride boundary to also pay attention to of equal status

it may become reality at present, in shelf in the supermarket in addition to numerous of daily life at home brand outside, those foods that print to have luxury goods LOGO are also appearing.The British national brand Burberry sudden fantasy released instant noodles, but GUCCI is also in the salty market beat ring strive of a war.In addition to these creativities that put a section to beat Hun, "true knife true gun" prepares to greatly do the some kind of and battle out "battle"s of procuring the Milan coffee shop in 2013 and LVMH group medium, PRADA is come to an end with failure, while PRADA finally and successfully procured a Milan well-known dessert store in 2014 and indicated this Italy brand will soon get into delicacies field.The dessert's store is from the public praise, history and popularities all very pick and also have 101 years with oneself, PRADA of history is regarded as a door to be also a door right.
life realm also not the ability is little
life necessity mean that the dosage is big, wears away quick characteristic, hence face the shopping need of particular crowd but give up the absent-minded strategy of the whole market, the Hermes realized the place of problem.Hence front soon declares that the first bathing series of the brand formally releases, although on the price is can imagine of expensive, compare with to can see could not touch of wrap with brand Birkin to say, can accept of scope still big many.Respond to famous shoe Lyu brand Christian of this still having of the strategy Louboutin, in the near future release beauty nail polish series of he, want necessarily is hoping love of beauty but have no money to consume shoes of the misses, pull economic income through an on the side.
in addition to these close on the heels of to consume a need of sit astride boundary, luxurious and luxuriously expand brand cultural essential to have towards bumping also.The of the orchid Bo radicle Ni and Versace utility room cooperated to create an orchid Bo radicle Ni Murcielago LP640 Versace.This is the speed dream of combine with perfect luxurious experience of model.Although the cooperation that this kind of sits astride boundary be not big parts of persons can can consume of, however as for brand effect that is strong to cooperate but construct, actually beat to actually win much concern.Science and technology realm cans not neglect, either, the LG held hands PRADA to release a luxurious version cellular phone and let science and technology carry out an extravagant embodiment.

Adidas two quarter degree the sale increase 2% this annual profits target difficult cashing note

according to report, adidas appears on Russian market and golf material business of problem than expect to have to be many, therefore, adidas canceled this year and next year's decided sale target.The allotment only has EUR 650,000,000 for the profits of shareholder, not before decided EUR 8.3-930,000,000.The growth range of company sales anticipates only 5% or so, is lower than an expectation.The middle target is seen currently to reach in 2015.
last year, the competitor of Ugg Boots Maine bears the earnings record that a gram of companies obtained EUR 787,000,000.Two quarters of this year degree the sales of adidas increased 2% to EUR 3,470,000,000, and acquire the earnings of EUR 220,000,000.This year quarterly degree, because of Ukraine crisis, adidas at it important sale market Russia suffered a ruble slump.
at the same time, its rival bears gram and Puma to also is subjected to the influence that the stock price tumbles in a lot of nations.Adidas declares to carry on reshuffling to brand in the world and the sale department.The organization organization being new will set go in August, this year.
the president of adidas Herbert Hainer think, in the middle of planning for adidas the coming five yearses, the company will have more to invade sex in the performance on the market.After a little bit whole pure markets, adidas will carry on an investment in the latent growth realm more firmly, its internal organization manages also will more vivid.

Monday, October 26, 2015

knot good luck imperial house-achieve classic

take orders a personality-spread classic present, Barbour has already had 11 to self-run a store in England, the product sells as far as the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, New Zealand, more than 40 nations in the world, such as, Japan, and Korea etc., release 2000 single articles annually, the overlay men's wear, ladys' wear, realms like children's clothes,etc.
August, 2015, Barbour registers a Chinese hinterland market for the very first time, and successively establish monopoly store and counter in the grounds, such as Shanghai, Peking, Tienjin, Wuhan and Chongqing...etc., for expected already a long time Chinese consumer to bring the clothing product of style in England of juice original favor.
August, 2015, Barbour registers a Chinese hinterland market for the very first time
the autumn of 2015 winter, Barbour releases "Wen De Mi Er lake front stroll series", and then lets I saw it gentle and soft and frank side.The Er lake of Wen De Mi of autumn, disconsolate, Gu Ao, quiet Mi.The morning that covers with in the mist, or sunlight bright and beautiful afternoon, or the color of the sky gradually sink of evening, the stroll is winding around the lake front path of turns and twists, the autumnal winds binds to ride on tender feeling to blow to kiss on the face and takes one to respect adore and delight, feel the warm salute that comes from great universe.Under the such artistic conception, now autumn winter, Barbour presents a series shirt, cotton T, jacket, sweater for us and applies the wax various categories like coat,etcs and passes the choice and craft processing that the opposite anticipates, pass to the temperature and inform to us to the natural touch.

