Monday, December 16, 2013

International clothing alliance vogue general assembly in the world will hold in September

is sponsored by the international spinning alliance(IAF), Chinese textile product importer-exporter will contract for job of the 29th international clothing alliance vogue general assembly(call annual convention as follows) in the world, will on September 23 this year~hold in Chinese Kun mountain on the 25th.The annual convention is rated as Olympic Games of clothing industry in the world, is annually by turn contracted for job by each member nation of IAF and the region, this year is a first time to hold in Chinese mainland.
according to know, the topic of current annual convention is how to create value in the international vogue supply chain.The period of the meeting, comes from each member's country of IAF and region of more than 100 profession the senior representative and about 100 Chinese spinning clothing profession representatives will participate in each activity of annual convention.The several international industries well-known expert will announce a lecture on the forum, and with guest a little bit hot problem of international spinning clothing profession carry on exchanges at present.In addition to forum, the annual convention will also hold an abundant and colorful kit activity, for the country inside three meeting the business enterprise representative provide many opportunity to go together with abroad to directly carry on exchangeses, the big match of international designer late holding for 9 among those months 24 days is one of the special feature activities of IAF annual convention, and the new Rui youth designer(each nation only limit recommend a designer) recommended by from each clothing of world profession organization wins election 10 championships pulling out to hold the latest work to participate in total finals.
international clothing alliance vogue general assembly in the world hold in the different nation and the region annually, the preceding batch annual convention for holding in Portuguese Boer diagram City has representative of elite inside about 250 industries to come from 22 nations and region to attend meeting.IAF hopes to lend this activity inquires into how to form the sex, special feature and discussion of keeping on of Chinese vogue how outward output.

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