Thursday, January 2, 2014

The American solider actively develops a new clothing protection measure

American solider's warriorweb item get into the stage of end, for willing have in the personal accessories that the technique of prospect combines to comfort, lightweight, American solider square the think factory is collecting a suggestion, this will help the soldier to prevent°fro to get hurt and raise to bear dint.
the infantry want to face many risks, among them most familiar of is long-term in the rugged geography, usually take the injury that brings over the material with 45.4 kgs(100 pound).The heavy burden lotus increased the possibility that the muscle skeleton hurts and also aggravated fatigue and caused impatient and chronic the ability for hurt, obstructing the physique and cognition that the soldier carries out a particular task.For the sake of help should to these challenges, American Ministry of National Defense the advanced research plan bureau to warriorweb item end the stage work make a request.
warriorweb item aim at build up a soft of, the personal accessories of lightweight, help soldier decrease harm and fatigue, improve ability to availably carry out their tasks.This accessories can protect easily maimed district, in the activity comparing breadth scope(stroll, running, jump up, climb etc.) promote efficiently and safety of sport.Is comfortable, enduring and stand wash, can't the clothing and material of interference bulletproof garment or other standards.The darpa tries to establish a work prototype, can show a Zhao exaltation to bear dint and load ability and whole soldier's fighting strength, but can don't more than 100 tiles consume.
"BE developing many singles currently of technique, displaying truely can reduce to hurt and tired, exaltation bear the prospect of dint.Now"darpawarriorweb item representative director ltcjosephhitt says, " our targets is the technique integration of list become a system of integrity-hope to is also some new techniques.This system almost each soldier can wear, there will be decisive advantage under the condition of realistic world."
the item current success originate the pecuniary aid of warriorweba task(warriorwebalpha).Effort concentration that is ex- to expect in develop the core module of a mixture technique, can be worn a body at the ankle, hip, knee and top.The performance of a task has been being looking for various method to directly alleviate the factor of resulting in the injury, and increases the food for powder oneself muscle workload and reduces bodily burden.The task a constitutes system to include to quickly deal with contact stable method, function structure and energy infusion, reborn dynamics and lotus to carry to deliver and distribute and gentle dynamics and kinetics spread feeling.

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