Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Adidas two quarter degree the sale increase 2% this annual profits target difficult cashing note

according to report, adidas appears on Russian market and golf material business of problem than expect to have to be many, therefore, adidas canceled this year and next year's decided sale target.The allotment only has EUR 650,000,000 for the profits of shareholder, not before decided EUR 8.3-930,000,000.The growth range of company sales anticipates only 5% or so, is lower than an expectation.The middle target is seen currently to reach in 2015.
last year, the competitor of Ugg Boots Maine bears the earnings record that a gram of companies obtained EUR 787,000,000.Two quarters of this year degree the sales of adidas increased 2% to EUR 3,470,000,000, and acquire the earnings of EUR 220,000,000.This year quarterly degree, because of Ukraine crisis, adidas at it important sale market Russia suffered a ruble slump.
at the same time, its rival bears gram and Puma to also is subjected to the influence that the stock price tumbles in a lot of nations.Adidas declares to carry on reshuffling to brand in the world and the sale department.The organization organization being new will set go in August, this year.
the president of adidas Herbert Hainer think, in the middle of planning for adidas the coming five yearses, the company will have more to invade sex in the performance on the market.After a little bit whole pure markets, adidas will carry on an investment in the latent growth realm more firmly, its internal organization manages also will more vivid.

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