Monday, October 26, 2015

knot good luck imperial house-achieve classic

take orders a personality-spread classic present, Barbour has already had 11 to self-run a store in England, the product sells as far as the United States, Germany, France, Italy, Argentina, New Zealand, more than 40 nations in the world, such as, Japan, and Korea etc., release 2000 single articles annually, the overlay men's wear, ladys' wear, realms like children's clothes,etc.
August, 2015, Barbour registers a Chinese hinterland market for the very first time, and successively establish monopoly store and counter in the grounds, such as Shanghai, Peking, Tienjin, Wuhan and Chongqing...etc., for expected already a long time Chinese consumer to bring the clothing product of style in England of juice original favor.
August, 2015, Barbour registers a Chinese hinterland market for the very first time
the autumn of 2015 winter, Barbour releases "Wen De Mi Er lake front stroll series", and then lets I saw it gentle and soft and frank side.The Er lake of Wen De Mi of autumn, disconsolate, Gu Ao, quiet Mi.The morning that covers with in the mist, or sunlight bright and beautiful afternoon, or the color of the sky gradually sink of evening, the stroll is winding around the lake front path of turns and twists, the autumnal winds binds to ride on tender feeling to blow to kiss on the face and takes one to respect adore and delight, feel the warm salute that comes from great universe.Under the such artistic conception, now autumn winter, Barbour presents a series shirt, cotton T, jacket, sweater for us and applies the wax various categories like coat,etcs and passes the choice and craft processing that the opposite anticipates, pass to the temperature and inform to us to the natural touch.

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