Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bi Yang Brand Women build Bai Fu Mei urban women

France Pitt the yang Fashion Group, China branch --- Guangzhou Haizhu District Jincai exhibition Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a professional engaged in the international women's brand, the company has an independent development and design capabilities, supporting equipment production, professional sales team is one of the clothing brand operating company, our products mainly in the domestic market. Another exported to Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, solid strength, the quality of high-quality, first-class reputation services to our customers, and other branches in Hong Kong.
Bi Yang brand women build Bai Fu Mei urban women
a long time, branch by virtue of the Corporation's powerful design resources, the brand visibility and superior geographical environment Sunblossom (France) Bi Yang rapid development of the brand in the country, it is the culture of this difference, fully demonstrated the characteristics of Bi Yang brand, the combination of Chinese and Western cultures perfect, dedicated to fashion, elegance and The combination of the ideas of Oriental women. The brand the styles embodied the romantic spirit of the French and Chinese women's fashion, aesthetic taste combination. Using burning flowers, lace and other the latest imported fabrics of silk, velvet, silk stretch a small amount of the blended effect, feel comfortable; combination of hot and drilling exquisite embroidery, beading, pleating, printing, special technology, conceived the ingenious the Sunblossom Pitt Yang show the most.
Bi Yang brand women build Bai Fu Mei urban women
insist on the self, in the form of franchising and brand agency operating to unified brand image, the unified marketing management, unified network management and distribution "approach to business, the establishment of sales network chain operations. China branch completely Corporation unified standard management mode operation to protect the interests of customers, French Bi Yang brand sales date and is constantly increasing, since entering the Chinese market since the region has a higher profile, gradual steady upward apparel industry a shining star. We always pursuit of efficiency, innovation, professional, honest approach to development, development of new products and strive to get customer recognition and acceptance of the company sincerely expect to establish cooperative relations with more domestic and foreign merchants, to create a better business opportunities
Pitt Yang White Phu My urban women
cultural background, the pursuit of sensual crowd is stylish and elegant elements of the perfect combination of prominent women layer of beauty and elegance in the high-end consumer; targeted customer groups 35-55 years of age advocating noble confident middle-aged women; the target customers wearing spaces, leisure time, white-collar party, senior business events, cocktail parties, fashion Party, etc. ; overall image of elegance and luxury of the new aristocracy, in pursuit of the stylish and elegant women design, clever technology, strong sense of hierarchy, highlighting the overall degree of harmony, the high concentration of Yu characteristics, the performance of the feminine ornaments, valuable sense; in pursuit of beauty and fashion, but has been hidden in the hearts of a new era of middle-aged women. The product of a combination of fashion, taste and delicate, rich atmosphere embroidery and version type structure, the introduction of three-dimensional beauty fashion without boast, personalized and engaging, elegant, and the United States, Bi Yang to create a the mainstream clothing fashion embroidery Colorful era.

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