Monday, April 15, 2013

but the clothing industry then change direction to develop vogue industry

Read Japan to spin and weave clothing industry Revelation:Bathing the fire then can rebirth

Japan spinning the clothing industry get into to get stripe a period in 80's.Two post-war, Japan spun and wove clothing profession to experience to at a high speed increase of domestic stick the card production expects for the growth of sign;after getting into a mature period in 60's, the domestic trade competition ability reduces after presenting increase first of pour U curve process;80's, accompany with cost advantage to gradually lose, Japan spins and weaves clothing industry to welcome to get stripe, upper stream manufacturing with high additional value product is break, but the clothing industry then change direction to develop vogue industry, from single industry change for make, circulate, advertise, clothing and sport, recreation etc. life connection industry of eco-system,roshe run men.

Japanese upper stream spinning manufacturing the industrial upgrading be divided into three steps:1)the low level productivity outside move: upper stream foundation the industry transfer to the newly arisen cost advantage region and form spinning clothing the second-time industry in world to transfer;2)eliminate to fall behind a productivity:Japanese government unite set with the equipments register system for the policy of taking strict precautions against of representative and with procure to discard an equipments for representative of supporting policy, guide to spin and weave industry to eliminate to fall behind a productivity;3)high additional value product creation:the government support, guide policy bottom, Japan domestic spinning the industry pass a machine automation technique application, and cooperate an etc. method with other industries to carry on sophisticated science and technology development to promote a product affixture value.

Japanese downstream brand clothing industrial upgrading pass two paths:1)Japan hold 70, in 80's the international vogue field wants to has a right way the opportune moment of foreign country culture and match with Japanese designer the Zhan dew is among nations head Cape, government in good time release vogue in Tokyo for week, successfully create vogue of all position;2)native public's brand pass to continuously push forward supply chain fine to turn to raise reaction efficiency in the market and decrease and circulate link expenses to carry out a close people of diverse sex and price of product to turn, and finally established SPA this kind of supply chain Zong the deep integral whole turn mode the universality within brand is at the Japanese public.

Japan spinning clothing industrial upgrading for drawing lessons from China:upper stream manufacturing, because Japan gets stripe "government push" factor in the process in Chinese imperfection, hard getting stripe of replication sophisticated Japanese science and technology development way of thinking inside the country,Polos et T-shirts Femme pas cher, the possible path will be a low level productivity to become familiar craft foundation with the oneself scale after outside moving in the future and draw on the high level productivity in the nations need, but have currently mature medium high level production the business enterprise of ability and scale advantage will be subjected to a benefit in this process, such as the Lu Tai spin and weave;Downstream brand clothing, 2 in Japan gets stripe the supply chain fine in the path to turn to match China more to consume present condition, will be a native brand clothing business enterprise in the future promote of main direction, the comprehensive consideration keeps a camp proportion to match degree and profession to rank index sign and make selection outlet layout reasonable, real strenght leading, have the fine to hope in the future to turn compare put together medium break through siege a species such as the United States nation dress, nine herding king with rich Anna.

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