Thursday, September 17, 2015

England's biggest retail price company Tesco releases sexy underwear series

according to report, England's biggest retail price company Tesco is underneath from sometimes pack the brand F& amp;the F release lately sexy underwear series, this set of underwear design is to take famous pornographic novel 《50 shadows (Fifty Shades of Grey)of space thunder 》s as templates, design hot sex appeal, only have romantic feeling, and Tesco created the underwear world that a personality explodes Peng.
this set of underwear series sell in each front door store exhibition at 9 beginning of the months beginning and include 35 female underwears and 8 male underwears in the series, the design sex appeal is full of Mei to delude.The series advertises big slice of is kept a mirror by top-class photographer Rankin in the world, mold especially the beautiful chest raise a hip, vogue sexy underwear the shape delineate of charming to the pole, hot the sex appeal be thoroughly expressed.The series still includes the pajama that the pole has temptation, is all depiction that very sticks to match the novel 《50 shadows (Fifty Shades of Grey)of space thunder 》s inside.The female text chest dimensions arrives a 40 G from the 32 Bs in the series well-found, the pants is also each size complete with everything.The male pants designs medium is also the brave ground certain context that writes "you are mine".
the movie 《50 shadows (Fifty Shades of Grey)of space thunder 》s be shown in 2015 Valentine's Day, iron the pole cellophane noodles of novel can get welfare Luo first from Tesco release of the lately sexy underwear series.

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