Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Men's wear group Raffaele Caruso develop in the world to extend a step

at Fosun International Limited(00656. HKs) reply after international limited company of star join from partnership, Italian men's wear group beginning world in SpA in Caruso in Raffaele extends a step, last week the brand at New York set up its head brand store, the group big shareholder, chief executive officer Umberto Angeloni meant in the future will every half year add one store, the group is planning the Milan store of the next year and store in Shanghai of 2016.
the foundation acquired the investment of replying the star nations last year at Caruso in 1958, the latter procured Caruso 35% shares, it is said that trade sum about EUR 5,000,000.
Umberto Angeloni after hoping to set up shop the group income can have a pair of the number growth, Caruso SpA in 2013 sales is EUR 60,000,000, in addition to selling brand men's wear, Caruso SpA is also Dior Dior and Lanvin Lang Wen and Ralph Lauren pull Er man ·several production companies of high level top-class brands like Lao Lun,etc, but the labor is a main group income source.
reply an international chief executive officer's senior assistant of star and international development manager Bu Patrick Zhong the Zhong thunder mean while accepting an interview Be one in home country company, Chinese consumer is "a skeleton key", therefore will hope to give Caruso SpA to bring more consumers.
Umberto Angeloni before now after cooperation replied star nations, both parties' target is mold Caruso to become "newly arisen luxury goods" market of important one member, "in the coming five years develop to become one of the five greatest men's wears in the world brands".The Zhong thunder expels a large-scale plan for extending, but hopes to pass mature marketing strategy, to the opinion leader and the domestic most the successful man private introduce the brand, is spread quality proliferation with excellent Caruso by their, build up faithful customer's foundation with this.In addition, Caruso can't move into China to make to reserve the special advantage of its"Italy manufacturing".

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