Thursday, January 2, 2014

North America market is poor to drag along Coach brand quarter degree accomplishment is behind

the Coach brand hope to pass a transformation with the rapid growth of realization long term, but the current result seems to be not to exert like person's idea.This week two, Coach announced the sale accomplishment of the first quarter degree, the clean income declined 1.6%, and the sales also present 0.9% slumps, result in Tuesday of the stock price is total and decline 7.5% to USD 50.1 per.
although the economy presents a status of recovery gradually,the consumer's consumption is placed in an opposite careful and pinched circumstance, more people would like to the selectivity price compare higher brand and like this have the old brand of the history of 72 years to Coach to say, can not satisfy the consumer's need gradually and lose quota in the market to be like Michael Kors brand like this.
will soon in next January serve as the Coach brand CEO Victor Luis to say like this:"I feel that the current accomplishment expresses mainly is after North America market drag along, I believe that the circumstance will include a very great improvement in the future."Coach is on a large scale setting up a new store currently, release pack series, hope to bring market all new image.
close September 28, the Coach brand clean income attains USD 217,900,000, the quarter degree sales attains USD 1,150,000,000, in North America on the market, the quarter degree and store sales declines 6.8%, the total income sum declines 1% to USD 778,000,000.Coach means to devote major efforts and develop men's wear business and anticipates to 2014 fiscal years and attains the sales of USD 700,000,000, and the shoes sale circumstance of the brand is also very ideal.

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