Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The currency depreciation urges Nepali clothing export to increase 17.8%

at Nepali fiscal year(begin from July 16, 2013) head two months, the Nepali ready-to-wear clothes clothing export value together compares to increase 17.8%, the main reason is Nepali currency depreciation.According to the latest data of Nepali national bank, in from July 16, 2013 to September in 15 dates, Nepal exports 786,200,000 Nepali rupee clothings and compare under, last wealth year the same period export is 667,400,000 Nepali rupees.
export an augmentative the main factor is that Nepali currency is more opposite than U.S. dollar to depreciate.July 16, 2013.The exchange rate that exchanges USD 1 is 95.01 Nepali rubles, have already risen to 101.47 rupees gradually till September 15, 2013.
time in two months inside, Nepali clothing exports to increase into 55,100,000 rupees to India and compare under, the last year same period was 35,200,000 rupees.
to Nepal, the clothing is the second exit product, be second only to handicraft to tie knot a carpet, during the period of 1990-2000 years, attain 13,120,000,000 rupees.But, decline to 11,890,000,000 rupees in the 2003-04 years clothing exit, is declining to about 4,000,000,000 rupees for 2012-13 years.
is passing by, the United States is the biggest import nation of Nepali clothing, stop zero tariffs that Nepali textile product kimono packs in the United States quasi- go into behind, Nepal exports to start descending to the United States.
this month early time, Nepal handed in a 100 kinds of detailed lists of new products to the United States and suggested these products to bring into the Pu Hui system special item at the government.
bring into clothing the Pu Hui system after revising, willing be advantageous to Nepali clothing to acquire the qualifications is to the having the initiative of the United States market export.
in addition, business and supply department also in the consideration, bring into Nepali clothing in 2010 Nepal to trade comprehensive strategy to have the initiative product detailed list and aim at promoting the development of clothing profession.

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