Monday, December 16, 2013

International clothing alliance vogue general assembly in the world will hold in September

is sponsored by the international spinning alliance(IAF), Chinese textile product importer-exporter will contract for job of the 29th international clothing alliance vogue general assembly(call annual convention as follows) in the world, will on September 23 this year~hold in Chinese Kun mountain on the 25th.The annual convention is rated as Olympic Games of clothing industry in the world, is annually by turn contracted for job by each member nation of IAF and the region, this year is a first time to hold in Chinese mainland.
according to know, the topic of current annual convention is how to create value in the international vogue supply chain.The period of the meeting, comes from each member's country of IAF and region of more than 100 profession the senior representative and about 100 Chinese spinning clothing profession representatives will participate in each activity of annual convention.The several international industries well-known expert will announce a lecture on the forum, and with guest a little bit hot problem of international spinning clothing profession carry on exchanges at present.In addition to forum, the annual convention will also hold an abundant and colorful kit activity, for the country inside three meeting the business enterprise representative provide many opportunity to go together with abroad to directly carry on exchangeses, the big match of international designer late holding for 9 among those months 24 days is one of the special feature activities of IAF annual convention, and the new Rui youth designer(each nation only limit recommend a designer) recommended by from each clothing of world profession organization wins election 10 championships pulling out to hold the latest work to participate in total finals.
international clothing alliance vogue general assembly in the world hold in the different nation and the region annually, the preceding batch annual convention for holding in Portuguese Boer diagram City has representative of elite inside about 250 industries to come from 22 nations and region to attend meeting.IAF hopes to lend this activity inquires into how to form the sex, special feature and discussion of keeping on of Chinese vogue how outward output.

Moncler hands in an application to close on the heels of a vogue step settle the year-end become available

after a few months of in many ways guess and become available in the market in 2011 of put off, the Moncler group finally handed in to become available in the market to apply for on Monday, is made sure to the year-end becomes available in the market.The related news calls that Moncler will float 25%-30% shares, estimate that the market that can bring USD 2,700,000,000 for the company estimates a value.
Moncler become available in the market to close on the heels of the step of other success vogue brand, Prada becomes available in the market in Hong Kong market, Brunello Cucinelli and Salvatore Ferragamo become available in the market in the Milan, Michael Kors becomes available in the market in New York, particularly is Michael Kors brand, already arrive the city value of USD 15,000,000,000 currently, belong to the successful model of becoming available in the market.The Moncler holder contains Eurazeo and holds 45% shares, Carlyle is 17.8%, and Progressio is Investimenti 4.9%.But brand chief executive officer and creativity director general Remo Mr. Ruffini will preserve at first 32% shares.
in addition to Moncler brand, the company underneath sport series still includes Henry Cotton''s, Marina Yachting, Coast+Weber+Ahaus, 18 CRR81 Cerruti waits brand, outside guess group possibility to exercise the series carry on adjustment and relocate.
last year, the income is USD 217,600,000 before the Moncler group tax, the sales attains USD 799,000,000 and compared with to increase 22% in 2011.Among them, the sales of the Moncler brand beats USD 626,200,000, compares to increase 35% in 2011 and takes up 78% of the group total income sum.
the Moncler brand was established in 1952, Remo Ruffini procures brand in 2003 and creates it into rather popular vogue brand.In 2008, Remo Ruffini sells Moncler 48% shareses to The Carlyle Group, 2011, both parties sell 45% shares to Paris to invest company Eurazeo together again.
close September 30, Moncler has 122 stores in the world, 98 among them keep a camp store.

Nicolas Ghesqui the è re have already confirmed to serve as a LV creativity director general of Louis Vuitton

