Saturday, April 6, 2013

of to expect a textile product to export less USD 1

Pakistan spin and weave business enterprise energy missing to export lose USD 1,000,000,000

Pakistan textile industry the personage thought recently, because of Pakistan the spinning business enterprise of the 3/4 the location hid Pu province to face serious energy beside missing, this wealth the year was first half year(20127~12 months) of to expect a textile product to export less USD 1,000,000,000, give expected to export rival country opportunity to creates, such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka...etc..

the textile mill association(APTMA) chairman of whole Ba expected sand Er to say, though expect the textile industry energy supply condition serious shortage, the this wealth year is first half year of the sum expecting textile product export and still is up to USD 6,458,000,000 and more ascends a wealth USD 5,950,000,000 year same period and increases 8.55%.If expecting the textile industry can enjoy without a break electric power and natural gas supply, the above-mentioned period expects textile product export to increase USD 1,000,000,000.

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