.Coach has been being a product to renew with the differentiation of old-brand luxury goods vogue quickly and more

strategic false Coach is in market's most important problem in the United States be lost a balance degree, excessively depend on a discount store.After 2008 annuities melt crisis, the Coach sales greatly reduces, hence Coach released a discount store and still released two styles of price bottoms to adjust 30% hands to wrap at the same time.Henceforth discount store and low price the product is more and more.At present, Coach North America of in the retail price store, 10 in have 6 is a discount store, but the average level of profession is 1.The discount store short date promoted a Coach accomplishment, but didn't work out substantial brand and product problem, on the contrary dilution brand value.
the product of product Coach actually also has a lot of problems.Coach has been being a product to renew with the differentiation of old-brand luxury goods vogue quickly and more, but a survey in last year suggests, only 30% the customer hold good will to the Coach brand, brand connection the phrase be mentioned that the most is "sex price compare, sell at a discount, not enough vogue".To a luxury goods brand, if the product isn't enough special, even if store in the door and market expand mostly is also useless again.
to Coach, a bad news is that it is in the accomplishment of North America a few quarters degree in the future also differ more.Coach chief executive officer Victor Luis said, the accomplishment of degree matched an expectation the first quarter, mainly is because the promotion activity that reduced hand bag in North America business of the company strategy ground.Coach revealed to the analyst before now and planned to close store in the 20% whole business door in North America in the coming several monthses.But the latest wealth report suggests, store in the door of its North America market is clean to increase 1.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

England's biggest retail price company Tesco releases sexy underwear series

according to report, England's biggest retail price company Tesco is underneath from sometimes pack the brand F& amp;the F release lately sexy underwear series, this set of underwear design is to take famous pornographic novel 《50 shadows (Fifty Shades of Grey)of space thunder 》s as templates, design hot sex appeal, only have romantic feeling, and Tesco created the underwear world that a personality explodes Peng.
this set of underwear series sell in each front door store exhibition at 9 beginning of the months beginning and include 35 female underwears and 8 male underwears in the series, the design sex appeal is full of Mei to delude.The series advertises big slice of is kept a mirror by top-class photographer Rankin in the world, mold especially the beautiful chest raise a hip, vogue sexy underwear the shape delineate of charming to the pole, hot the sex appeal be thoroughly expressed.The series still includes the pajama that the pole has temptation, is all depiction that very sticks to match the novel 《50 shadows (Fifty Shades of Grey)of space thunder 》s inside.The female text chest dimensions arrives a 40 G from the 32 Bs in the series well-found, the pants is also each size complete with everything.The male pants designs medium is also the brave ground certain context that writes "you are mine".
the movie 《50 shadows (Fifty Shades of Grey)of space thunder 》s be shown in 2015 Valentine's Day, iron the pole cellophane noodles of novel can get welfare Luo first from Tesco release of the lately sexy underwear series.

The excellent dress database, and Zara...etc. international tide card will station in new state wheat to test Rui center

according to report, the wheat tests Rui center(Macquarie Centre) to become remitting of large world current brand to gather a point, including excellent dress database(UNIQLO), Zara and Gap.The 2 F vogue business hallway of the center will raise a purdah at the next month.
report to call, Sweden vogue brand H& amp;M also confirmation, they will round to open CBD and turn but at north Lai the virtuous(North Ryde) center sets up branch in a house Sydney.The wheat tests the vogue business hallway of Rui center to open on October 16 and covers area about 138,500 square meters.Then, this will become the suburban area shopping center of new biggest type in the state region, and provide more than 1,200 new retail price posts.
report to point out, in addition to international big brand, local department store tycoon Myer and David Jones also test garrison wheat Rui center, also have already reached to 130 more professional vogues and beauty store in the door, for example Scanlan Theodore, Zimmermann, Alice McCall, Gorman, Willow and Sass& amp; Bide.
Anne protected general manager sea Nice(Bryan Hynes) in the capital(AMP Capital) shopping center to say, the wheat tested Rui center to be reformed into leading current, life and recreational axis.This week, the wheat tests Rui center to also start a style of characteristic applied procedure My Macquarie, provide the shopping, vogue and trend the current for customer and sell at a discount informations like activity,etc.

Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 ten secrets of"the Wei Mi greatly shows" you know how many?

