Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Desire city actress, Sara, again releases the latest shoe Lyu series

according to report, 《desire city 》 well-known actress, Sara, ·hero west card ·the Pa gram again release shoe Lyu series, and assigns name to with the female whom she applauds he/she.For with 70's American satge, television and movie in of get the title actor cloth Lai to think ·"the cloth Lai thinks" assigned name to by Dan Na(Blythe Danner) easy and convenient canvas shoes, Sara ·hero west card ·Pa gram mean, this beautiful canvas shoes reveal the qualities of one smart well experienced.
she returns a style of skin Xue in this time series, guide Pa Cui with 《desire city 》 clothing a kind of insect ·thin Er virtuous(Patricia Field) but named after "the Pa is especially" skin Xue.Sara ·hero west card ·the Pa gram think, a kind of insect of Pa Cui ·thin Er the virtuous influence goes deep into public, if the contribution with no her, from Sara ·hero western card ·the Pa gram is in 《desire city 》 play of Kai Li ·cloth Lai the virtuous Xiao(Carrie Bradshaw) is definitely not complete.Sara ·hero west card ·Pa gram also her long-term barber Se is strange ·promise Man especially(Serge Normant) of hat with lately release of female type short Xue, nameds after it to short"the Se is strange" Xue.As well release in this series by"the Lei slices Er" assigned name to by her sister easy and convenient canvas shoes.

The Lululemon plan extends China market or the garrison cat in the sky

high level yoga dress dealer in North America Lululemon Athletica Inc.(NASDAQ:LULU)the plan develop Asia to extend, and take China market as to extend a point, the brand is also studying the possibilities of military advance Japan and South Korea.
in February, this year from Fossil Group Inc. NASDAQ:FOSL)change employment Lululemon Athletica Inc.(NASDAQ:LULU)reveal while serving as Ken Lee of Asian general manager to accept interview, the brand had already established 7 products that the exhibit room is used to customer's communication, developed an activity and provided a yoga course and sold limited scope in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai, this is Lululemon idiomatic before getting into a market of try water strategy.Because customer responds very actively, the brand plans at the soonest by the end of this year in Hong Kong or Singapore set up an Asian head store in the entity door, and at 2015 be online in the middle of the year Chinese website, later on more probably station in in Ba Ba underneath sky of cat company's city.
Lululemon of Shanghai Athletica Inc.(NASDAQ:LULU)the exhibit room is located in road from loyalty and locate at in the second Shanghai exhibit room of Nanking Road West will at the end of this month open, and head in Peking the exhibit room also prepare and plan in the strain in the middle, anticipate next year start practice.
25-40-year-old Chinese profession the female is Lululemon Athletica Inc.(NASDAQ:LULU)of target customer, but investigate organization Mintel according to the global market Group Ltd.Of informal research data, there is about 1,000 myriad peoples participation yoga practice in China, and the triple speed of the United States is increasing currently.Domestic now main yoga dress brand in addition to Nike Inc.(NYSE:NIKE)bear international sporting goods tycoons, such as gram and Adidas AG(ADS.DE) adidas...etc. outside, also include native Hao sand and Lee rather with emollient competitors like Easyoga from Taiwan,etc.
Ken Lee mean Lululemon Athletica Inc.(NASDAQ:LULU)have confidence with lend high level of the noodles anticipate, beautiful design and outstanding function among numerous brands outshine others, another brand also responds to Asian female's tasty but adjusts a making use of of color and joins the vogue vanguard's chemical element.
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