Tuesday, December 15, 2015

we go to the place that the cellophane noodles will go

the first Instagram advertisement customer's that time still brand Michael Kors is also the beginning of the platform to start to cooperate a colleague, 30% people want Yao that time boundary still or with retail related.(include Kors, Burberry and Macy's)Pinterest releases Promoted Pins in April, Lululemon and Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy and Target is the first more than ten members a part for participating in.
"we believe, more and more of consumer's spending to take a lot of time is the place of inspiration and exhumation product in Instagram.We obtain success on Instagram.These advertisements can make us aim at some Ms. Korses who have already acquainted with Michael outside''like'our audience, "Kors world in Michael correspond by letter and the deluxe deputy governor of the marketing Lisa Pomerantz say.On the fashionable dresses week in New York up, Michael Kors has in Instagram is two most drive'like' of photograph and video frequency, the former wins 93000 to like, the latter is more than 70000.
"but a lot of brands hit money in the social intercourse medium are proceed from fearing or be addicted to" Elliott say."If keyword since the effect, you would continue to throw in funds, is also a same truth on the social intercourse medium.The marketing personnel needs to be aer little bit more actual.They need see, they cost in money on the social intercourse medium if the real thing has a value."
to social intercourse medium, the vogue extravagant brand still keeps hasing a little the in a dilemma and is addicted to the Chrome Hearts outlet value that may lose brand too much, don't follow behind and then worry to become outdated current but lose a young customer.Investigate according to the reporter, currently almost all luxury goods brand tiny letter public numbers didn't break through shopping, only is brand information publicity, see the luxury goods brand is very careful to social intercourse medium.

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