Thursday, December 20, 2012

White-collar family Vanneal interpretation of romantic fashion

Hong Kong company is a set design, development, production, sales as one of Hong Kong enterprises, corporate, fashion brand to build "Vanneal Kaoru Nye children" to expand the domestic market, the development of the brand line. On the product, the company has invested considerable efforts, which involves a number of professional and technical product design teams and design as the leading efforts to build international well-known women's brand as the goal. The company focus is committed to building franchise even distribution network to expand the market in the form of Direct and join.
Vanneal Kaoru Nye children interpretation romantic romantic fashion personality white-collar family
" vanneal from Hong Kong, expressed romantic elegant and stylish personalized white-collar family; free combination, romantic color; pursuit of simple, stylish design; high-quality fabrics, fine craft unique fashion philosophy reflects the the "vanneal Kaoru Nye children".
Vanneal Kaoru Nye children interpretation romantic romantic fashion personality of the white-collar family
" Vanneal Kaoru Nye children "fusion of European popular elements, attention to detail with the effect of the change and the whole Hugh forms of the perfect packaging urban women design style to the stylish, elegant performance, one that reflects the charm and confidence of modern women, minimalist design, elegant and chic details change, elegant fabrics, delicate tailoring work, is more suitable for the modern women's needs and taste.

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