"the Wei Mi greatly shows" is the vogue in 2014 to press a stalk big show, will be gorgeous to present to public on December 2.But this year and in early years have much different, not only did to adjust in holding ground, more is contained ten secrets.
the end of the year is a happy event many, various red carpet that make awards ceremony and vogue while doing for important event piece of this year a year to comb, can not cover up of still have those good meats that make people"slaver" in red carpet and prosperous Dian.This not"the Wei Mi greatly shows" press a stalk big drama for the vogue as the Year 2014's and wait for the pomp on December 2 presenting to public.
but this year and in early years have much different, show Zhao most of is a transfering of show field, may be"feel sick of" the United States that kind of the gaudiness of the quick rhythm, want to taste England thus of fresh.Hence this year's show field parachutes London, can you know, "the Wei Mi greatly shows" concerning the Year 2014's still has a few secrets, do you who don't wish OUT forever know severals and hurriedly come to section Pu to show self-confidence for a while.
secret a:Go to "the Wei Mi is big to show" that London does a show for the first time this year, in addition to new Jin Wei airtight angels outside, the shape of this show field also increased to°from 69 sets in last year 79 sets.The increment of 10 sets of underwears can really isn't fraction eyes, was the vegetableses that isn't you don't relate to, at least can chase the whole time that the field shows the prolong 1:00, a little.
secret two:Mold especially the amount also did increment this time, although hold Chanel of big show with in the same day to"knock down", however"the Wei Mi greatly shows" has his/her own magic power.Last year 40 angels huge facial plastic surgery was to sigh for the view, but the mold indeed settling down participation to walk to show this year has already exceeded the amount in last year especially.
secret three:This is different from former"the Wei is airtight greatly show", will be deduced Fantasy Bras together by two angels, they are Alessandra respectively Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.Fantasy Bras is the magic weapon that"the Wei Mi greatly shows" presses a box of bottom, also to be bursting with energy this year, give you good-looking!
secret four:More interesting BE, this year under the set of the guest have already worn to pack rule as well.This quarter"the Wei Mi is big" show field the guest enter the western dress that the rules is unified to wear black and white full dress, black tie is good.A show should do thus have tune, also really make people expect 1 flock is packing the kas, face taking turns of"good meat" to bomb meeting can't ever and anon loose loose tie.

Ash expands Kevork Kiledjian is responsible for ladys' wear ready-to-wear clothes' series

Ash want to expand a development further.This shoe Lyu brand from Italian Leonella Calvani and French Patrick Ithier is in 2000 establishments.The company all appears in Europe, North America and Asias rapid growth, the product contents also gets increment.
after 2013 release a lady, man, child after shoe Lyu and skin has, Ash and then thrive for 2015 spring summer serieses releasing ladys' wear ready-to-wear clothes series, with one action.
the first ladys' wear series hand over a designer Kevork Kiledjian be responsible for.He is once packed military advance luxury goods profession by street, established Guilty all alone Brotherhood brand and after of together series.The series once walked to show in New York and then once stopped after, this made this designer able to can develop "Ash Parisian utility room" item with all strength, namely the ready-to-wear clothes series of the Ash shoe Lyu brand.
head the series be no less than 100 styles of products and create a complete series.Design of mean:"the skirt that includes several romantic feelings ten thousand sorts there is equally also cowboy taking, sports shirt, shirt, to sum it up, various city practical clothing".Proceed from personal tasty, at the same time for ensuring brand shoe the Lyu and skin has the coherent of product, the leather is also extremely familiar in this series.
Kevork Kiledjian mean, "the Ash special feature extremely is close with my style.Therefore this series style is naturally packed with street, extravagance and rock'n roll are lords".Create extravagant image, but then the product fixed position is more to is upscale, there are a few products even is medium the file position.For example the T-shirt price is EUR 45, the jeans price is EUR 130, knit fabric wool set the Shan price is EUR 150-200, the most expensive skin coat then EUR 850.
Ash Parisian utility room is 2015 spring summer serieses
although not yet 100% carry out, Ash Parisian utility room have station in 150 brands of more than ten nations to gather a store since the first quarter.This still doesn't include it in 2015 the store in store that set up in the underneath biggest single brand store at the beginning of the year.However this circumstance isn't suitable for to be located in the flagship store of the é avenue of the March é in Paris Saint-Honor, because the shop front accumulate too small, is not enough to accept the whole series.
the Ash brand have totally more than 50 monopoly stores in the world currently and all depend on a large dealer in the United States and China.The market in China quickly develops, because plans to set up more than 50 branches in the region for the coming several monthses.

