Saturday, April 6, 2013

last year.The Sa gram Si acquires 20% sales from flagship store in Manhattan

American general store plum the west and Sa gram Si integrate a resources to face to whole outletses

American general store plum west general merchandise(Macy's) and Sa gram Si(Saks) company the holidays quarter recently reported all good to expectation, this indicated this year the further growth of the sales, two investments that company aims at technique and electronic commerce gets repay.

in recent years, plum west the department store was the inventory managment system that renews it to throw in a great deal of funds.Allow for the first time it to integrate 300 near shop fronts to fill up on-line order in the past holidays and raise to deliver goods speed to combine to reduce amount of stock.

the chief finance of the plum west general merchandise officer Kai Lun ·the Huo space anticipate especially, this year autumn before also have 500 stores be integrated, finally may carry out to deliver goods on that day.

the on-line coordination helped plum west general merchandise, its management of cloth Lu the report of clear Dell general merchandise(Bloomingdale's) also good to expectation of profits.Plum west the department store still hope that this hybrid entity store of so-called"whole outletses"s and the way of the electronic commerce help in this fiscal year it attains 3.5%ly and together store sale growth.

"if you and the Amazon net of the whole world order a competition, you have to have a strong Internet to support, plum west general merchandise absolutely is leading one-step."Edward ·the analyst of the Qiong Si company cloth Rui boon ·second Bo Lei say.

Sa gram the Si department store is trying to catch up plum west general merchandise, promise virtuous Si especially general merchandise dragon(Nordstrom) the plan start depending on its shop front to help to fill up on-line order this year, anticipating with store sales will have 3% to 5%ly promote.

Sa gram Si general merchandise just while practicing one to consume 3 years, spend the item of USD 100,000,000 the system is with the renewal inventory managment, its chief executive officer Steve ·Sa way man mean, investment like this will reduce profits but very necessary, because of this just can keep with the rival and the customer synchronous.

"beyond all doubt, in my in the mind, the whole outletses are future dealers alignments, it since include an entity store of participation include participation of network again."Sa many men tell an analyst.

last year, Sa gram investment of the Si department store includes in a lately- set up electronic commerce order implementation center that is manipulated by the robot in Tennessee, the United States.However, Sa many men warned, the luxury goods profession would face "how much have a little unsteady of"2013, because will produce influence to the tall tax rate of fuller of consumer.

the Sa Ke Si company report said, up to February 2 of 3 months ago inside, the company income increased 5.5% and attained USD 907,660,000 and together compared to increase 0.7% with store sales, comparing descending of estimate in Wall Street 0.3% was very a lot of.

Sa gram the Si have already closed 10 shop fronts and is closing more stores from 2010 in the last yearses.In addition to price lower Sa gram Si OffFifth chain store, the company still runs 43 stores currently.

the accomplishment of the Sa Ke Si company fourth quarter degree is subjected to hurricane mulberry Di influence, because it disturbed many consumers the life in November, last year.The Sa gram Si acquires 20% sales from flagship store in Manhattan, but many places in the northeast of the United States, company under the influence of hurricane higher than some rivals.

inside Man ·the Ma Ku Si group company report to call it originally the quarter degree sales increases 5.3%.Especially promise virtuous Si company dragon calls that its sales rises 6.3%.

compared with the annual profits of last year USD 40,000,000, the Sa Ke Si company wins the benefit as USD 20,400,000 up to the quarter degree on February 2.

the plum west general merchandise announcement, depend on sales for 1 month, up to the quarter degree of February 2 clean income is USD 730,000,000, chief finance officer Huo space tell an analyst especially,prada, the this foot in aid of company overcomes the start of this slowness.

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