Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lulu Frost spring summer the jewelry new product

according to report, deeply be subjected to American jewelry brand dew dew in New York that the person likes of star and type ·Fu Luo Si become a vogue focus once again especially(Lulu Frost) and once cooperated Lulu of designing the jewelry series with J.Crew Frost designer Lisa Salzer will hold 2014 jewelry serieses with meticulous care designing to be unveiled fashionable dresses in New York for week.
always with the style, gorgeous shape revived old customs with be full of to imagine the creativity of the dint for characteristics of the dew expose ·Fu Luo Si also pierce through a former style in this time 2014 spring summer serieses especially(LuluFrost).The still remembering Suo is thin second ·section wave the Luo cocoa that 《time immemorial gorgeous empress (Marie Antoinette)》 that pull(SofiaCoppola) to direct hard replies to engrave is the vogue classic?For example spend decorative hat, fine lace mask and classic folding fan with the false hair heap towering hair style, feather and leave for tying, these classic vogue chemical elements are been well applied by Salzer at the vogue show that take"neon Baroque breeze(Neon Baroque)" as topic in.
is a dew dew ·Fu Luo Si especially the geneses person and designer of jewelry, Salzer explains the design inspiration of the series like this:"The representative neon knot of Baroque and fashionable thing being classic the representative's putting together is undoubtedly very cool innovation."Is positive such as Salzer talk, the thou and philosophy wanting to blend now thoughts have no place not embodiment on these elegant jewelries.The brilliant color of with meticulous care hand-drawing last neon sort in reviving old customs the jewelry of style, Salzer uses the one and only design perfect presented to cross half of the gorgeous curio series of the century jewelry.

The impression gives Si card Na to admire to receive a class of Ni 2014 spring summer new products to release a meeting

on the fashionable dresses week in Guangdong up, famous men's wear brand in Italy admire receive a class of Ni brought its for us 2014 spring summer the men's wear new product release meeting.This releases will with the impression give Si card Na for topic, the designer uses vogue the vanguard's design and displays the sunlight vogue of the modern city male for us.
the noodles of the consummate personality anticipate and clearly beautiful the color jumping is a Hilnan& amp;does Bellne admire to receive?Class the important style sign of the Ni men's wear brand, the consumer can come to identify each product from here.Hilnan& amp;does Bellne admire to receive?Class brand philosophy of the Ni is letting to pack and the lookers can bring personal status tasty, naturally healthy, freedom easy and happiness dulcify.Create a card, Hilnan& amp;Bellne's admiring to receive a large numbers of thoughts be attracted to a class of Ni to open, be good at to innovate, take pleasure in in the tradition becoming number of of the top-class costume design teacher and image designer of accepting the world trend.
Hilnan& amp;Bellne admire to receive a class of Ni to pass to provide outstanding product kimono to work to carry out a brand target to the consumer, with the leading position of the maintenance and the exaltation product and service.Firmly stand by a high-quality product fixed position, provide top-grade service and high additional value and all-directions difference turns of the brand marketing strategy is a Hilnan& amp;Bellne admire to receive a class of Ni keep on successful secret.In the Hilnan& amp;does Bellne admire to receive?Class Ni a hundred years much come of in the development process, pass to concentrate on tradition and innovation and enrich and promote, keep Hilnan& amp with this;does Bellne admire to receive?Class the leadership position of the Ni, become enjoy high prestige world of legend brand.