Sunday, April 7, 2013

000 Langs

H& M the United States strongly extends a this year's plan to set up shop over 40

the past one weeks Hennes& amp; Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) underneath most brand H& amp;the M connect to open ten stores in the United States, H& amp;M American chief executive officer Daniel Kulle mean to will exceed 40 in last year in plan in setting up shop of the United States market this year.

accompany with European economy weak, Hennes& amp; Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) in addition to wait a newly arisen market in China rapid extend, also started to the most important market the United States of radical extend, for the past one weeks Hennes& amp; Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) underneath most brand H& amp;the M connect to open ten stores in the United States, H& amp;M American chief executive officer Daniel Kulle mean to will exceed 40 in last year in plan in setting up shop of the United States market this year.

after getting into the United States market for 13 years, H& amp;the M totally has 269 door stores in the United States market, and group underneath brand but didn't accept at American grain, H& amp;M's on-line sale platform finally decide after being also three times postponing to land the United States in June, this year.

for the H& amp;in market's end scale in the United States, M's H& amp;M American chief executive officer Daniel Kulle refuse commentary, but mean to according to its rival settle.Forever 21 approach 500 door stores and Express to have in the United States 600, however it main rival Inditex SA(ITX.MC) underneath most brand Zara is in the door store amount of the United States close on January 31, 2013 also only 219.

Daniel Kulle mean new H& amp;store design in M the United States door will more localization, and no longer monotonous, he still means to be preparing to let a COS door store land the United States in the opportunity to look for at the same time, but recent debarkation London shoots the new product card& amp of government street; Stories of Other, Daniel Kulle means the very suitable United States market is also.

H& amp;M of American radical extend can also raise for the power of the internal revolt and foreign invasion moment just necessarily going it.

January 30, Hennes& amp; The Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) announces the long-term investment that December, 2011 shows to the annual wealth report on November 30, 2012 because of enlarging in the electronic commerce and increases store amount in the door and enlargement brand category, and Sweden gram Lang of pre-eminent, cause its accomplishment appear backset.European obligation crisis disappears an amendment, multinational jobless rate Gao Qi lowers a consumer to consume conation, H& amp;the M sell a slump in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy in southern Europe;The North America, China and Russia etc. newly arisen market then leads a growth.2012 wealth the year lately open the door the store is 304, the main concentration is in China and North America region, much in 275 for planning.

Hennes & The AB(HMb.ST) of Mauritz 2012 year the four seasons of wealth degree wealth report suggest, September, 2012 together compares to descend 2% to 32,500,000,000 Langs(USD 4,900,000,000) to the fourth quarter degree of November sales;The profit before tax falls into 6,600,000,000 Langs(USD 1,000,000,000), is lower than 6,800,000,000 Langs that the analyst of Reuter's expects;The profit after tax declines 1.3% to 5,287,000,000 Langs(USD 795,200,000);The gross profit rate is also fallen into 61.6% by 61.9% in 2011 same period;Together the store sale is constant.

the 15th of this month, Hennes& amp;February that the Mauritz AB(HMb.ST) announces sells a data to show to descend 3% with store sale and outruns the fall of analyst's expectation 1.9%-2% and descends continuously for 5 months;The total sales increases 5%, is lower than 7% that the analyst expects.The main business concentration is in the H& amp of Europe;M because of economic environment in Europe bad, consumer spending turn down and Sweden currency of pre-eminent but far and far get behind with main parent company Inditex of rival Zara SA(ITX.MC). Hennes & Decline in the March 15 of AB(HMb.ST) of Mauritz stock price dish 1.16%;2012 whole year, the slump approaches 8%.

look back its main rival Inditex this week three the wealth report releasing show in 2012 the sale increases 14%, the clean income increases 22% and rises with store sale 6%.Inditex's offsetting Europe by the rapid growth that China waits a newly arisen market is particularly the tired and weak performance that the jobless rate reaches to 26% Spain markets. Compare rapid the 86 nations, door store extending into a world amount super 6,000 Inditexes not vulgar resultses, in 48 national door store total amounts only haven't arrive the H& amp of Inditex half;M 2012 wealth year accomplishments appear backset and continue a slump more with store sale.

close on the heels of afterward, Hennes& amp; Another rival of Mauritz AB and excellent dress database parent company Fast Retailing Co. Ltd. (9983. Ts) fast sell group to also prepare to start extending in the acceleration of the United States, was online first on-line sale platform,Burberry pas cher, throw later on 200 door stores to extend a plan.

in the circumstances, Hennes& amp; The Mauritz AB has to re- examine the United States market.Although the group suggests China market in the future may become its biggest market, Chinese economy and politics all exists very big indetermination, once appearing mistake, may such as European, even more very, and American economy although experience a financial crisis, the chaperonage way continues creative Gao, the recovery can treat, this also urges Hennes& amp; The Mauritz AB has to value this market more,lacoste polo shirts outlet.However when the United States extends, Hennes& amp; The Mauritz AB perhaps and more wants to solve of is a store sale together connect fall of Tui power, such as if otherwise, the stock price continues to decline, the investor loses confidence and perhaps allows of no optimism.

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