Monday, February 17, 2014

Chanel Gao Ding Xiu's field remoulds 80's makeup lord dozen bosom old card

report recently according to the outside Mei, also remember that the mothers aring dressed in occupation suit five busy days are toward nine nights?Still remember movie for 1988 years 《part-time job girl 》 ?Old Buddha Ye Carl ·pull space Fei but remember the past fondly of person, in the spirit that infused into 80's of Parisian Gao Ding Xiu's field of Chanel.

Carl ·pull space Fei to appoint his beauty team, include hair style design godfather Sam McKnight at inside, the design is like singing on stage of rock'n roll godmother, 《What's Love Got the to Do with It 》 Di of last century Nuo ·especially the hair style of Na(Tina Turner), but again blend French twist book to moderate hair style.The eye make-up of this time Parisian Suit show field is also to create new style, the upper eyelid is a decorous black cat eye make-up, the lower eyelid then gleams of a little bit bright informer.The T on the stage still has a kind of nude makeup, mold especially only once turned eyelash and powder color lipstick, finally embellish with the translucent powder, create to keep in mind an old old customs felling.

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