Monday, December 16, 2013

Nicolas Ghesqui the è re have already confirmed to serve as a LV creativity director general of Louis Vuitton

although leave Louis in Marc Jacobs Vuitton Louis Vuitton before, at the end of last year and Kering the SA(KER.PA) open to swarm about Parisian noble family of underneath French brand Balenciaga of regiment to break up to return old landlord of quilt to cold-bloodedly demand for reimbursement Nicolas of EUR 7,000,000 Ghesqui the è re have already become the most popular candidate who takes over the former to become this world to have to be worth of an extravagant brand creativity a director general most ,the external world has been canning not confirm the news.
but yesterday, Luxury Society means Nicolas Ghesqui the è re defeat numerous newses that the competitors serve as a Vuitton creativity director general of Louis Vuitton of Louis have already got a confirmation, Luxury Society didn't express news source, can believe sex to become Yi.
afterward, Louis Vuitton the Louis Vuitton represent toward the 《everyday post 》 clearness in England:"At this stage, we not ability possible successor's subject carry on commentary."And 《 financial Times 》the vogue edit Vanessa Friedman and vogue and luxury goods profession reporter Lizzie Paton also push to point out especially in Twitter at the same time, Louis Vuitton the luxury goods group belonged to by Louis Vuitton LVMH Louis Vuitton Mo t Hennessy SA(LVMH.PA) Ming Yue ·the poem-Louis of Xuan Ni ·Wei's ascending group authorities have already made a denial, however, everyone believes Louis Vuitton the Louis Vuitton send out to appoint Nicolas Ghesqui è re to is just a matter of time for the official pronouncement of Vuitton creativity director general of Louis Vuitton of Louis.
Marc Jacobs held Louis in last week Vuitton Louis Vuitton 2014 the spring summer Parisian Suit the week release the guest that will come to see a show before and forward to declare to decide to leave Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton of, henceforth, Marc Jacobs will devote one's mind together the development of the brand, and in the coming 23 years pound at to become available in the market.

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