The Zara parent company gave or got an electric shock company's income to increase 42% to amount to EUR 550,000,000 last year

although Zara parent company and the clothing with biggest world dealer Inditex SA(ITX.MC) don't disclose the accomplishment of on-line sale, however according to it Retail and ITX of two subsidiaries Fashion that establish in Spain and Ireland respectively Fashion, the group at up to 12 months ago recording of January, 2014 make record of on-line the sales is EUR 553,000,000, together compare increase 42%, earnings total EUR 51,000,000.The sale of EUR 553,000,000's hasing last year of SA(ITX.MC) of Inditex EUR 16,724,000,000 gross earnings is about 3.3%.
Inditex the SA(ITX.MC) start on-line business in 2007, 8 underneath brands have already beaten in 27 electronic commerce markets of nations now, among them, Zara is in China not only build up an independent internet store, in October, this year more station in cat platform in the sky.China
the on-line business of the Inditex SA(ITX.MC) currently from Mar with only 31-year-old year í a Fanjul take charge of.Mar í a Fanjul's joining Inditex in October, this year SA(ITX.MC) is before the chief executive officer of Spain's biggest on-line tickets website.

The high offer again rushes through to run buyer Roberto Cavalli repeatedly fought and lost

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli sell together luxury goods group Roberto Cavalli it has been several years since SpA carried on, but this 74-year-old designer who is stubborn is repeatedly fought and lost.According to report to call, Russian Bank VTB OAO(MCX:VTBR) foreign trade bank underneath investment organization VTB Capital have already ended to talk over with to buy Roberto Cavalli SpA, the reason was estimating of the latter to once is worth Gao.But September, this year, the related medium point Roberto Cavalli have already signed with VTB Capital to sell an agreement, VTB Capital would like to pay EUR 500,000,000 to purchase Roberto Cavalli SpA is 60% ownership of a shares, make Roberto Cavalli SpA estimate to be worth more than EUR 800,000,000, is farer high than what analyst estimated the tallest EUR 500,000,000.Roberto Cavalli SpA for this settle next become available in the market within 4-5 years of medium long term development target.
Roberto Cavalli SpA have started becoming since 2006 to procure a target, however because estimate a value problem, Roberto Cavalli has already rushed through to run Saudi Arabia one after another private collect fund SAB of Capital, Italy private collect fund Clessidra SGR SpA, England private collect an ownership of a share fund Permira Advisers the LLP and Bahrain is private to collect an ownership of a share fund company Investcorp SA with with Switzerland clock company Franck Muller Group for head of several investors like financial group,etc.
Bank VTB OAO(MCX:VTBR) the Russian foreign trade bank is the second Russia stateowned bank, is just imposed sanction against by west currently.Three quarters released today according to it, degree wealth report, result in because of Ukraine crisis of whole economy worsen, the bank's last quarter net profit is smooth to record 90% slumps, 17,900,000,000 rubles fall into 1,800,000,000 rubles and match about USD 38,600,000 from the last year same period.And the cooling of Russian luxury goods market is also Roberto Cavalli SpA can not succeed one of the on offer reasons.According to know, VTB Capital once hoped reduce price procure, but both parties can not reach a consensus.
up to December 31, 2013, Roberto Cavalli the SpA sale increase 9.3% to EUR 201,000,000 and retail income to increase 7.1% among them, those part of incomes have group gross earnings 70%;Act for income to increase 15.3%.The EBITDA interest tax depreciation amortizes ex- profit margin to reach to 11.2%, the net profit is smooth to fall 55.7% to EUR 159,000 yearly.Roberto Cavalli self-runs store sale to increase 18.6% and closes the group in the end of the year to totally carry camp 179 stores and together compares to increase 11 and include 90 Roberto Cavallis, 44 Just Cavallis and 31 Cavalli classes and 14 Robertoses Cavalli Junior.What Roberto Cavalli owns Parisian Rue the é saint Ao promise thunder suburb property in the road boutique of Saint-Honor of du Faubourg no longer sell scope inside.
January, this year, be responsible for Eva that designs aspect Cavalli and it leaves office with the son Daniele Cavalli double double of Roberto Cavalli, and group Roberto Cavalli SpA chief executive officer Gianluca Brozzetti and chief carry a camp officer Carlo Di Biagio also leave at the same time.Brozzetti of Gianluca and Carlo Di Biagio reserved a little amount Roberto Cavalli SpA ownership of a share, know what happened a personage to call that the group will hand over to mow a successor life new chief executive officer in the completion.Serve as business enterprise law currently business the director general's lawyer Daniele Corvasce is a Cavalli SpA temporary chief executive officer of Roberto.