Monday, December 16, 2013

Moncler hands in an application to close on the heels of a vogue step settle the year-end become available

after a few months of in many ways guess and become available in the market in 2011 of put off, the Moncler group finally handed in to become available in the market to apply for on Monday, is made sure to the year-end becomes available in the market.The related news calls that Moncler will float 25%-30% shares, estimate that the market that can bring USD 2,700,000,000 for the company estimates a value.
Moncler become available in the market to close on the heels of the step of other success vogue brand, Prada becomes available in the market in Hong Kong market, Brunello Cucinelli and Salvatore Ferragamo become available in the market in the Milan, Michael Kors becomes available in the market in New York, particularly is Michael Kors brand, already arrive the city value of USD 15,000,000,000 currently, belong to the successful model of becoming available in the market.The Moncler holder contains Eurazeo and holds 45% shares, Carlyle is 17.8%, and Progressio is Investimenti 4.9%.But brand chief executive officer and creativity director general Remo Mr. Ruffini will preserve at first 32% shares.
in addition to Moncler brand, the company underneath sport series still includes Henry Cotton''s, Marina Yachting, Coast+Weber+Ahaus, 18 CRR81 Cerruti waits brand, outside guess group possibility to exercise the series carry on adjustment and relocate.
last year, the income is USD 217,600,000 before the Moncler group tax, the sales attains USD 799,000,000 and compared with to increase 22% in 2011.Among them, the sales of the Moncler brand beats USD 626,200,000, compares to increase 35% in 2011 and takes up 78% of the group total income sum.
the Moncler brand was established in 1952, Remo Ruffini procures brand in 2003 and creates it into rather popular vogue brand.In 2008, Remo Ruffini sells Moncler 48% shareses to The Carlyle Group, 2011, both parties sell 45% shares to Paris to invest company Eurazeo together again.
close September 30, Moncler has 122 stores in the world, 98 among them keep a camp store.

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