Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the tiny letter of the Louis Vuitton public number mainly with expansion brand information for lord

to Elliott, a brand chooses in the social intercourse medium to advertise to is to have a challenge, because the space is taking place huge variety.In order to carry a body, the social intercourse medium earlier period landmark placard can establish the relation marketing of a kind of new customer by himself/herself-these have never truely displayed."It chose to they about 2% cellophane noodles provides a news of brand.Hollister isn't the relation of a real customer.Therefore, all brands all canning make now is to purchase an advertisement.This is just another place to buy an advertised place."Elliott says.
at more many more many vogues extravagant brands all at incline to social intercourse medium dissemination, proceed from be been addicted to or fear, so-called be commented on for don't connect a ground of spirit and want young turn, France extravagant brand Hermes on August 11, 2015 and the 12th, land tiny letter and tiny Bo one after another."Break through social intercourse medium and obtain what really very difficult valuation.The Hermes has a little be like drive tiny Bo, drive the meaning of tiny letter"a senior vogue commentator mean to the reporter.
Trey Laird, Laird+Partners chief executive officer and chief creativity officer and initiate a person, is outstanding to contribute in the vogue field, have from Gap arrive Bottega Veneta of abundant of working experience, he says, although the advertisement track of each brand is different,the network is to go deep into each part of concepts of constitutings, "a globalization vogue brand-be like extravagant brand like that of Burberry and Gucci-seem them don't pretty much depend on social intercourse medium.They will have more aim at from already of the point style throw in related magazine of vogue or medium in the website, "Laird say.

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