Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MUJI is unveiled area in Hollywood, the United States to reach flagship store in Shanghai 200%

come from Japan, meaning for had no MUJI MUJI that brand marks a good product to also open in Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, the United States new store in the door, this is MUJI's the eighth branch in the United States.(include store in the door of Kennedy's international airport)
the MUJI completely integrate the design principle of "is even solid, Jian Yue, nature" to inside in"blood" of store, merchandise, this kind of come close nature, initiate an environmental protection of the principle be also fully subjected to western consumer's approbation, so after the door store that is located in Hollywood starts practice, the local consumer comments on online"day off the period never go to MUJI, because your purse will the hold not live."</ P>< p> at"Los Angeles Has A MUJI" one text in, the reporter did a following description to the MUJI" MUJI there is stationery, daily necessity and clothing here at the mini proper house that I am Japanese version in eyes, the merchandise here looks easy, but came and then will want to purchase, because of they(merchandise) really too the United States!"
store precursor in MUJI door in Hollywood is an old knit fabric factory, so conducting area is astonishing-8600 square feet, about 2621 even rices.
store in the door in addition to the daily life at home dress of sale MUJI commonness outside still increased MUJI Labo(upscale dress series), Found MUJI(the handicraft is carefully selected to take homeliness as the product line of core principle) MUJI foods.(is very small, lovely of preparing and packing food)All merchandises tidily display in the shelf and buy after the good clothing you will conveniently see to go together with a decoration and chose after going together with decoration you want to take one to receive a pack again and go round and begin again, the merchandise in the shopping basket one each and every item increment ……

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