Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chanel the autumn early show and Wei the airtight lingerie show bump to expect super mold Cara to give up Wei airtight

believe each cellophane noodles of Victoria'(Victoria's Secret) the prison has already kept firmly in mind this year the underwear greatly show of hold date:On December 2, but the plait plait has to again remind everyone a "horrifying" fact:There is still on that day a vogue great event that is particularly fascinating and allows of no to miss, Chanel 2015 early autumn date of holding of deluxe series fashionable dresses in the handicraft shop show similarly in December the 2nd!

one Be hot hot to in riotous profusion revel, one is the top demonstration that represents a brand the one and only and consummate craft, all equally is a super mold to swarm about, the date unfortunately knocks down, really is make people band together.Break two newses of great events at the same time before we can also sit on the computer very much, but a few super molds made difficult, the Wei is airtight in London, ugg españa the autumn early greatly show in Austrian the Sa Er Ci fortress, can choose it a but take part in, sink into to divide time to lack Shu territory ground like this of, the card including situation just and vigorously pull ·Di tile Yi(Cara Delevigne) and be willing to reach Er ·Zhan Nuo(Kendall Jenner).
although Chanel(Chanel) and Victoria'(Victoria's Secret) are placed in an as different as chalk and cheese position in the vogue field, the former is a long history the high level fashionable dresses house, luxury goods brand, the latter then lord dozen sex appeal, young turned route, really have mold especially along with be subjected to two brands of value.The card pulls ·Di tile the Yi(Cara Delevigne) Be beyond all doubt to is spoiling of Chanel son, but she and then since 2012 at Wei airtight show field up be unveiled;And be willing to reach Er ·Zhan Nuo(Kendall Jenner) ever since that time intruded into High Fashion boundary, also ascended the T set of Chanel, "hot Jay-Z" meeting like this is been airtight by the Wei to stare at up also not the slightest strange.
face time of becoming the settled situation have been already knocked down, don't know that the card pulls ·Di tile Yi(Cara Delevigne) and be willing to reach Er ·Zhan Nuo(Kendall Jenner) the heart experience how of band together, but have already had the internal personage explodes to anticipate through 《New York Post 》 and all decides to give up Victoria' for two this years, choose in Chanel(Chanel)2015 the autumns early appear in the deluxe series fashionable dresses show in handicraft shop, and"Carl big emperor" stands on the same front.

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