Sunday, March 30, 2014

The worker protests against Cambodia the clothing industry deeply is fought

Cambodia Cambodia PhnomPenh Phnom Penh clothing in capital city profession worker in order to expect a protest to act in the flameproof police's"pure field" activity to become equanimity for two weeks, however according to Cambodia clothing association chairman KongAthit of manufacturer said, it resulted in about USD 200,000,000's losing, and the investment of USD 70,000,000 delays.
KongAthit said, due to going on strike reason 5-7 companies postponed to go to Cambodia for the past two weeks of route of travel, he still meant experience in Bangladesh means, in 2014 Cambodia the clothing order would reduce 20%-30%.
according to have no vogue Chinese net estimate, immediately bring of still have 2014 Zara and H& amp;M etc. quick vogue brand markup the range will enlarge, we once did detailed analysis to report before now.
according to Cambodia commerce department data, 2013 dress production values of the year agos November, the country export's Europe and the United States amount to USD 5,100,000,000, together compare increase 20%, the more than 800 stateowned dress production company, totally employ 600,000 or so employees, majority are women, keep both in the serious child labor problem.

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