Friday, April 12, 2013

Federico Steiner means the international business enterprise that may be some importance

Qatar invests Italian idea fashionable dresses industrial internal revolt and foreign invasion

Italian premier Mali Ao ·receive the Di visited Arabian Tribal chief country last week and tried to usher in an investment, the establishment put Persian gulf to cooperate.Prime minister in Qatar thanks He to admire Ma De to reveal, he and the Italian government still beats another agreement, will in order to support Italian small and medium enterprises' investing EUR 1,000,000,000 add up USD 1,270,000,000.Once served as Versace, the Zegna brand adviser of Ermenegildo, and once served the JTG Consulting companies of Gucci and Prada to initiate a person Tomaso Galli meant, Italian premier Mali Ao ·received Di just in the prestige that actively resumed Italy, make it attained international level."He probably because public finance pressure or limited incitement economic policy encounter critique, he is actively visiting an opportunity to look for, doing a palm reading should do of, but these once deliver to do with England already for several decades, Italy still differs too farly.So, he now make it to the Italian great use."The customer includes Brunello the company Barabino& amp of consulting of Cucinelli; Partners partner and general manager Federico Steiner mean:"Draw on foreign capital have been a problem of Italy, the policy like this can't not say to welcome into a pole." Federico Steiner points out that Italy is pulled down by a not dependable bureaucrat organization.While being inquired about a problem concerning investment vogue brand, Federico Steiner means the international business enterprise that may be some importance, because small business enterprise or private enterprise outward the country investor don't open, "I pour is rather they invest a small business enterprise, because like this produce in Italy, can promote employment, compare only buy Italian brand to be good friends with."

Italian national fashionable dresses association chairman Mario Boselli mean, would like to see investor's providing the resources help Italian brand to extend, but hoping can promise a brand Italian identity at the same time.He spoke favorably PPR and LVMH and meant that the group like this can let Italian brand at it"protection umbrella" under develop."The ideal status is still all production and managements in Italy."

according to calculate, Versace and Dolce& amp; Gabbana has already been had eyes fixed on by investor in Qatar, however ask anonymous luxury goods analyst to say according to one in the region, the bank has already found out one large numbers of new bargains be thrown in the investment list of Qatar investor.Dolce of Domenico and Stefano Gabbana again and again repeats them can't sell brand;Giorgio Armani is also uninterested;Versace can't have bargain, either;Trussardi, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Pianas didn't sell a plan;These all in investing list, but label not the label is another one thing."

past several years, Arabian investment organization of various each kind flows out into the vogue industry, July, private investment organization Mayhoola in Qatar procured Valentino Fashion Group.According to reveal, in 2010 Qatar Holding LLC 2,220,000,000 procured Harrods general merchandise, on top of that, it owns LVMH 1.03% shares, Tiffany& amp; Co. 5.2% shares, it still buys in 2010 under group J. Sainsbury in England supermarket the It is 26% shares.Last year, Qatar Holding LLC still became French medium group Lagard the shareholder of the è re biggest SCA, controled 12.8%.Brunello Cucinelli that the April company just became available in the market means that the investor has been slavering Italy because of the brand of the Italian outstanding craft and the long history.

according to Italian fashionable dresses association Fashion Economic Trends report suggest, the Italian fashionable dresses industry anticipates in the 2012 income along with compare descend 5.6% to EUR 60,200,000,000, press the current exchange rate to match USD 78,300,000,000, anticipate the best the four seasons the degree be still lower than last year same period level, exported to descend 32.4% to EUR 41,600,000,000 in 2012, press current the exchange rate matches USD 541.

in the past a period of time, the Italian brand successfully becoming available in the market includes Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Brunello Cucinelli, but Missoni, Roberto Cavalli changed to insist privately owned with Versace still.

recent news BE, Pomellato chief executive officer Andrea Morante mean to be having never become available in the market to evaluate.Though the international market is unsteady, but the Italian vogue company continues to look for IPO in the future. Moncler IPO last year be put off;Own the accessories brand Carpisa, underwear and sandy beach to pack brand Yamamay, and the swimwear brand Jaked the Holding group of Pianoforte and men's wear group Stefano Ricci all already certain in the future will at stock market opportunity to look for.

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