Monday, June 1, 2015

The high offer again rushes through to run buyer Roberto Cavalli repeatedly fought and lost

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli sell together luxury goods group Roberto Cavalli it has been several years since SpA carried on, but this 74-year-old designer who is stubborn is repeatedly fought and lost.According to report to call, Russian Bank VTB OAO(MCX:VTBR) foreign trade bank underneath investment organization VTB Capital have already ended to talk over with to buy Roberto Cavalli SpA, the reason was estimating of the latter to once is worth Gao.But September, this year, the related medium point Roberto Cavalli have already signed with VTB Capital to sell an agreement, VTB Capital would like to pay EUR 500,000,000 to purchase Roberto Cavalli SpA is 60% ownership of a shares, make Roberto Cavalli SpA estimate to be worth more than EUR 800,000,000, is farer high than what analyst estimated the tallest EUR 500,000,000.Roberto Cavalli SpA for this settle next become available in the market within 4-5 years of medium long term development target.
Roberto Cavalli SpA have started becoming since 2006 to procure a target, however because estimate a value problem, Roberto Cavalli has already rushed through to run Saudi Arabia one after another private collect fund SAB of Capital, Italy private collect fund Clessidra SGR SpA, England private collect an ownership of a share fund Permira Advisers the LLP and Bahrain is private to collect an ownership of a share fund company Investcorp SA with with Switzerland clock company Franck Muller Group for head of several investors like financial group,etc.
Bank VTB OAO(MCX:VTBR) the Russian foreign trade bank is the second Russia stateowned bank, is just imposed sanction against by west currently.Three quarters released today according to it, degree wealth report, result in because of Ukraine crisis of whole economy worsen, the bank's last quarter net profit is smooth to record 90% slumps, 17,900,000,000 rubles fall into 1,800,000,000 rubles and match about USD 38,600,000 from the last year same period.And the cooling of Russian luxury goods market is also Roberto Cavalli SpA can not succeed one of the on offer reasons.According to know, VTB Capital once hoped reduce price procure, but both parties can not reach a consensus.
up to December 31, 2013, Roberto Cavalli the SpA sale increase 9.3% to EUR 201,000,000 and retail income to increase 7.1% among them, those part of incomes have group gross earnings 70%;Act for income to increase 15.3%.The EBITDA interest tax depreciation amortizes ex- profit margin to reach to 11.2%, the net profit is smooth to fall 55.7% to EUR 159,000 yearly.Roberto Cavalli self-runs store sale to increase 18.6% and closes the group in the end of the year to totally carry camp 179 stores and together compares to increase 11 and include 90 Roberto Cavallis, 44 Just Cavallis and 31 Cavalli classes and 14 Robertoses Cavalli Junior.What Roberto Cavalli owns Parisian Rue the é saint Ao promise thunder suburb property in the road boutique of Saint-Honor of du Faubourg no longer sell scope inside.
January, this year, be responsible for Eva that designs aspect Cavalli and it leaves office with the son Daniele Cavalli double double of Roberto Cavalli, and group Roberto Cavalli SpA chief executive officer Gianluca Brozzetti and chief carry a camp officer Carlo Di Biagio also leave at the same time.Brozzetti of Gianluca and Carlo Di Biagio reserved a little amount Roberto Cavalli SpA ownership of a share, know what happened a personage to call that the group will hand over to mow a successor life new chief executive officer in the completion.Serve as business enterprise law currently business the director general's lawyer Daniele Corvasce is a Cavalli SpA temporary chief executive officer of Roberto.

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