Friday, April 26, 2013

and Hong Kong

China and Hong Kong becomes the biggest customer of French ladys' wear profession

China and Hong Kong exceed the United States for the very first time and become the biggest customer of French ladys' wear export.Moreover, EU isn't the main market of French ladys' wear export industry any more.

French ladys' wear export the sum increase 3.4% in 2012,Nike free run shoes, but only 49.3% in the total amount of money is from EU nation, is lower than 56% in 2011.French ladys' wear ready-to-wear clothes association general secretary Franois-MarieGrau said, "this slump relate to two factors.It is that the European market is overcast, exports quantity to descend first.Secondly its quota's descending is to significantly increase because of the some and important export market, this is already the current main French business enterprise growth to order".

2012 of another a big a little bit bright is China and row first in Hong Kong market.The United States previously always is the biggest customer of French ladys' wear, it had 8.9% that France exported a sum last year, for the very first time row China(3.6%) and Hong Kong(5.8%) is after.However, the exit that goes to China measures to also record for the very first time slump.Fran ·ois-MarieGrau point out, "circumstance is homology to last a year, namely wages cost ascension, the material price soars, and changed direction a local need at first".

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