Thursday, April 25, 2013

as above sea and Peking

Luxury goods is in new strategy in R.O.C:Repress to extend completely

recently, along with LVMH and PPR two greatest luxury goods the group is 2012 releasing of wealth reportses, one treated obviously different and former new signal in China market to release:Repress to extend completely, protect luxury goods image.Burberry and Richemont(fierce Feng group) also close on the heels of to afterward mean to slow down in extending of China at the same time.

this for own more than 460 stores in 50 nations, even arrive flagship store Louis of Chinese Inner Mongolia Vuitton and ever proud jumped a claim Gucci of two core district in the line cities to say, is all change of marketing policy 360 degrees that was an in R.O.C.And as an always old opponent, Bernard Arnualt(LVMH chairman) and Fran ois-Henri Pinault(PPR chairman) Be also rare to with one accord realize his/her own mistake:Chinese consumer to the realization of luxury goods spirit such of quick, with as for is no longer fanatical to the brand that all over the place blooms.

once extended Bernard Arnualt that the Zhao calls to declare that the way that took the offensive China market has been already changed by cruelty means, and allow promise Louis Vuitton would refuse to still keep pursuing the temptation of LOGO and 23 lining China cities of not so expensive product, even if it expected in 2013 that the economic growth will attain 8%.Is positive such as the analysts talk, Louis Vuitton continuously for a few quarters the degree sale descend and have already let Bernard's the Arnualt detection"common sight" to the image injury that the brand brings.But early ex- retreaded"the house of Louis Vuitton" for spending generously in Shanghai, start to undertake high class more to make to order skin to have and provide the identity of characteristic service to top-class VIP at present.

and little set up shop, focuse high level of the product is also Fran ois-Henri Pinault treat Gucci new strategy.Occupying Gucci of 60% near profitses of PPR to once be received benefit to the contented dealer of the type of"shone on vegetables to order a list" and promoting is demanding of rapid growth business model, at present they but face an essential consumer(as above sea and Peking) from elite in city and still feel unusual 23 consumers in the line cities to the luxury goods of more and more big market rift.

the Gucci way of doing after being the skin that provides primer class first before the new place integrity leads into ready-to-wear clothes line to have and go together with a decoration, waiting consumer to taste the maturity lead into high level line again.But Be compared to other markets, Chinese consumer rears the tasty growth speed of to outrun their expectations.In 2013 Gucci would not set up a store in Hsin-cheng City, China, what to replace turns over to lately enlarge existing shop front.Pinault means further that at the same national practice two kinds of business models make the brand more vivid, this is also last year Gucci to express healthy reason.BE responding to an analyst to put forward brand shop front everywhere it is thus clear that, Pinault means that he believes firmly to develop several future that the product categories are luxury goodses while letting the luxury goods become to so captivatingly query no longer, "in past several years, the Gucci children's clothes line is very successful, just stay in the developments of other markets(for example China).We will also appropriately before now with the skin had accessories for the product of lord combines in aggravate ready-to-wear clothes composition."Hence, the two greatest luxury goodses group sets up shop to extend crazily in 23 line cities in China of the age finally ended.

interestingly to should be, the wealth reports to decide to accelerate in rise rather big Bottega Veneta in extending of Europe in 2012 in PPR, for example will set up a biggest boutique in the brand world of 1000 square meters in the Milan this year, far above it average common store area of 140 square meters.Chief executive officer Marco Bizzarri think the consumer who comes from a newly arisen market(include China), particularly visitor, incline toward more to purchase to all establish a brand of store in main cities in Europe, can't influence the deluxe image and position of luxury goods at the same time.This agrees without previous consultation with Chanel consistent strategy, positive such as its clothing section chief executive officer Bruno Pavlovksy talk, "

" we don't like front door noodles, even don't like to all over the place set up shop."But"is little to set up shop" don't mean to stop extending, but in the platform that transfers the battlefield to a more mature, laster long and more profits sources.All own a Louis in the everyones Vuitton chessboard space hand bag behind, the that time waits and develops high class and makes to order business and make the consumer of prospect put on the avenue to the new quarter ready-to-wear clothes.

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