although leave Louis in Marc Jacobs Vuitton Louis Vuitton before, at the end of last year and Kering the SA(KER.PA) open to swarm about Parisian noble family of underneath French brand Balenciaga of regiment to break up to return old landlord of quilt to cold-bloodedly demand for reimbursement Nicolas of EUR 7,000,000 Ghesqui the è re have already become the most popular candidate who takes over the former to become this world to have to be worth of an extravagant brand creativity a director general most ,the external world has been canning not confirm the news.
but yesterday, Luxury Society means Nicolas Ghesqui the è re defeat numerous newses that the competitors serve as a Vuitton creativity director general of Louis Vuitton of Louis have already got a confirmation, Luxury Society didn't express news source, can believe sex to become Yi.
afterward, Louis Vuitton the Louis Vuitton represent toward the 《everyday post 》 clearness in England:"At this stage, we not ability possible successor's subject carry on commentary."And 《 financial Times 》the vogue edit Vanessa Friedman and vogue and luxury goods profession reporter Lizzie Paton also push to point out especially in Twitter at the same time, Louis Vuitton the luxury goods group belonged to by Louis Vuitton LVMH Louis Vuitton Mo t Hennessy SA(LVMH.PA) Ming Yue ·the poem-Louis of Xuan Ni ·Wei's ascending group authorities have already made a denial, however, everyone believes Louis Vuitton the Louis Vuitton send out to appoint Nicolas Ghesqui è re to is just a matter of time for the official pronouncement of Vuitton creativity director general of Louis Vuitton of Louis.
Marc Jacobs held Louis in last week Vuitton Louis Vuitton 2014 the spring summer Parisian Suit the week release the guest that will come to see a show before and forward to declare to decide to leave Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton of, henceforth, Marc Jacobs will devote one's mind together the development of the brand, and in the coming 23 years pound at to become available in the market.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thai Ministry of Finance plans to significantly descend to adjust parts of luxury goods import duties

report recently according to Thai medium, Thai Ministry of Finance plans to significantly descend to adjust parts of luxury goods import duties with make the country become shopping consumption center in region, draw on more foreign visitors.
report to say, the Thai Ministry of Finance plan delivers to proposal in the 1-2 months introverted cabinet and suggest parts of luxury goods import duty tax rate from existingly adjust into 5% under about 30%, even is complete to dismiss.The perfume, watch kimono packs etc. to probably become a batch to get the merchandise of adjusting the tariff.
this proposal's getting Thailand tour is from the welcoming of the operator and the importer.Thailand travels board of trade pair president of association Peng lift to say, the shopping consumption is a tour of importance constitute part, particularly is for China, India, Korea and Japan etc. Asian the visitor of the nation but talk.Luxury goods import duty's lowering is a benefit good news to tour industry in Thailand, will become new"Thailand visits" attraction to order.
news personage of Ministry of Finance said, the luxury goods tariff bottom adjusted to cause Thai government's losing about 100,000,000 Tai Baht(about CNY 19,050,000) revenue from taxes, but this be made up in the public finance income that the from abroad amount of visitors increment brings.In addition, because of some Thais also hobby luxury goods, the policy anticipates to also effectively stimulate Thai domestic consumption.
however, some Thailand manufacturers adjust to mean to oppose strongly to the imports tariff bottom.They worry that the foreign luxury goods in great quantities gets into Thailand market by low tariff, will particularly is clothing and cosmetics brand to bring to Thailand brand violent pound at, even make they face the risk of closing down.
to this, Thai Ministry of Finance vice minister originally adds to mean, this time luxury goods tariff lowers to be optional to pound at by avoiding Thailand native similar product manufacturer.

The currency depreciation urges Nepali clothing export to increase 17.8%

at Nepali fiscal year(begin from July 16, 2013) head two months, the Nepali ready-to-wear clothes clothing export value together compares to increase 17.8%, the main reason is Nepali currency depreciation.According to the latest data of Nepali national bank, in from July 16, 2013 to September in 15 dates, Nepal exports 786,200,000 Nepali rupee clothings and compare under, last wealth year the same period export is 667,400,000 Nepali rupees.
export an augmentative the main factor is that Nepali currency is more opposite than U.S. dollar to depreciate.July 16, 2013.The exchange rate that exchanges USD 1 is 95.01 Nepali rubles, have already risen to 101.47 rupees gradually till September 15, 2013.
time in two months inside, Nepali clothing exports to increase into 55,100,000 rupees to India and compare under, the last year same period was 35,200,000 rupees.
to Nepal, the clothing is the second exit product, be second only to handicraft to tie knot a carpet, during the period of 1990-2000 years, attain 13,120,000,000 rupees.But, decline to 11,890,000,000 rupees in the 2003-04 years clothing exit, is declining to about 4,000,000,000 rupees for 2012-13 years.
is passing by, the United States is the biggest import nation of Nepali clothing, stop zero tariffs that Nepali textile product kimono packs in the United States quasi- go into behind, Nepal exports to start descending to the United States.
this month early time, Nepal handed in a 100 kinds of detailed lists of new products to the United States and suggested these products to bring into the Pu Hui system special item at the government.
bring into clothing the Pu Hui system after revising, willing be advantageous to Nepali clothing to acquire the qualifications is to the having the initiative of the United States market export.
in addition, business and supply department also in the consideration, bring into Nepali clothing in 2010 Nepal to trade comprehensive strategy to have the initiative product detailed list and aim at promoting the development of clothing profession.