Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the sale personnel of snobbery can make customer more probably

the end of September, 2015, Prada released a middle accomplishment and closed on July 31, 2014 the first half wealth year, the group net profit was smooth to tumble 20.6% to EUR 244,800,000.This is after 2-4 months, the net profit is smooth after falling 23.8%, Prada another net profit the smooth double of fall several times.
Prada point out, selling of Chinese area quantity had been having the quarter of group whole sales amount before now, but the group was in the quantity similar to its rival emergence slump in selling of China.
obviously, a hundred years old store Prada next 100 years how continue the property grow green, is a graveness that puts in this luxury goods tycoon's in front to set question.Hope that this is an ageless story to angel to faithful customer and numerous luxury goods fanciers of a lot of Pradas.However, premise BE, they must understand:Some shelves can not easily let go of, some principles have to insist.
please is an essential character the snobbery
have 《the romantic is pretty girl 》 of a movie shot in 1990, actress Julia in Hollywood ·Luo, Bo Ci, play in the movie of the call girl meet with one stupid attitude, the sale in sky of dynasty of eyes, but this kind of sale actually but make her want to buy more high level products.
a research in Canada express, the sale personnel of snobbery can make customer more probably purchase the luxury goods that he/she sells.You can take care of it to call a 《the romantic is pretty girl 》 effect.Above is 1 item to be named 《should the devil sell Prada?The cheerless attitude is anti- to make to have ambition the customer even wants to purchase the brand 》 of latest research the conclusion of .

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