Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thai Ministry of Finance plans to significantly descend to adjust parts of luxury goods import duties

report recently according to Thai medium, Thai Ministry of Finance plans to significantly descend to adjust parts of luxury goods import duties with make the country become shopping consumption center in region, draw on more foreign visitors.
report to say, the Thai Ministry of Finance plan delivers to proposal in the 1-2 months introverted cabinet and suggest parts of luxury goods import duty tax rate from existingly adjust into 5% under about 30%, even is complete to dismiss.The perfume, watch kimono packs etc. to probably become a batch to get the merchandise of adjusting the tariff.
this proposal's getting Thailand tour is from the welcoming of the operator and the importer.Thailand travels board of trade pair president of association Peng lift to say, the shopping consumption is a tour of importance constitute part, particularly is for China, India, Korea and Japan etc. Asian the visitor of the nation but talk.Luxury goods import duty's lowering is a benefit good news to tour industry in Thailand, will become new"Thailand visits" attraction to order.
news personage of Ministry of Finance said, the luxury goods tariff bottom adjusted to cause Thai government's losing about 100,000,000 Tai Baht(about CNY 19,050,000) revenue from taxes, but this be made up in the public finance income that the from abroad amount of visitors increment brings.In addition, because of some Thais also hobby luxury goods, the policy anticipates to also effectively stimulate Thai domestic consumption.
however, some Thailand manufacturers adjust to mean to oppose strongly to the imports tariff bottom.They worry that the foreign luxury goods in great quantities gets into Thailand market by low tariff, will particularly is clothing and cosmetics brand to bring to Thailand brand violent pound at, even make they face the risk of closing down.
to this, Thai Ministry of Finance vice minister originally adds to mean, this time luxury goods tariff lowers to be optional to pound at by avoiding Thailand native similar product manufacturer.

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