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high definition fabric production in

Day north 63 county noodleses anticipate stock to keep on to increase a yield fall to reach lowest for three years value

63 counties(blessing well county and stone Chuan county and Fu-shan County) that day in the north of Japan originally the important habitat in the synthetic fiber product, especially 60% high-tech synthetic fiber business enterprises in Japan all concentrate at north 63 counties also form from print to dye a sale integrity of industry chain.But in 2012, the noodles of six 3 counties in the north of Japan anticipated volume of production to fall to break 500,000,000 square meters and appeared about 3 in the last yearses all have never appeared of lowest yield.Keep for few years of, take the high definition noodles that the demand aggrandizement brings to anticipate because of the feather Rong of boost production, also get into to fall a period, fight down realm etc. to also adjust the influence of waiting the factor because of the production, cause production to descend.And from dye the yield that the sorting processes to see, the hair knits the yield that the noodles anticipates to break yearly production to present growth, besides which, , the yield bigger fabric all appeared output reduction.

2012 side anticipate stock to keep on increment

according to to 63 counties in the north of Japan the noodles in 2012 anticipate a production statistics data to see, whole year the volume of production of the fabric is 495,000,000 square meters, descended 5.6% a little bit last year, presented an output reduction phenomenon that didn't see for 3 years.In 2008, north 63 counties once appeared slow-moving of output reduction trend, 2009 annuities melted the influence of crisis to make north six habitats appeared a significant output reduction phenomenon, the volume of production descends to 400,000,000 square meters.Because under the influence of the market demands increment of the high definition fabric, in 2010 and in 2011 continuously for two years, the fabric yield presents a rapid growth.

saw from each month data in 2012, anticipated for 1~2 months of buying the peak season in the autumn winter noodles, the yield once presented the power head of growth, but then started appearing the output reduction of connecting the month after March, this phenomenon always keep on till August, the amount of output reductions fall comes to an after two number.North six habitats having the high definition fiber fabric of advantage is to the competitions of Korea, China market being also subjected to the disadvantageous influence brought by yen appreciation.Introducing according to the local industry personage is particularly super thin side to anticipate a factory house to be subjected to influence, only can maintain peacetime 50%~60% opening rates.In 2012, north 63 the counties add up the noodles anticipates of amount of stock, increase into 25,000,000 square meters from 22,770,000 square meters in the end of January, increased 30%~40% growths.In December, the fabric amount of stock broke 28,000,000 square meters.

high definition fabric production in, more is a thin Dan fiber, the noodles anticipates the period of production more long, therefore also take time to the adjustment of stock excess from the stock shortage.

in the north six of blessing well county and stone Chuan county, contain hair to knit at inside of the noodles anticipated dye to process quantity to all present a small growth.Yield bigger side the anticipating is 390,000,000 square meters, descend 0.7% at the blessing well county.The stone Chuan county is 100,000,000 square meters, descend 6.2%.The noodles anticipated not flapping of the yield to also produce certain influence in spinning and weaving clothing industry chain.

the order quality is small to have after 2013 instauration

north six of matching and knitting the high definition noodles anticipates of the order quality has instauration after year.In addition to 20 Daniels, 30~50 Daniels super thin side anticipates product stock to raise an alarm, the yen depreciation since 2011 the end of every years is one of main reasons.Although the order quality gets instauration,the weaving factory close waits phenomenon to cause narrowing of production scales, produces to have no whole line operation currently and hasn't attained the status of complete instauration.

wholesale board of trade to particularly work wild pleased Cheng of river to introduce according to the blessing well county spinning, in mid- January after, north six spinnings processed an industry to resume vitality, parts of processing plants carried out full burden production.

textile mill house and interest company president of north six blessing wells three Sen Qi chapter introduction say, currently, the instauration degree of 20 the following high definition frivolous fabrics of Daniel is still lack definition, in addition, lightly measure the stock that the noodles anticipates a product to adjust under way, the need relates to gradually as usual, the noodles of the company 30~50 the categories of Daniel anticipates to order to resume highest year level gradually.And is subjected to the influence that the yen that had been keeping on at the end of last year depreciates, the spinning product is on the price also more oversea product had advantage.

on the other hand, 63 county noodleses in the north of Japan anticipate narrowing of production scale in the habitat and give profession the total market variety brought bigger influence.Since last year, 3 local influential companies stop production to make the other factory house get more existence opportunities and temporarily alleviated competition situation in the vigorous market, but production using of resource rate of habitat attains 70% and be apart from normal level of history still differ very far.

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