Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 ten secrets of"the Wei Mi greatly shows" you know how many?

"the Wei Mi greatly shows" is the vogue in 2014 to press a stalk big show, will be gorgeous to present to public on December 2.But this year and in early years have much different, not only did to adjust in holding ground, more is contained ten secrets.
the end of the year is a happy event many, various red carpet that make awards ceremony and vogue while doing for important event piece of this year a year to comb, can not cover up of still have those good meats that make people"slaver" in red carpet and prosperous Dian.This not"the Wei Mi greatly shows" press a stalk big drama for the vogue as the Year 2014's and wait for the pomp on December 2 presenting to public.
but this year and in early years have much different, show Zhao most of is a transfering of show field, may be"feel sick of" the United States that kind of the gaudiness of the quick rhythm, want to taste England thus of fresh.Hence this year's show field parachutes London, can you know, "the Wei Mi greatly shows" concerning the Year 2014's still has a few secrets, do you who don't wish OUT forever know severals and hurriedly come to section Pu to show self-confidence for a while.
secret a:Go to "the Wei Mi is big to show" that London does a show for the first time this year, in addition to new Jin Wei airtight angels outside, the shape of this show field also increased to°from 69 sets in last year 79 sets.The increment of 10 sets of underwears can really isn't fraction eyes, was the vegetableses that isn't you don't relate to, at least can chase the whole time that the field shows the prolong 1:00, a little.
secret two:Mold especially the amount also did increment this time, although hold Chanel of big show with in the same day to"knock down", however"the Wei Mi greatly shows" has his/her own magic power.Last year 40 angels huge facial plastic surgery was to sigh for the view, but the mold indeed settling down participation to walk to show this year has already exceeded the amount in last year especially.
secret three:This is different from former"the Wei is airtight greatly show", will be deduced Fantasy Bras together by two angels, they are Alessandra respectively Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.Fantasy Bras is the magic weapon that"the Wei Mi greatly shows" presses a box of bottom, also to be bursting with energy this year, give you good-looking!
secret four:More interesting BE, this year under the set of the guest have already worn to pack rule as well.This quarter"the Wei Mi is big" show field the guest enter the western dress that the rules is unified to wear black and white full dress, black tie is good.A show should do thus have tune, also really make people expect 1 flock is packing the kas, face taking turns of"good meat" to bomb meeting can't ever and anon loose loose tie.

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