Sunday, April 14, 2013

is training the left side of

NBA whole star match: The clothing sponsor changes marketing strategy

according to the news of American medium bleacherreport, the NBA training took to carry on to change the system this year.We can see from the picture, this year's whole star match training takes personal honor of increasing the player.

is training the left side of , plus the player's personal honor, we can see from the picture, the section compares of the training take up have 15 whole stars match, get a goal king, a normal regulations match MVP, five total champions and four whole star match MVPses and button up a big match champion.But Zhan Mu Si's training take up, outstanding 9 of his whole stars appearance, three ofest great value player's prizes, two whole star match's ofest great value player, his annual the best new talent's prize, his get a goal title king in the Year 2007-08's, and NBA of last year total champion.

this not only is the marketing strategy of the whole star clothing sponsor, also the convenient fan carries on a comparing of history position to put together to each ball star.

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