Monday, June 1, 2015

The Zara parent company gave or got an electric shock company's income to increase 42% to amount to EUR 550,000,000 last year

although Zara parent company and the clothing with biggest world dealer Inditex SA(ITX.MC) don't disclose the accomplishment of on-line sale, however according to it Retail and ITX of two subsidiaries Fashion that establish in Spain and Ireland respectively Fashion, the group at up to 12 months ago recording of January, 2014 make record of on-line the sales is EUR 553,000,000, together compare increase 42%, earnings total EUR 51,000,000.The sale of EUR 553,000,000's hasing last year of SA(ITX.MC) of Inditex EUR 16,724,000,000 gross earnings is about 3.3%.
Inditex the SA(ITX.MC) start on-line business in 2007, 8 underneath brands have already beaten in 27 electronic commerce markets of nations now, among them, Zara is in China not only build up an independent internet store, in October, this year more station in cat platform in the sky.China
the on-line business of the Inditex SA(ITX.MC) currently from Mar with only 31-year-old year í a Fanjul take charge of.Mar í a Fanjul's joining Inditex in October, this year SA(ITX.MC) is before the chief executive officer of Spain's biggest on-line tickets website.

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